LED Glass

Patented design and unique glass surfaces Spiegelau – the newly formed manufacturer of stainless steel objects, Ferro-Nobile.de GmbH, these days a patented, sign luminaires, on the market brought. The company from the Bavarian Forest marketed three variants of this product range under the name Vitrum. The special feature of the high-quality illuminated signs is in addition to the integrated lighting of the glass surface of LED systems, a unique design of the glass surface. This elaborate sand blasting engraving in the glass plate is inserted in several steps. That creates a three-dimensional image.

At the light through the glass element, the character lights even brighter ever deeper, the engraving is introduced into the glass. This produces highly attractive and attention-grabbing lighting effects. Since the glass surface is designed to meet individual requirements of the customer, exclusive unique is created for each customer. Customers receive 10-year warranty on material and processing the light shield series Vitrum Mezzo. The areas from which weather-resistant and stainless steel made Vitrum series are varied. So, private households use the signs as exclusive badge. The signs can be used as an advertising representative, carrier companies, freelancers, or doctors. And indoors by offices and hotels the products to exclusive signs of spaces or as a special element of style very well suited.

The illuminated signs exclusively through the online shop of the factory are:. The name of the three variants of the illuminated sign derives from the size of the glass surface and the type of usage. The illuminated sign Vitrum Picco Vitrum Picco so particularly suitable for use in the private sector as a name or house number sign. In the commercial sector this shield series is used like for marking of rooms or as a design element in the Interior.