Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Pearl Jewelry is over thousands of years has always been the symbol of power and money, because only wealthy people could afford these elegant jewels. Pearls evokes images in these times of classical beauty and wealth, but pearl jewelry was reserved for the ruling class. Why pearl jewelry was so valuable – Because pearls to the beginning of the 20th Century were extremely rare. Perhaps check out Sela Ward for more information. Unlike gold or precious gems, they were not “won in the ground”, but by a living organism, an oyster or pearl, are formed. Pearl does not appear in a “core” such as precious metals or gemstones, but were by this time found by chance. These natural pearls formed, without a man interfered with the natural growth process of the pearl. There are many examples in history where Pearl Jewelry played an important role. He has always presented itself as a representation of where wealth and luxury, where the fashionable world was under him.The former wife of Roman emperor Caligula, Lollia Paulina, appeared at a social occasion in a robe of pearls and emeralds. The aim was solely a matter of manifest their social position in the empire. Only one woman said to have had even more valuable pearls, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Also during the Middle Ages knights often wore pearls on the battlefield. They believed that the magic, which emanated from this jewelry, it would protect them from harm. In the Renaissance, pearls at the court was exclusively reserved for the nobility. Beads enjoyed such a high priority, that a number of European countries passed laws. These laws allowed the wearing of pearls only people who already belonged to the ruling aristocratic class by birth. The legendary Jacques Cartier bought his famous store on 5th Avenue in New York, 1916. The prize – Two perfect pearls.However, should these years to change everything, as Kikichi Mikimoto, the son of a noodle manufacturer, its patented method of culturing pearls in oysters. Over the past 50 years, pearls adorning the bodies of famous movie stars, politicians and other celebrities. Thus, the performances of Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, or are Hillary Clinton, legendary, there they were pearls in all its glory. What is the fascination of pearls The Pearl does not require treatment in order to present their original beauty. Unlike pieces of jewelry made of gold or jewels, the pearl is not changed in form, and enjoys a unique gloss (luster), which almost seems like an inner glow. This glow is the hauptbestimmende factor of a pearl. Pearl Jewelry is now reputed that he has the quality to lift the complexion and the expression of a woman and give it such a more vital and healthier appearance.Today cultured pearls are available in large numbers and a variety of colors and shapes. Here the price of a high quality pearl necklace is only a small fraction of a diamond necklace.