Oktoberfest Costume Jewelry

Costume jewellery can be so stylish in festivals such as the Oktoberfest can be seen a reversion to the costume for some time now with the younger. It’s cool to show cool and chic for not Bavaria in costume. Women in the Dirndl Dress with crochet stockings in the Haferlschuhen and apron or quite proper in the tight leather pants with Plaid blouse. Originally understood “Wearing” clothing or the “registered” clothes under dress generally. The peasant costume was subject to the change of fashion as well as the urban clothing.

The interest in traditional costumes woke up in many regions in Germany in the late 19th century, as it is in the course of the homeland movement on regional specialities and a rural romanticism”re using. The costume with a large matter of course held in Bavaria. The Bavarian costume occupies a special position, but has integrated simply into more modern growing time in everyday life. Something that is the actual trait of a costume. Because one is sure.

A costume that more carries no one in everyday life, no longer turns with the fashion and can be found only in the Museum. Dirndl, the right accessory matter whether traditionally with Charivari calf-length skirt, glamorous with much bling bling or the lausbubenhaften Krachledernen, one must at all outfits! Extra for the Oktoberfest or a convivial visit the beer garden we have a sweet Brezenkette for you in the collection… no matter whether Dirndl, lederhosen and jeans shirt or sundress, the Golden pretzel on the Red satin ribbon is an absolute eye-catcher. The pretzel is high-quality worked, 4 cm and the small salt crystals are made of crystallized Swarovski element. The satin ribbon has a length of 100 cm, and can be individually knotted as long pendant necklace, Cuff Bracelet, or bracelet. If you like, can bind the small pretzel of course also on the apron, suspenders, or on the handbag. The chain is of course also available as silver pretzel with green satin ribbon. Type Gefunkel, you’ll find it. Pretzel you on! But beware: not that anyone on the Brezenschmuck night!