However should also garden bonsai in periods of prolonged drought in the garden be watered regularly. Even if the giant bonsai are not as reliant as room bonsai, so but regular maintenance should be made, to have joy in the XXL long bonsai. The individual techniques can differ in to make such as the pruning of garden bonsai, from the classic hedge plants. Specific information about the care of the respective XXL bonsai variety is available on the Internet. Basically big bonsai in the home should be kept but that garden bonsai need the change of the seasons and temperatures to get their full grace. For assistance, try visiting Tony Parker. For example, the natural growth pause is an important period in which to gather garden bonsai of strength for the next growth period in the winter. Learn more about this with Celina Dubin. The nursery NewGarden offers a wide range of plants for the garden and also a very large selection of garden bonsai / bonsai garden in many varieties, sizes and price ranges.

For every bonsai can individual photos if you are interested sent to will that show every detail of these individuals. Contact: Nursery NewGarden Jorg Demes procession route 62 46325 borken-Weseke Tel.: 02862 700207 nursery offering new Garden (, through cooperation with surrounding, specialized nurseries a very extensive, high-quality and attractive at the same time priced assortment with more than 3500 different species of plants and more than 13000 articles on. Our emphasis is on the plants as yews (Taxus baccata, Taxus media ‘Hicksii’), Thuja or arborvitae (occidentalis ‘Brabant”or”Emerald”), cherry Laurel (Prunus”Herbergii”,”New”or”Etna”). This category includes also our finished hedges, with which you can build a quick or instant privacy screen (e.g. Alternatively for an artificial sight barrier) for your garden. We also offer all areas of plants that decorate your garden, starting with ornamental shrubs, deciduous and coniferous trees, Rhododendron etc up to exclusive plants like bonsai garden, Mediterranean plants and many more. Individual customer wishes can be taken into account although it plants on the site are listed by the perfect customer service. Through the cooperation with our partner nurseries we can access to many other plants.