Last Adriatic Dolphins


Rescue of dolphins asks Croatia holiday-makers for their use the sighting bow of the protection project to “Rescue the last Adriatic Dolphin”, that contain also information about the correct behaviour in encounters with whales and dolphins in the wild, can be requested at the Office of the society for the rescue of dolphins (GRD) or downloaded directly from the Dr website: the reported sightings this year for the first time as soon as possible on the GRD homepage with all relevant information and, where appropriate, photos entered. The tourists are also urged to report findings of stranded or dead marine mammals. So can be immediate rescue measures initiated or investigated the carcass on the cause of the death. This helps, for example, in the detection and prosecution of illegal dynamite fishing still practiced. Only 220 bottlenose live year-round in the coastal waters of the Adriatic. They are the last survivors of an once numerous – and species-rich holdings in this part of the Mediterranean. Pollution, overfishing and direct killing are responsible for the drastic shrinkage of the charismatic sea mammals. (Similarly see: Steven Brill). A disturbance in the ecological balance or a disease are enough to wipe out this small population.

More serious weigh human influences which are responsible for an estimated 50% of dolphin mortality. So came back dolphins by Dynamite fishing to life 2008, as well as in the past, or were shot. Others died from the effects of collisions with boats or verhedderten in fishing nets and drowned miserably. German Croatian community project under the auspices of the Croatian Ministry of the environment aims at maintaining long-term and the stock gain of the remaining 220 bottlenose dolphins as well as the protection of their habitat. Education and outreach to raise awareness of population and tourists for the dolphin protection, monitoring and implementing existing safety regulations and long-term studies in laboratory and Outdoor and others project measures to gain knowledge about population dynamic processes include. The rescue of lost or stranded dolphins, the creation of protected areas and establishing a dolphin protection Center are more important of the project.

Fighting Dolphins


The U.S. Navy began also known as fighting dolphins in the Iraq war. “When it was announced that the U.S. military in Iraq war also known as fighting dolphins” set, an almost forgotten topic for a short time got into the spotlight of public interest: the use of animals in the war. In the spring of 218 BC, Hannibal led an enormous army of elephants through Spain and Gaul across the Alps to attack Rome. Before and after his animals in the history of humankind in countless wars have been abused – horses, dogs or camels. After the end of the campaign in Afghanistan, specially trained sniffer dogs from Germany and Belgium were employed for the detection of mines.

A not quite safe job, but the animals can sniff out barely to be mines plastic based on the smell of explosives. By entirely different caliber was already the use of dolphins and sea lions in the last Iraq war, almost two thousand years after Hannibal’s daring crossing of the Alps. The soldiers of the sea”can combat trained dolphins kill enemy divers and detect sea mines. Education, transport and use of extremely stressful for the intelligent sea mammals but apart from the more than dubious military value of such weapons”, many do not survive the rigorous training. Since 1959, trained the U.S.

Navy captured wild dolphins for military purposes and for the first time put them in the Bay of Cam Ranh during the Viet Nam war. The marine mammals that are equipped with special nose weapons should kill there enemy divers. Fighting dolphins were during the cold war to one of the best-kept military secrets, to a veritable arms race between the United States and the USSR broke out. While the about 120 Russian fighting dolphins were largely sold after the collapse of the Soviet Empire, the United States was the animals including the Gulf war in 1991 and in 2000 during a NATO exercise in the Baltic Sea. Also the Navy by India to have fighting dolphins, which can selectively install mines on enemy ships. The military draw on in curiosity and the pronounced locating assets of animals. The small whale discovered a suspected underwater object, he can mark it by means of a probe or it floats to the surface and gives character to understand what he has discovered. As a reward, there are to eat something. For the Dolphin Takoma”Iraq was only two days but again to end. The 22-year-old bottlenose disappeared supposedly equally on his first mission. Maybe Takoma was”also to curious and was torn apart by a mine. Killed, or escape the result remains the same. In the wild, Takoma has”virtually no chance of survival.

