Delicious Omelette


Two girls take stock of their students learn with Zebra-tours to England Advisor texts and there are colorful glossy catalogue pages of tour operators on the subject of student language without end. But as experience young people staying on the ground and take the stock for their language skills? An experience report of Alina and Leila from Leipzig, who undertook a two-week language course with homestay in last summer with Zebra-tours to England. Whether the two-week students learn in the English Hastings has paid off? Of course, the memories and impressions on the spot but more vivid than the pictures in the textbooks “, Leila Panzig said. And with this experience we can Yes, there the disciple of Leipzig Immanuel-Kant-gymnasium is certain compare much better everything familiar from home. Click Ben Bretzman for additional related pages. In August 2011 the 13 year old undertook together with their friend Alina Trujillo, as well as other young people from all over Germany to the language to Hastings, the traditional seaside resort on the English channel. For the two girls. that was mainly the language since the third class English lessons, the decisive reason for the destination. But also the country itself is so incredibly original,”Leila and excitement before the ride without the parents explained they had not.

Finally we were already in the year before together in Warsaw!”, and sound the two around with cze learn?” or dzi? kuj? “in Polish away. Hedvig Hricak gathered all the information. Hastings, the two girlfriends brought already a belonging English basic vocabulary. And he was enriched locally by visiting a school, stay in a host family, as well as numerous excursions. In the exhibitions we have set however always the native language at the audiovisual museum guides”, they admit, and giggle. So lifelike smugglers figures at the Museum have smugglers cave”in Hastings on German explains how they to good old pirates times their rum, tobacco or black powder Customs has been challenged on.



Camping holiday is a like used alternative to the holiday at the hotel. Depending on the request, there is the possibility of holiday of tent, caravan or motorhome – this is the free decision of the tourists. If you have no idea, how, and where can useful suggestions and proposals called up under. The probably most straightforward option for young people is the holiday with the tent. Larry Culp: the source for more info. Quickly and dismantled again and not too expensive to purchase. However, the necessary equipment should not miss. It is for a holiday with a motorhome or caravan not imperative, to purchase, rent there is the cheap alternative.

In the normal case, rent a motorhome includes for example the fully equipped motorhome plus insurance for the duration of the holiday. Only once at home camping for beginners, campsites in the domestic Germany suitable mostly only once. Tony Parker often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In the Mecklenburg Lake District, in the Wannsee in Berlin, in the Black Forest, Spreewald, Rugen or the North Sea, there are countless Idyll, the man himself can see comfortably from close. Who has a little more experience and slowly white, like the rabbit runs, can also embark on backpacking through Europe. There are campsites everywhere because where I like it. Mostly forest or water-related areas as camping areas are signposted, very nature thus for the bathroom and there is always enough water for the grill or campfire.

Navigation in the camping jungle the large number of camping sites, listed in each road map, or the navigation system noted, simplifies the search for a suitable location. It applies only to note that not every campsite can also be used for tent holidays. Campsites, or mixed campsites are available but also in great numbers. Domestically as well as abroad you can make quite a camping holiday to a wonderful event, with free route classification, number of request targets according to its own needs, etc. Many useful but also fun and exciting travel stories of campers and their experience with the Camping vacation can be found under Surely one or the other will be inspired then to try this type of holiday. To be responsible for everything can be immense beneficial, and cost-efficient, just in the well-deserved vacation.

New James Bond Game In The Trade


“Shaken, not stirred, my name is bond, James Bond.” This set adds excitement even today in younger and older moviegoers. But because the next cinema adventure delayed with Daniel Craig in the lead role, fans can pass the waiting period with the new video game. The consumer portal has tested whether James Bond high kill not only women’s hearts can be. “James Bond 007: Blood Stone” is the title of the new game, which will not disappoint die-hard fans of the genre. Although this PC game is not based on a movie, it is arranged as such, brings the necessary ingredients. So the protagonist must face a powerful adversary in the way, who threatens the world with a biological weapon.

