Imperfect Tense

To kiss somebody with heat becomes in them vitiated in arms, legs, in pokes of seductive hair, in sweated bodies, soft mouth as pen of blush, in the rigidity with that if they incase the abraos, and as we fit perfectly inside of this space, in the agony and the desperation desiring more and abraos and heat. in the perfect rabbet of a kiss and one I hug, the desperation if suffocated and noticed the calmness to reign in its interior! Dull perfection seems that God used candies gostosos, optimum cultivated wheat, the crystallized sugar more, and the liquid most natural pra to join and to create this thing! That thing without route, disformes contours, looking at badly similar, a man lined up to the perfect mold, that inspires the touch melodioso than if it can think. That mouth inspired, drawn pra to fulfill with the duties to kiss sedutivamente. Stuffed of penalty, as a pillow, where my mouth if aconchegou, was agreed, relaxed and would desire to sleep comfortably, feeling that sensation, that neutral taste, nor candy, nor bitter taste, but in the accurate measure, made wonderful accurately to ilusionar another enamored mouth. The hands that untiringly bring each part of the body, searching to line up the curves, and each perfect touch, of that skill of who it was deliciously killing the headquarters, and each gesture demonstrated the gostosura of being desired, of that the best form was stoned to feel to erase the fire of the desire. The dilvio done body where it overflew without second thought and I jumped waters same without knowing to swim, for that thing on-human being imported nor me to die drowned. In deep waters I learned to breathe and me adaptei to the natural environment, I swam capricious, I jumped in the ocean, I made piruetas, I played, I trotted, falls, I arose myself, I smile as if it had eaten the best kelp. That strange thing, meaningless thing, that thing dilacerou my instincts, changed the expectations, created new sensations, new dreams, changed my rules and concepts, stimulated me new literatures, new professions, but mainly it taught to me mythology to it of the inesquecveis moments..