Like any skill, reading is progressive. Spurs helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Longer reverse listening and reading, faster will be the process of adaptation in the future. One hour of listening and reading is more effective than many hours of traditional class. What words and phrases important?: like a building, between more bricks have, it will be larger, bricks of the language are the words, the more vocabulary you have, greater possibilities of communicating will have, hence the importance of adding new vocabulary to its lexicon or repertoire daily, you will be better armed. The best thing to learn new vocabulary is used in simple sentences, I recommend seriously not consider single words, always in context, use them in sentences that you write in a loose sheet of paper, read them all aloud day, when your this full sheet, replace it by a new one, and so doing your own traveling, and dictionary with vocabulary or expressions that you will really be useful sometime. You don’t always have to remember everything immediately, when you have a vocabulary that you review every day, you can use it on the first occasion that you present.

Daily reading will enrich you with new words that you will be very useful on many occasions. Practice reading using books, Internet, magazines, articles, etc. Just remember search information that is at your fingertips; If you use a dictionary, get it to translate words that you don’t know completely, you don’t have to translate everything, many words are usually understood in context. Translate one or two words per paragraph would be sufficient, otherwise will end up by not reading the article. You are responsible for your own learning: whether to study a language have resentments social or cultural by the people who speak it, you feel insecurity, fear, obligation of making things, etc, then this will affect no doubt.