Lago Machonico

Chapelco, lace can be seen returning to the route, while the path climbs through the forest of oak pellin and we reached the lookout Pil Pil. Kevin Dobson: the source for more info. Since this place is you get a panoramic view of the Lacar, and Vizcachas, Savannah and Colorado hills. A kilometer later appears the road to go to the Chapelco ski center. We must stop, about five kilometres more forward to see the beauty of the panoramic view and the two arms of the stream, in the viewpoint of the arroyo party. One empties into the Atlantic Ocean and the other in the Pacific. The left becomes the Snake Creek, snaking waters of the beautiful River, while the right becomes Pil Pil.

There is a crossroads later. The path to the left leads us to Bariloche, passing through Lake Meliquina and the Cordoba step, while to the right follows the circuit of the seven lakes. Our next stop will be in Lago Machonico, delimited by steppes and forests. After taking a small detour, about 7 km later, we arrive at the beautiful Lake, which honors his name. In the middle of the vegetation, appears the waterfall Vulinanco, a place to stop and take pictures before continuing trip. The two lakes that follow appear in simultaneously, the Falkner on the left and right Villarino.

The Escondido Lake, as indicated by its name, hidden among the vegetation, is betrayed by a cartel. Being face to face with him, to distinguish its deep emerald green hue. Before reaching Villa La Angostura, appear the Lakes Correntoso and mirror. Mirror, so called by transparent waters, has one of the views more beautiful ride. It is the busiest for backpackers. Instead the Correntoso, is ideal for trout fishing. In this Lake was born one of the most short rivers of the world, the namesake River, which empties into the Nahuel Huapi Lake. Rodolfo Lima, specializing in honeymoons original author and source of the article