Loin Of Venison In Sauce Of Mushrooms And Truffle

If we want to give a special touch to a traditional dish we can not stop doing this recipe for Venison Loin in sauce of mushrooms and truffles, with which we will be as true chefs without being a particularly difficult dish. And it is that there are occasions in which ingredients made that our dishes are more sophisticated, without entailing a greater difficulty to make them, this is the case of the recipe that we teach. Ingredients for the deer filet in mushroom sauce and truffle 180 ccs of oil of oliva.6 teeth of ajos.200 grams of onions pequenas.1 laurel.12 sheet approx. 75 g Venison Loin fillets each uno.1 cup of cream liquida.1 teaspoon oregano.2 tablespoons of paprika dulce.1 pinch sal.200 grams of mushrooms cocidas.0, 5 tomillo.1 teaspoons truffle in brandy. To begin, one day soon, we will put in a honda source the thyme, oregano, chopped garlic, paprika, bay leaf and oil; and we batiremos the set until a homogeneous paste. We sazonaremos fillets and pour this mixture over them.

We’ll leave the losmos to take the sauce during a whole day. The next day to begin chopping onions, due the truffle and troceando mushrooms. Sofreiremos the onions in a pan with hot oil, until they are tender. At this point we will add mushrooms chopped and cooked previously. We saltearemos the whole three or four minutes and add the truffle and the brandy.

Flambearemos set up to achieve a reduction of the sauce. Finally, we’ll add the cream and cook it over low heat. It will take three or four minutes in that sauce, is reduced at this time can check salt and rectify, if necessary. It will now only let the fillets on a hot griddle and serve them with this delicious mushroom sauce. I hope you enjoy the recipe. In our recipe book you will find many more easy recipes how Apple kuchen, the cake three chocolates, or even recipes from bocadelia. Original author and source of the article.