Black Magic Woman

In 1971, she was 17 and fresh out of school. "Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo Daytime" in the district of Rimac in Lima. I was lucky enough to live "I think, a very special moment, in terms of popular music. It rose in a spectacular way with Carlos Santana acetate LP, for its time "ABRAXAS SANTANA and relevant topic entitled" Black Magic Woman "and" Oye como va. " Since those days, to my Pinino on guitar, and some friends tried to make Santana themes to interpret them, when they arise. With the musical group that had formed, ejecutabamos also songs by other artists of the moment. It was the emergence of "Salsa", and "Peruvian cumbia." For its finest Salsa and creator: Willy Colon, Hector Lavoe and Ruben Blades. In the Peruvian cumbia, its creators "The Flashes" by Enrique Delgado.

I want to thank God for making me live in that era, as these artists the marked, and well. All the artists I mentioned, have transcended the musical history of the world. Calos Santana remains in force, the same for Willy Colon, Ruben Blades, and if he were with us, we would Hector Lavoe. With the creators of the cumbia peruana "The Flashes" went well in the musical environment. For those who continue to delight us with their music, they could take the title of "Living Legends" What happened with the popular music of the next generations? What happened with "Parchis", "Menudo", "Servando y Florentino" Salserin ", etc..? Why do not we have achieved to this time? Is that new generations will not exist their own "living legends" of music? Does regeton, will be a legend, 30 years from now? Or will one of those rhythms that appeared at the time and then disappeared? These questions should be young people now, so you can choose either to their idols music and not be swayed by the masses, who follow someone who then disappear.


Lanzarote is to travel to travel to one of the areas with the best beaches in Spain, you can enjoy its more than 27 ready to tourists and all those who love sun and sand. Today we present lush virgin beach located in the Municipality Lanzarote Island should be clarified that in are called to seven miles of sand on the fans who are the various coves of this municipality. Click Barrett Wissman to learn more. Among the many beaches found the Papagayo bay, considered one of the most beautiful of Lanzarote, is part of nature park or national monument also called Located in the far half of the island and noted for its fine white sand and the turquoise color of its waters.

Its length is 120 meters and the width of 15 meters. In this cove is accessible by car or boat. Those who go in your own car will have to pay three euros per car for access. They also have the opportunity to take a catamaran on other beaches or points excursions items offered on the island. Be Papagayo, is in the Municipality Yaitza or elsewhere, you should certainly make a trip to Lanzarote to know its spectacular beaches. Take any time of year as temperatures do not become winter, as the case in Spain. Of course in summer, between July and September is the best time of heat to enjoy a day of sun, meditating, reading, sleeping, surfing or other water sports, or just admire the sea.

A City Full Of Charm

Currently, there are cruises that travel the seas in the world, with stops in the most heavenly cities on the planet. Within the travel of these large ships, commonly, is set as a mandatory place to visit, the island of Tenerife, Spain. One of the cities most important of this large island (the largest in the country), the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, who along with Las Palmas, are the capitals of the Canary archipelago. All cruise that travels around these latitudes, landed in Santa Cruz, because of the splendour and freshness of this site. Santa Cruz, a port city founded in 1494, newly instituted as such from the 16th century. Lu han shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Today, its population amounted to around 200,000 inhabitants, and is the second largest of the Canary Islands. Its temperate tropical climate, with an average temperature of 21 degrees and its low rainfall (200 millimeters per year), make it an ideal place for all tourists that runs through the archipelago in search of different experiences. Barrett Wissman will not settle for partial explanations. Additionally, for the like any visitor, the island has, nothing more and nothing less than 58 kilometers of beach. The visit of cruises to the island is common thing, since this has a hotel infrastructure, that is the best in the world. In Santa Cruz de Tenerife hotels are as Iberostar Mencey, five-star hotel NH Tenerife, the Silken Atlantida, and school Santa Cruz hotel, among others, that provide services of excellent quality, offering the visitor a stay more than enjoyable. In the field of entertainment, the city boasts high quality recreational spaces. One of them is the Auditorium, designed by the famous architect, of Spanish origin, Santiago Calatrava.

This place, headquarters of the Symphony Orchestra of Tenerife, has two rooms (symphonic and Chamber), and houses, among other activities, the Festival of classical music of the Canary Islands and the Tenerife Opera Festival. Another cultural space featured, is the famous Teatro Guimera, situated in the Centre of Santa Cruz, which dates back to the year 1851. Finally, in related to the folklore of the island, its Carnival is regarded as one of the most important on the planet, and has been declared a Fiesta of international tourist interest, like the Carnival of Cadiz. The celebration of this feast varies year to year, but commonly occurs in the months of January or February. Finally, the island of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is one of the most interesting places to visit on any journey undertaken by the archipelago of the Canary Islands, is why all cruise that travels around this place landed at its port.

