Messenger Classroom

We use the media, because from its conception about learning in teaching materials, we can identify various approaches, the behaviorist perspective (B.F.Skinner), the theory of processing of information (Phye), learning by Discovery (j. For more information see this site: sela ward. Bruner), meaningful learning (D. Ausubel, j. Novak), the cognitive approach (Merrill, Gagne, Solomon), constructivism (J.Piaget), the socio-constructivismo (Vygotsky) in this classroom of media we deal with to publicize the most entertaining multimedia software, not as teaching materials in general, since the teachers use them in projects during the school year to support the curricula of various subjects, adapting them to multiple functions in the processes of teaching and learning so informative, instructive, motivating, evaluating, in an environment for the exploration and experimentation. Characteristics of students who used the Media General features classroom: students have a good motivation. Most expected, through Internet, to increase your knowledge. Basic capabilities: the majority of students have manipulated a computer basic computation at any institution or fit coffee, but know little about the management of educational Internet.

They also have a very limited in other fields knowledge. Through the classroom of media they will eventually start a new world of knowledge. Who learn first: through the introduction to the webquest, wikis, and blogs, is expected that students have a notion about the educational tools with the support of ICTs. Assist the teacher to choose or design the materials for the proyecto:no there is no material that can meet the objectives of a research project or collaborative in any subject. Why need adopt appropriate, didactic means and also choose, correct or designing the necessary materials. For example, depending on the topic, prepare designs and also play slide show, videos or songs. Use media: we have a virtual classroom with all elements necessary to be able to access it. Stimulate the students answer: encourage them to ask or tell their opinions.

Or ask questions of co-workers. For example, after seeing a film adaptation of an adventure, will be asked to discuss, seek materials and deliver a work by groups in forums or chats. We take the views of teachers as a critical component within this learning with ICT experience, those views are essential for successful learning of students classroom media users. A media as our classroom offers students the opportunity of involve exploring the real world with responsibility. The use of appropriate technologies can help more efficiently, effective and creative, as well as exchanging, by reviewing and commenting on the work of other colleagues in email formats, and supplying a quick feedback to have available the Forum or Chat as in Redescolar or Messenger. They can work more efficiently creating, saving and reviewing video, audio, images, sites or Web pages interactive, using word processors and uploading their creations to softonic, facebook, google, blogger or myspace sites. Our students can gather first hand of Internet data and create multimedia presentations for submission to the real world. Through more creative activities for formative purposes, competencies can be promoted using technology that pushes users to watch, simulate and build products with applications in the world, allowing the teaching of subject to create a real environment to test and evaluate their competencies. We as teachers use ICT because at our age, it allows us to enter the world of our students, because they are fans of digital technology and the use of computers.