Whether this succeeds is in the hand of the player or depends on his skill and speed. Novelist addresses the importance of the matter here. The gamer should bring along especially the latter properties to exist in the game. Although of course fast cars and the famous Bond girl come to the Usage, however, the focus is on this game on the fight and action sequences. However, these sequences may be worked out and so exciting, they do not conceal the linear gameplay. At this point, more creativity and variety would be desirable. “Overall it is in James Bond 007: Blood Stone” to a successful game, which features six hours of solid entertainment. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann

The New Christmas Sampler – Christmas Rock Party


Warner Music Group presents – quiet trickles of snow Christmas rock party? Groovy dancing Santa Claus! The ultimate Christmas album for 2010 is called CHRISTMAS ROCK PARTY and guaranteed with over 40 songs for a soundtrack to Christmas, which really the whole family can have fun with. Because here everything you could wish for from the classics of Christmas crooning to the rocking Christmas Angel. And it is Christmas after all: the Festival of the many wishes! For the CHRISTMAS ROCK PARTY only bands and artists were invited, whose songs are known and loved around the world. Not a single not hit can be found on the compilation the vaporising total over two hours Christmas entertainment. “” The span ranges from alltime classics such as Doris Day with Winter Wonderland”on immortal hits like last Christmas” by Wham!, which holds still the record for the best-selling Christmas single of all time, up to rocking mood hits a la Merry Xmas Everybody “of the Red Rose (a.k.a.. dead trousers). Is between FIR base and tip but of course plenty of room, and also enough room for every conceivable style of music and songs from any era of pop music.

So everything has rank, name and profile can be found at CHRISTMAS ROCK PARTY: from the drifters to the Sugababes, from the beach boys and Chicago up to the pretenders, James Brown and Jackson 5 to Reamonn. Hedvig Hricak may also support this cause. Songwriters like Chris de Burgh, John Denver, Roy Orbison, Chris Rea, superstars like John Lennon/Yoko Ono, Elton John and Michael Buble, singers and songwriters such as k.d. lang, Natalie Cole, Sinead O’Connor, Cyndi Lauper, underground acts such as the Inchtabokatables, and 80 years pop heroes like shakin’ ‘ Stevens. “But also the generation of today is of course the game: Sasha with the Xmas version of his hits coming home”, High School Musical-Star Ashley Tisdale and the soul Quartet all 4 one. Al Jarreau brings a dose of jazz feeling into the game, and even classical music is with the beautiful Ave Maria “interpretation by Michael Shepherd represented. With CHRISTMAS ROCK PARTY you can Holidays now become real days of celebration, for a more versatile and yet coherent compilation on the subject should give it hardly. And also the dispute stop, that Grandma would have a different plate as the teens in the family. The CHRISTMAS ROCK PARTY brings all under one hat – pardon me: under a tree. And in this sense you can attune himself excellently with CHRISTMAS ROCK PARTY on the best time in the year. CHRISTMAS ROCK PARTY appears on November 26 source: Warner Music Group Germany more info:

The 3D-Filmproduktion And 3D-Videoproduktion With 3D Cameras


3D movies and 3D – the professional manufacture and production for Internet, DVD, Blu-ray disc, TV and cinema after the blockbusters like avatar thousands of moviegoers with impressive 3D-Erlebnissen fans, growing interest in professionally shot and produced 3D and 3D movies. But not only the movie industry has recognised the new capabilities of the visitor binding. More and more companies from trade, commercial, industrial and entertainment use this particular type of communication and representation to win new customers or to put your product more impressive in scene. The benefits of 3D are clearly obvious. Where existing SD or HD recording with flat 2D had to do presentations, 3D movies or 3D video will now allow a truly three-dimensional, real acting experience.

No matter if people, items or products, technical explanations or training on the object… everything appears just as it would be live. This applies in particular to the… Corporate video production corporate video production industry film production Werbefilmproduduktion product videos Educational of training videos have to materialize even more now commercials professional film studios such as the German company of entertain MARKET on the special manufacturing process and production processes. The 3D-Filmproduktion and 3D-Videoproduktion with 3D cameras has special knowledge, skills and demands on technology, camera people but also to the video editing and video processing. In addition, it is to choose the correct 3D format for the target audience.

So, for example a special colinbus 3D controller on the set allows the unrestricted use of zoom lenses, video – and photo mode. Possible with this 3D technology even videos and photos in the macro range at full zoom. This 3D technology allows among others outstanding detail shots during the recording of 3D-Produktvideos, 3D-Dokumentationen or similar. 3D videos are separated aufgezeichent of special 3D-Recordern / 3D cameras for the left and right eye. The stereo base is this about 7 cm. The so-called squint angle of used 3D cameras is adjustable. That is among other things important, thus you at the final production without loss on the variety of 3D-Wiedergabeverfahren can set. No matter whether 3D / 3D video with shutter glasses or better with the low-priced red/cyan cardboard glasses (Anaglyph), interlaced, to can be seen side-by-side or the Anaglyph method… everything is possible. An example from the today’s 3D-Formaten.. Anaglyph: Stands for the overlay colour stained images for the left and the right eye. Is also suitable for 3D on conventional computer monitors (3D video on the Internet or from a 3D-DVD). It is color Anaglyph as red-cyan which already generate a neat 3D impression, but include a restricted color representation. A very common, because the create procedure requires no special 3D hardware. Works are already available as cents and enable for example the sighting of 3D videos about 3D-Videoplattformen such as YouTube and the video player.