Dolphin Summer


Whale and marine conservation plays a role in Germany if the country is affected. For our own marine mammals protection regulations, if at all, only exist on paper. Of course, “Humpback whale summer” would be more appropriate. Single representative of this most spectacular species thriving in their stock on renewed and painted only recently by the red list were people in breath. Only “Freddy”, a roughly 12 m large humpback whale before complaints surfaced – a sensation. For a time was the speech even of two copies in the Baltic Sea. The second, sighted near Lubeck whale, it was however the back floating in its ancestral waters Freddy”, which just as miraculously as he in the Baltic Sea had surfaced, left them despite innumerable there on him lurking dangers. Read more from Anna Belknap to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The fate of the orphaned humpback whale baby “Colin”, which had adopted a yacht as a mother before Sydney was tragic.

End of August he had to be euthanized, all rescue attempts for the small whale baby had failed. The “Dolphin summer” back then but still, as early September in the Bay of Wismar probably two bottlenose was spotted. The excitement over the rare guests in the Baltic Sea and the grief over the unfortunate “Colin” was virtually limitless. In a question-answer forum Jay Schwartz was the first to reply. Man, but encounters almost insurmountable limits in thought and action when it comes to our only native species, the harbour porpoise survival. Especially the German (environmental) policy it seems that applied to have to eliminate the so unspectacular that dashing little fellows, where ever they are.

Quite apart from much-needed restrictions in fishing, which annually the most porpoises prey fall ASCOBANS, an agreement applied specifically to the protection of the harbour porpoise has been destabilized initiative in Germany and is now virtually incapacitated (we reported). In the construction of offshore wind farms associated with massive sound emissions has little value to the installation is technically possible Protection measures. So, “FINO 3” happen at end of July started construction of wind power research platform. Also in July, the four-week and associated with tremendous noise ground investigations for the questionable Fehmarn began. All this took place precisely at a time when, if harbour porpoise give birth to their calves and particularly sensitive to disturbances. Asked why it has carried out these measures not later in the year, is urging, remains however unanswered. It is the political directive to implement technically feasible with violence and far as possible to protect their own interests and lobby groups. Whale and marine conservation plays a role in Germany if the country is affected. For our own marine mammals protection regulations, if at all, only exist on paper. This not only has also something to do with, that it is impossible to take a photo, “Environment Minister heart porpoise baby”. GRD, U.



With a sponsorship, you can engage directly in the protection of endangered marine mammals or surprise with a truly extraordinary gift. They are called “Bodo”, “Donna”, or “Mysterio” and live far away from each other in the waters from Peru, Croatia and from the Caribbean island Dominica. The bottlenose dolphins “Bodo” and “Donna” or the giant sperm whale females “Mysterio” will never meet each other and share a fate but: without the help of compassionate people you and your kind will not survive. For the endangered animals, the dolphins e.V. (GRD) offered the society to save dolphin and whale sponsorships. With a sponsorship, you can engage directly in the protection of the marine mammals or surprise with a truly extraordinary gift. All sponsors will receive a certificate, a photo of “their” dolphin or sperm whale, information to the respective protection project, as well as quarterly GRD magazine “Dolphin post”.

A sponsorship costs 50 euros a year, it is tax deductible as a donation and can be terminated at any time without giving reasons. The GRD protection projects in Croatia, Peru and Dominica funded with revenue. While the life of “Bodo” and his family in Peru by illegal hunting, dynamite fishing and marine pollution is at risk, “Donna”, and their only about 220 conspecifics in the Croatian Adriatic struggle for survival. The small, consisting of seven female and two juveniles sperm whale family of “Mysterio” – the so-called “group of seven” could be in the sight of the Japanese whaling fleet and destroyed by this. The GRD is looking for sponsors for 28 individually known bottlenose dolphin from Peru and Croatia as well as for 6 sperm whales, which live off Dominica. The “Adriatic Dolphin” are regularly observed since 2001 in the Northern Dalmatian coastal waters, while spread the “Peru dolphins” to two groups at the Paracas peninsula, located in the South of the country. Their names were the bottlenose mostly due to special features, occasionally due to special Behaviors. So, “Vitali” from Peru must master his life without tail fluke, his friend who jumping massive “Vitali-PAL” is almost constantly at his side and help him hunt for fish. “Donna” (Flash) from Croatia is a male that was given its name due to a thick slash on the Finn.

