Interactive Museum

Mim is a world to discover. There are more than 300 exhibits of science, art and technology – to enjoy and learn from them. The exhibits are divided into 14 rooms. Each one deals with a specific topic: light, electromagnetism, robotics or energy. If ever you find that physics, biology, technology and the sciences in general were boring or difficult, in Mim you will notice that are not so. On the contrary!, will pass very well. Thanks to the physics you can easily lift your own weight, you’ll see that we can enjoy the film thanks to biology (by a characteristic of our eye) and that with the help of technology you can easily program a robot.

Curiosity has no age! Why, in mim members of the family will be well and will learn. The Museum has area of restaurants, entertaining coffee shop, security, 500 parking lots and all services for a perfect day. Don’t hesitate, mim is the family picture ideal. Mim is a unique space in Chile and South America that stands out for its educational, entertaining and interactive character and which allows its visitors a unique experience with the science, art and technology.