Munich Airport

In the afternoon you will demo sessions currently most spectacular surfing tricks and maneuver performed and the spectators by expert moderators explained. Sunday from 9:00 is the title of the European champion and the European champion in the stationary wave riding in the finals then about the whole”. The award ceremony is scheduled for 17:00. “Riders of the surf & style Tao Schirrmacher, 2013 in addition to the local heroes go also Gerry Schlegel and Quirin Rohleder of the Munich ice stream several international surf stars like the Hawaiian Kalani Robb, Shane Beschen from California and Cory Lopey” Lopez at the start. Also part of the game: Marlon Lipke of the most successful German surfer. The women are among the reigning European champion Kathrin Gappmayr and winner of 2011, to Sarah Czepluch,.

Surf & style till 25 August the world’s largest standing artificial wave is also after the European Championship until August 25 in the MAC Forum of airport Munich at Munich Airport. For children and adolescents there are mornings multi-day surf camps, but are fully booked. Highlight for the young, not participating in the U-16 European Championships, is the rookie contest on Sunday, the 25th of August. Here, all kids from the surf camps may show off their skills and compete for the title of best young surfers. In the afternoons the wave while surfing free is”all regattas no matter if beginner or professional available. To ensure a smooth registration two days is necessary for this in advance under. The corresponding equipment surfboards, helmets and wet suits available on-site for free. “No question the EM is the highlight of surf & style and the encouragement from the surf scene, as well as by the audience’s overwhelming”, so Michael Otremba, Munich GmbH.

Munich Airport has established advertising, media and Marketing Manager through our event as the capital city of river surfing, we are proud of. And when we see how the Young in the kids camps engaged, must we worry us about the next generation of Waverider from Munich.” Additional information about surf & style 2013 on the event homepage of Munich Airport, find. Surf & style of flow in the overview 08th & 09th August 2013 European Championship: training 08-08 15: 00 20:00 open surf training for all participants of 9th 08 10.00 20:00 open surf training for all participants of 10th August 2013: qualification 7.00 9:00 a surfing for qualifying participants 9.00 am competition start 11 August 2013: final day 7.00 9:00 a surfing for all finalists 9 A.m. race start 17:00 award ceremony is Munich Airport ( Munich Airport with an annual passenger volume of over 38 million passengers of the largest airport Germany’s. Numerous attractive shops and restaurants have an exceptional shopping and experience the world passengers and visitors. The MAC Forum located between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 considered the largest roofed open space in Europe with 10.000 m2 total area, and is often used as exhibit – and event location. “” In addition to seasonal events such as a major winter market Munich Airport aligns again spectacular events such as the first airport ARENA Polo event “, public viewings or the European Championships in the stationary wave riding”.