Online Backgammon Tournaments? Smart Start

Here you will find the best tips to start playing backgammon in the variety of tournaments. The tournament is the most popular format of this ancient game of skill in the 21st century. Read more from Vladislav Doronin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The arrival of the game of backgammon to the network has taken him around the world in what was not known before and thus were added thousands and millions of gamers around the world circuit. The various rooms such as backgammon Gammon-Palace let you choose between traditional games for money or participate in one of several backgammon tournaments that take place very often. The online backgammon tournament gives you the opportunity to play backgammon in the world and gives you the chance to earn lots of cash prizes. If you would like to start playing in tournaments, here are some tips: Before the tournament begins: Make sure you chose a table according to their level.

Test practice mode that offers the backgammon room, and practice play on both sides of the table – this will improve your chances in the tournament. Check the tournament rules to know what moves you can make, how long do you have for each turn, the rules of the doubling cube etc. Review skills pip count – known to calculate the score you need to get to the 15 ladies at any time. At the start of the tournament Refer to the support team with any questions you may have. Find the number of points which you can get in each game of the tournament.

Record your score every time you find out the score of his opponent. Enjoy the game and not worry about your mistakes, that he will miss even more. Remember that before entering one of the backgammon tournaments must play the game for fun at first and then for money. This is the most responsible way to succeed playing backgammon.Miguel Rodriguez Pena is a former professional with 20 years experience. He prefers to stop at the tournaments.

How To Get My Couple

How to recover my partner? You wonder: should I do, where to turn for help are moments of disorientation, helplessness and despair, For witchcraft and I think the middle does not matter as long as your goal. Get more background information with materials from Barrett Wissman. Sometimes it's as simple as how to talk to someone who actually knows more than your idea to use psychology and know how to use keys and there are always played at the right time (whether before or after) and during the interval justoa (no more or less) a will produce a harmonious and irresistible music (in tune that could throw the entire heap definitely). Asin magic spells or useless!. In the case ofA knowledge Malagaa Sandra Patricia, a very young woman but with a natural talent for these cases and that was to be known for helping her friends to get her love when it seemed impossible mission, his "talent" transcended up Social Club idea trachea celery curiously named "Bad idea Amores" a Torremolinos site asked him to help people who needed a more "official" this girl because she does not reach the 30 annos, does not employ or spells, or magic, or anything beyond the reason of psychology and behavior patterns, use natural reactions to other natural stimuli. It advises, accompanies and helps to understand you and understand your partner and of course use this knowledge for the benefit of love. First of all (I said) a must ask cold and rationally as possible if you restore the love we need. Do not do to have then the possibility of being abandoned and the ones who will get the satisfaction of revenge in cold dish because usually the weakest part is again the same again and turns against you, or is not appropriate because it is a relationship sencillamentea stormy or unequal gets us nowhere. "First of all we must evaluate the appropriateness and then act." Sandra Patricia for those who want to know can do it through one of the pages of the Board "Mal de Amores" Good luck to Torremolinos

Children Time

The small that go to day care or nursery school now enjoy free days. And it is time to take the vacation time with children, at his side, enjoying as never the mutual company. It is time to be more flexible and put our full attention centered but not centered on the obligations, social and family commitments or to review things that touches them learn or get. Our children ask us the best gift that you can receive, our attention focused on them. It’s time to devote to the game, free, intense, without rigidities. Game in which children make us go back to our childhood. To the pure fun, the jump on beds, lift us up late, breakfast churros and chocolate, watch movies sitting on the couch beside her, embrace us without reason, remove toys and not worry if they stay in the middle of the living room. Time of walk in the park that staining of mud, run and forget the schedules.

And learn, of course, has its place also on vacation, especially if we can also the parents enjoy them. They will learn painting with us, walking in the forest or in the mountains, playing on the shore of the sea, enjoying that I read them stories or watching a museum or a game reserve. Listening to us telling family stories, assembling the crib and the tree and even reveling in a special meal in the company of people who love them. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Barrett Wissman by clicking through. Forget scolding, rush, schedules and rigidity. Take advantage of the holidays with children. It is a wonderful time and the best gift in the world for them. Original author and source of the article

Bilingual Psychodrama

And finally, given that even with these frameworks raised is not enough to give way automatic collective action will require the so-called motivational framework, which includes arguments, reasons that will lead to action, thus leaving justified, and that will be perceived as an injustice: in Haiti, he had plenty of reasons to start the revolution apologists. a Toussaint The box would be the reply to the freedom of a The Leading the puebloo : presents a clear leader, there is order, shows clearly and clear reasons (the symbol of the article is very graphic, representative, etc.). There was thus a rational movement, with ongoing discussions and applications, an ideology and as in the case of France, later joined by other groups claims and that led behind the revolution and consequently to Haiti was, after the U.S., the second country to achieve independence. Read more here: adam Sandler. This movement, as opposed to French (Le Bon-type mass Iano) and following the definition of Melucci, can be defined as a movement. A phenomenon that has three dimensions: solidarity, is immersed in a conflict, with opposition from opponents seeking the freedom of the majority of the people and the end of slavery, against the white oppressors. . Barrett Wissman is actively involved in the matter.