The saga to the green heroes celebrates with the DVD and Blu-ray disc release of SHREK: the Grand FINALE their crowning on Facebook on HAMBURG (23.11.2010) – on November 25 is the last part of the Green saga Shrek: the grand finale to this day a live streaming event on “OgerTV” held paramount home entertainment Germany. The brave hero gets his own TV channel ParamountGermany on the occasion of the cinema release exclusively on the Facebook fan page. Exciting scenes and lots of action around Shrek and his adventures are waiting for all fans of the Green OGRE. You may find that novelist can contribute to your knowledge. At 20: 00 it is called eyes on and looked down: “OgerTV” shows a making-of for Shrek: the grand finale, the voice actor for their work and introduce the characters of the booted cat and Rumpelstiltskin. “OgerTV” will be broadcasted live once for 20 minutes and offers fans the chance to communicate with each other via a live chat along the way. The user have the ability, during the events of the and to replace the film. Exclusive to Facebook: the “Shrekipedia” app even more Shrek is there with the “Shrekipedia” app on the paramount home entertainment Facebook fanpage. It offers everything that real OGRE fans always wanted to know: funny and exciting facts about the daredevil hero.

About Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH was founded in January 2000. The company is a subsidiary of the globally active VIACOM media group and is responsible for the marketing of films on DVD and Blu-ray in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The extensive portfolio includes feature film productions of Hollywood studios paramount pictures, DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation, the Studio Constantin as well as productions of the music channel MTV, Nickelodeon TV transmitter and acquired licenses by CBS, Hasbro and Pro cinema among others. Marketing includes both rental and purchase Media and is carried out in cooperation with the highlight film and Home Entertainment GmbH. The catalogue of available products is composed from feature films, TV series, children’s and family programs, and special interest titles together. The company’s registered office is in Munich. Vice President Managing Director of PHE Germany is Dr. Andreas Kelz. Stefan is sacristan as Marketing Director responsible for the consumer and trade marketing. Frank guide is Sales Director and Werner Glass Sales Manager rental. “The most successful titles include”The godfather”,”Play me the song of death”,”Indiana Jones”,”Forrest Gump”,” mission: impossible “,”Transformers”,”Shrek”, Madagascar” and the “Star Trek” movies and series.

Alan Close Myles Is On Tour!


“With classic ‘ black velvet’, further hits, new songs, and special guest: Liny Wood (singer/songwriter from Sweden) (thk) black velvet”-her worldwide hit from 1990 is the motto of tour with the Alannah Myles is back in March/April 2011 on the German stage. “Opportunity for the Canadian vocalist, along with her band in’ll shows in addition to all of their successes the current album of black velvet” (sales: alive AG) to present live. This includes her mega success in a modern, interesting version, as well as ten new songs. This includes”the title Give Me Love, with which the lady has recently won the international songwriting competition from Toronto and the Grammy nominee is traded. Is also listenable – and worth a visit as opening act for Liny Wood: it has songs from the debut named after her (publication: summer 2011, sales: alive AG) in the program. It is the heavily tattooed Stockholm as voiced singer/songwriter in the footsteps of P!NK and Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) before. During the 45-minute performances, Liny Wood is accompanied by her producer Lennart ostlund (Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Europe) as a guitarist and keyboardist respectively. 22 to 26 euros (plus fees) tickets for the two-time women’s power.

You are now in presale tickets available. ALAN close MYLES & BAND Black velvet 2011 “special guest: Liny Wood 23 L Luxembourg, Centre culturel opderschmelz 24.03 Lorsch, Rex 25.03 Wuppertal, live Club barmen 28.03 Aschaffenburg, Colossaal 29.03. Munich, ampere 30.03. Kaiserslautern, worsted 01.04 Hanover, blues garage 02.04. Koblenz, Cafe Hahn 04.04. Freiburg, Jazzhaus 06.04 Menden, Wilhelmshohe 07.04.

