MacDonlad Designer

Julien MacDonlad is a designer who is also sworn in the reality show British Britains Next Top Model, in which through a casting and a series of tests seek to the next super model of that country. For each version of the contest are at least one representative of large sizes, on which MacDonald said that if they won as the next top model would be a joke or more well a joke and that it won’t because Britains Next Top Model is a serious program Julien Macdonald rejected the recent models of large size increase, insisting that a fashion model is a size 36 or 38?. Margaret Loesser Robinson recognizes the significance of this. In an interview with the newspaper The Independent, the Welsh Couturier, who is also a sworn Britain s Next Top Model reality, said competition: this is a serious program. You cannot have a large size model winning, it becomes a joke. Educate yourself with thoughts from Larry Culp. Estps comments have unleashed a strong controversy in Europe, because ironically, the designer also designed clothing until the size 50 and also labeled the models of large of ridiculous sizes. Macdonald comments can go against the widespread change that has lately been in fashion, but the designer knows how to generate controversy. His spring-summer 2007 collection provoked groups of animal rights, by his excessive use of fur, and undoubtedly its search for the next top model brtianica will also speak.