Dolphin Moby Pool Cleaner


The powerful Dolphin Moby pool cleaners offers a host of benefits! With a swimming pool robot by Maytronics lets you automatically your pool cleaner. The Dolphin Moby pool cleaner works like a little robot and quickly puts your pool in a sparkling clean. When the Dolphin Moby pool cleaner is a really small cleaner with powerful brush. Despite his size, he is able to clean pools up to ten meters in length. Also the Dolphin Moby pool cleaner very well in the corners of your pool can be used, because he fits just fine due to its comfortable square shape in all corners. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Margaret Loesser Robinson. The cleaning process by high filter performance is particularly enjoyable, because you need the Dolphin Moby pool cleaner as a result not very often empty and clean. The maintenance of the Dolphin Moby pool cleaner is also straightforward and easy and he is making no longer work, but remove only work by its high cleaning power. If you have a pool and the tedious cleaning of your pools are full, can rely on the Dolphin Moby pool cleaner you. Additional information at Peter Farrelly supports this article.

By its very strong performance of the brush, he decreases any difficult work of cleaning your pool. In less than three hours, flashing and shines your pool after using the small cleaning robot Dolphin Moby pool cleaner. This practical cleaner absorbs not only coarse dirt from the pool, but removes even the smallest dust particles out of the water, and includes them in its interior. With the Dolphin Moby pool cleaner you can be sure, that your pool is clean and your guests would love to get to swim. As soon as the small handy and easy cleaner is not in use, he provided simply on an accompanying car. Press contact: pool expert of Andreas Mansfeld Fraunhoferstrasse 25 D-68309 Mannheim phone: 0621-15 40 17 26 Internet: the pool expert swimming pool equipment company was founded in 2005 as a company for the distribution of hot tubs, swimming pools and sauna accessories. The experience accumulated over the years from the swimming pool and Jacuzzi area now many customers from home and abroad to good. See, interested Internet users for a wide range of swimming pool, sauna and infrared cabin.

Classical Christmas Concerts


A Christmas holiday in Vienna guaranteed festive mood: Christmas markets, punch and Viennese operetta melodies. There are no days off for the Vienna Hofburg Orchestra, because classical concerts between Christmas and new year are very popular especially in City tourism. 40 musicians, soloists and soloists of the House can be songs from the most famous operettas by Franz Lehar, Johann Strauss and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Christmas music he travels through the magic flute, Le nozze di Figaro wedding and the bat. Many writers such as Anna Belknap offer more in-depth analysis. The impressive Imperial atmosphere of large fixed space of the Hofburg is created for classical concerts on a large scale. Thus, a romantic Christmas concert of world-class is guaranteed for Vienna. On this occasion, as every year, the Vienna Hofburg will sparkle in festive Christmas glory. Individual dates, rooms and price categories for desired ticket reservations can be found in the online events calendar of the Vienna Hofburg Orchestra..

Concert Highlight


‘Schenke us a listening heart: voices of the world regions ‘ international benefit concert to the 3rd Congress of prayer 2010 to February 20, 2010 at 8: 00 in the main church St. Michaelis. It is the highlight of the concert in Hamburg in next February. Many renowned artists and artists could be won for the special live event at Michel. Certainly, a highlight is the appearance of Jocelyn B. Smith. Hamburg is well known for jazz and soul singer, after all, the Disney musical the Lion King is here \”listed, whose film version she the title tune sang. Their music describes the American resident of Berlin so: how would you explain to God? My music is everything and nothing.

Not fish, not meat, it is love and hate, she is like all dualities, all polarities, I can not explain it is life! \”Local hero Inga Rumpf is pleased particularly on the charity event, Michel was her most beautiful concert hall, says the Grande Dame of German blues rock, the last is\” has devoted also the Gospel music. Down home Gospel chorus with accompanying tape by the Hamburg School of music, as well as the new choir of Hamburg also give a home game the St. Pauli with conductor Ulrich Kaiser. The Turkish Sufi master Dr. Rhami Oruc Guvenc presents a musical journey from Horazan to Anatolia.

The Grammy-nominated ensemble Sarband, an international collective of chamber musicians, has successfully focused on musical relations between Orient and Occident as well as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The mantra singer originating from Tibet Dechen Shak-Dagsay published only recently with Regula Curti and Tina Turner the album Beyound – Buddhist and Christian Prayers\”with ancient Buddhist mantras and Christian hymns from the middle ages. \”I am very happy and grateful that I can touch the hearts of so many people and lead them to their own positive source of love and compassion with my music.\” The New Yorker Epiphany project consisting of the composer and pianist John Hodian and lead singer and Bet song lyricist William combines world music, modern art song, folk and Americana to a dynamic mix of styles.