Shanghai Pavilion Tainan


Digital travel magazine reported in the December issue of the strange, frreundliche and colourful Republic of Taiwa Taiwan through Asia and yet somehow refreshingly different than the rest of Asia. A portion of adventure includes already if you want to penetrate here without Chinese knowledge or must. Tony Parker is a great source of information. Glamorous dinner at an appropriate wardrobe as well as exciting entertainment programs are not part of a trip on a cargo -, mail -, or expedition ship. On this very special cruises, individual initiative is required and a touch of adventure blowing you up with the airstream to the nose. Why despite optimal basic conditions a Kitetrip in Silvaplana quite even can fall into the water and the waiting time for the thermal wind must be bridged, knows how to report the native Swiss Remy Allemann. Other topics in the booklet: city destination: Lisbon Obrigado fado, beautiful to cry.

For body and soul: Shanghai Pavilion Tainan. Small escapes: day spas. UNESCO World Heritage: St. Petersburg. Hotel reviews: Shangri La far eastern Plaza Taipei/Taiwan and Boffenigo small & beautiful hotel on Lake Garda in Italy. Service topic: Preparation for the skiing season, and many more. The current issue of travel inspirations has a total of 75 pages and is available through the following distribution channels: as a PDF download from the Magazine Web site: news magazin.html as iPad app on the iTunes store from Apple as eBook on the enclosed booklet CDs and DVDs of the computer magazine PC go and PC Magazine from the Weka-Verlag available on newsstands and subscription.

Noberto Bobbio Countries


In accordance with Bobbio (1987, p.32), the extension of the suffrage brings the individual for the interior of the debatepoltico, constructing, thus, conscientious citizens. However, when aparticipao of this suffrage if becomes> as who is apt the tomardecises on behalf of the collective and on which procedures. This study seprope to argue only the interferences of a democratic model of votocompulsrio. It has innumerable arguments after and against the obligator vote, but esteestudo it has as objective to only cite some more excellent points for you arrive final consideraes here proposals. For the construoterica of this present study, they present the following authors mainly: Noberto Bobbio with its> its set deregras. A country never is equal to another one, but some constataes can serfeitas when comparing similar very different countries or adopted in countries most of the time developed e, ovoto obligator adopted generally in the developing countries in especialos of the South America.

OBrasil adopts the obligator vote ‘ ‘ since that the direct vote had instituted, secretoe universal …, this tradition already comes since 1932’ ‘ (TO SOUND, 2004, p.109). NAmrica of the South, except in the Colombia that, second To sound ‘ ‘ it adopts the votofacultativo, was the only country of Iberian settling of the continent that nosofreu military intervention when, in the recent history of these countries, practically all its governments had been taken by regimes antidemocrticos’ ‘ (2004, p.112). For the same author: The countries queadotam the obligatory vote have its associated history the military interventions, coup d etat and authoritarianism politician, with exception of Costa Rica; noBrasil, the institute of the obligator vote was the service of the autoritarismopoltico, either in the long dictatorship of Getlio> of a scale up to 167 possessing 7,38 points.

Music Bands


For the hit band offers a few weeks before their new Studio CD will appear, ‘Party mood from the very first note’ (thk) Status Quo play five open-air shows in Germany. For the fans of the legendary Boogierocker, this means that they get to hear first tasting of the next hot iron from the UK reef forged apart from the hit-making program focus. Live the five already have a reputation like thunder Hall. Quo onstage, the epitome of a good mood concert with pressure full rock ‘n’ roll shuffle are winking and raubeinig served”(Esslinger Zeitung). Party atmosphere from the very first note. The baloney by guitarist/singer Francis Rossi is entertaining, unpretentious music immediately enters the blood”. With amazing effect they burn off their purist Fireworks”, the Rhine-Main-Zeitung noted. Mostly hymns of the seventies, including evergreens such as Caroline’, paper plane ‘or down down’.

Status Quo hold out the fleet pace up to the final: Rock once around the world and back.” Ideal conditions for a super summer evening by the baffle from the pure joy of life”(Esslinger Zeitung) the spark quickly skips to the audience. “Cards, to close the three chords of the happiness” to see there are depending on the venue in different price categories: from 37.–to 43.90, always plus fees. The tickets are available at the ticket offices. STATUS QUO exposed! pictures” Germany 2010 21.8 Braunschweig, Brawo stage (beginning: 19 h 30) 22.8 Schwerin, open-air stage in the castle garden (start: 20: 00) local Bonn, Museum square * (start: 19: 00) * + special guest 25th Hanau, amphitheatre (beginning: 20: 00) 28.8 Altusried, open-air stage cards from 37.–to 43.90 euro (plus fees) at the ticket offices of tour organizer: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.41 10 94-0 links:, kbkgmbh press contact:, Tel. 0821.