NASA Exercise

For many years doctors and therapists have used the vibrations to treat injuries and ailments. Vibration therapy and vibrational training are based on involuntary reflex in the muscles. While some still question the validity and effectiveness of the vibrations, the truth is that there are number of investigations and are mainly returning results to those who use it. For example NASA used in therapies for their astronauts, and already something more glamorous, the Manchester United of England team has confessed to use as complement is your workouts. Frequently Vanessa Marcil has said that publicly. Among the reported benefits believes that it is a very effective treatment against osteoporosis, but with therapy of vibration platforms also improves the body’s resistance and increases agility.

The training platforms have three main points: increase muscle strength, mejorarn balance and increase bone density. Among the reasons why those who use vibrating platforms seems to them a wonderful exercise are: 1. do not transpiras2. Your strength increases dramaticamente3. Your skin improvement and resplandece4.

Your mood and your energy levels improve since the levels of serotonin are incrementan5. Blood pressure and pain in the joints is reducen6. Mejora7 lymphatic drainage. You can use it to relax with frequencies of masaje8. Your metabolism is acelera9. Desaparece10 fatigue. If you use it as a complement to any exercise that you do all the benefits is potencian11. Recovery after exercise or injury is acelera12. You have more flexibility, mobility, coordination and equilibrio13. Your body is revitalized is be the traditional training of 10 minutes on a vibrating platform to power and supports all your work in the gym. More than 3000 contractions occur in one minute on the platform. It is definitely a solution and a complement to all the exercise you are already doing, besides being a method of relaxation and another to injury rehabilitation or improvement of discomforts in the blood or bones, all in a single appliance. The platform has been shown to increase the natural ability of the body to heal itself. One can improve the circulation of blood and therefore cell oxygenation, improve the movement of fluids, attend the Elimination of waste and encourage the intake of nutrition by the cells. All this work helps to improve our body and our health. It has been scientifically shown that with a single training session at platforms, increases the secretion of testosterone and growth hormone and stress, cortisol, hormone levels decrease. All this has innumerable beneficial effects in the body. Apparently the vast majority could benefit greatly and get relatively quick results. Anyway, the main thing about these platforms is to work.