October Theme

These games may include theater games, during which children acquire an additional opportunity to consolidate and skills such as ability to express clearly to others their thoughts, intentions, emotions, ability to understand what you want from others. Such exercises encourage the development of basic mental functions: attention, memory, speech perception, contribute to the flourishing of creative imagination, ascribe to the theatrical culture. One of the priorities of the mdou A / C 49 is artistic and aesthetic, and non-traditional form of theatrical activities for children is the theater district Festival "Sunbeam" for children of preschool age. To develop creative, cognitive abilities of children of preschool age I had developed a case plan for training children's musical and theatrical games. The purpose of education is to develop children's sense of emotional satisfaction from artistic activities, the development of interest in different types of arts involvement attention to the means of expression, which is achieved by an image. Thematic lesson plan: September Topic: "The Cat in visiting them," Objectives: 1.

Develop the habit of original thinking, the ability to enter into the image of animals, birds, depicting the habits of facial expressions, movements. 2. Develop the ability to think, analyze, and solve puzzles. 3. On the example of the cat (gentle, cleanly) bring orderly, attentive, caring attitude towards others. October Theme: "The guests came to us Murka" Objectives: 1. Learn to imitate the voice of the cat, to disclose and express their feelings. 2. Develop smart, intellectual curiosity, the small muscles of the hands.