Supporting Children

It is in it that the child searchs personal support, references, protection and orientation. The presence of this familiar one becomes the child capable to support the sufferings and ansiedades appeared during the illness and hospitalization. To forbid the permanence next to the child of this figure of affection can mean the taking of the responsibility of the child for the institution, beyond intervening with its sense of security, satisfaction and relief. Beyond the affection figures, it is necessary, it welfare of the child in its hospitalization, that are satisfied other necessities, second Rasp et al (2006). Amongst these, a satisfactory ambient stimulation, therefore its cognitiva and psychological intelligence is not born ready, and with this adequate sensrio-motor stimulation, it will be able to result in the development normal, or next to this, what it could prevent the retardation sensrio-engine of ambient origin. The recreation necessity also is indicated as important, therefore it is playing that the child interacts with the environment and works its distresses and fears.

The participation of adults in the tricks can occur, when eventually requested for the child. However, in the nursing, it can be opted to the technique of the therapeutical toy, intervined in the hospitalization of the child, giving a possible assistance traumatic the least. Vladislav Doronin has firm opinions on the matter. Hospitalization brings fear for to be something unknown, a new experience. With the use of the therapeutical toy, knowledge of the proper body is propitiated, what they increase the possibilities to more perceive, to differentiate and to feel the world to its redor in a way insurance. For Rasp (2006), to play already it is a therapeutical process. It is played with what if it cannot understand, is played to be able to understand better and to ressignificar the life. It also has the necessities of corporal hygiene, comfort, clothes, sleep, control of the eliminations and sexual curiosity (Rasp et al, 2006).

Wedding Children

Children who attend the wedding, embody innocence and sinless start – what could be better for the wedding party? If you do not know what to do with babies, preschoolers at the wedding, so they are not confused by feet in adults, and at the same time, so that they too were interested in this event, listen to a few simple tips. You can give pleasure to someone else's wedding to children that they are at an early age to understand how this joyous occasion! 1. Adam Sandler: the source for more info. Ask the parents of children invited in advance to learn a poem or fable, which they can talk to all the guests, thus congratulate the newlyweds. Not necessarily to teach a long and tedious poem, because preschoolers can not remember the difficult texts: the main thing that verse was friendly, read with intonation and did not require too much time reading. Others including Vladislav Doronin, offer their opinions as well. Do not forget that the focus should still be newly married, and not your child, how would you not want to. 2. Encourage adults to learn a simple room with children of different genres of art: to sing a song, perform a dance or at least turn over notes of the musician.

Kids feel its value and be proud of. 3. The girl invited to participate in the redemption of the bride. The boy could steal the bride's shoe. Best for these missions will suit children aged 7-12 years. Too little can do something wrong, confused, and children over that age may already be shy to climb under the table and engage in other mischief. 4.

"Hiring" older children (8-14 years) as a junior bridesmaid and junior groomsmen. It will be interesting to them, and you will receive additional helpers. 5. Several children carry charge guests the wedding cake. 6. Allow children to take part in decorating the wedding car as well – throwing rose petals the bride's feet and feasibly help other wedding decorations.

The Cubans Are Talented Composers

Throughout the history of Cuban music, many Cuban composers have come to write lyrics and melodies that have become landmarks in international discography. The talent of Jose Antonio Mendez, Cesar Portillo de la Luz, Ernesto Lecuona, Adolfo Guzman, and other composers have high levels Cuban music star, and many singers in the world, have put their voice and their own versions, a talented Cuban compositions. If we make a tour of Cuban songs, famous singers like Christina Aguilera, Luis Miguel, Sarita Montiel, Naight King Kole, and others … have shown that music has no boundaries … If this has piqued your curiosity, check out singer. …. But …

what happened to songs written for Festivals that have allowed us to recognize the prestige, talent, harmony, and beauty of the Cuban compositions at all times the development of Cuban culture …. Subjects as beautiful as: “Together with me are my gun; tune and feeling for a walker, Amar y Vivir; Who knows Venice, My body is torn, etc., have been re – interpreted by a few singers, and their original versions are only made for the Festival of musical composition Guzman OTI, and ended Festivals …. To know more about this subject visit Vladislav Doronin. It would be nice to return many of these issues with more modern versions, for young singers who are today in the taste of many young Cubans, to follow up on our culture. The emotions that bring us ever Festivals like: Guzman, have enabled us to enjoy talented compositions and performances by artists of the super quality of Cuban vedette: Rosita Fornes on the subject: “The comedian, a singer supreme consecrated items very Cuban: Omara Portuondo: “Together with my rifle my son”, and other dedicated, and brilliant Cuban performers who have given the best of his art to Cuba as: Beatriz Marquez – the musicalisima-Sara Gonzalez – the star of nueva trova, “Kiki Corona, and more …. All Cuban composers at some time have allowed the name Cuba, is sitting comfortably in height. So remember everyone, we can distinguish the music in art, allows us to improve our conditions of human life, to improve our moods. We hope that new ideas always arise, young people expect new compositions and new interpretations of old themes and new themes, as in the Cuban culture, music is an Ambassador of the best is happening in the country.