Is Voice Search The Quantum Leap To More User Friendly On The Phone?

Visual processing and typing is the wrong approach for mobile devices, according to analysts. Language has many advantages. \”Tarzana, California, United States, 15.02.2008. the old well known is the new enemy, so also in the user interface on mobile devices\”, noted Bill Meisel, President of TMA society and editor of speech strategy news. The design of a keyboard hasn’t changed for decades despite countless attempts to make the operation easier.

The 12 keys of the phone have also stubbornly kept until today. The actual keys are increasingly virtual through touch screens like on the iPhone though, but remain key. The longevity of this user interface is a large barrier for the ever-increasing use of mobile devices\”, adds Meisel. Recently Eva Andersson-Dubin sought to clarify these questions. He believes that mobile phones in the near future much easier can be operated through the use of language to search, for example the phonebook or the navigation. According to the German expert and book author Detlev Artelt, language becomes the mainstream. Language applications will enable not only mobile devices to a new and much simpler use, but hold also in house control, and other areas of daily life. Meisel and the not-for profit organization AVIOS (applied voice input-output society) are this approach on the voice search Conference in San Diego vom10.-12.

Represented March ( Challenge for the graphical user interface (GUI) the most important interface for mobile phones is the graphical user interface the GUI that is familiar to us through PCs and Web browsers. The GUI has anchored as firmly as the keyboard arrangement, Meisel says. Innovations of this interface should simplify the handling for the people. Step by step should be introduced to the innovation, by making small changes of the menu items, the window or the scroll-point mechanism. Some innovative approaches in the field of scrolling and pointing come from Apple, which allows a simpler operation the user of small devices.