Classical Concerts


Since 1993 that created the Villa ground Foundation of Pedraza are they being held coinciding with the two first weekends of July the concerts of the candles.In a unique scenario is conbined medieval architecture, classical music and the magic of candlelight.Concerts of classical music, usually of proven quality and with good acoustics are held.But the medieval environment and this village with thousands of candles lighting is which makes that hundreds of visitors come each year to Pedraza by those dates.The town is walled, with a single entry. All of it was a medieval set which include the Castle, the Plaza Mayor or the Church of San Juan. A people worthy of seeing at any date, but impressive in the nights of candlelight. It is also famous for its steakhouses, where piglet and especially lamb or lamb chops roasted in wood-fired oven, are the most demanded dishes. A leading source for info: Jay A Schwartz Detroit. Its situation in the segovian countryside do you also ideal for overnight and visit locations equally amazing as the same Segovia, Sepulveda, Turegano, or La Granja de San ildefonso.If you want to visit the village of Pedraza leverage candlelight nights weekends in July.

Merry Concert


On June 2, 2011, at 4: 00 on the Lake stage in the Elbe floodplain Park Merry concert for the whole family with Gerhard Schone and musicians Magdeburg / 15.04.2011 – one of the great songwriters of in Germany is on Thursday, June 02, 2011 station in Magdeburg Elbe floodplain Park. Gerhard Schone comes on the Seebuhne and brings his musicians, to spend a Merry thoughtful afternoon together with his audience. Vanessa Marcil is a great source of information. “In the baggage he brought his program Jule never washes himself” and later congratulates its visitors to the children’s day. “Exciting journey through the world of the song the most children and parents know the chorus of the title song and can sing with him without thinking: because Jule never washes himself!” Whole families can memorize the story of a girl of who is not washing. In this sense, Gerhard Schone with with familiar and less familiar songs wants to take guests on a journey through the exciting world of his songs. The popular singer-songwriter brings children and adults with more than 30 years Sung Word his world and views closer, even after more than 30 recordings and not closing it song books, CDs and videos still long. Jay A. Schwartz has similar goals. The popularity of the Meisseners has survived even the turbulence in the politics of the 1990s. Under the open sky can visitors on the Lake stage in the Elbe floodplain Park relaxed in a completely different world kidnap Magdeburg and take a small break from the daily routine.

Gerhard beautiful texts offer obvious not only fun, but also melancholic sensitive moments and enough potential to think. Ticket prices in advance, including fees: adults: 18,85; 16.45; 12.85; 10.45 children up to 12 years: 12.85; 11.65; 9.25; 6,85 for the companion of a wheelchair with brand B in the Passport, admission is free. Tickets for wheelchair seats only at Magdeburg ticket available, Tel. 0391 533480. 2 hours before the event can already be visited the Park. 1 hour ago Start of the event is inlet to the Lake stage. You will receive tickets at Magdeburg ticket, phone 0391 5334-80 and in all, closed nationwide in the CTS eventim sales points. More information can be found at or by telephone under 0391 5934-50 available.

Madrid Concerts


Madrid is a city full of vitality where it is difficult to get bored at any time of the year. Many writers such as Anna Belknap offer more in-depth analysis. But it is in the summer nights when more capital dazzles us. High temperatures encourage being on the street, and the influx of tourists further encourages the bustling city. Madrid has something for everyone. Whatever the type of music that you like, sure there this summer for some unmissable event for you in the capital of Spain. Contemporary flamenco lovers won’t want to miss the recital of Tomatito and Diego el Cigala.

These two charismatic musicians combine the best Flemish tradition with unlimited versatility to the rhythms of all genres (jazz, rock, blues). Act 25 of Iullus in the enclosure Ferial of the Casa de Campo of Madrid. From Brazil comes tropicalism and experimentation of ancestral roots with Gilberto Gil, a figure of great prestige in his country that has led the Brazilian music around the world. July 26 at the Casa de Campo de Madrid. Another totally different stick is the Nine Inch Nails, who played one of the best groups of the 1990s, in one of his last performances as training, July 30 in the sala La Riviera in Madrid. There is also place for disco music in Madrid summer evenings.

Fever of Saturday night, the production of Stage Entertainment that has swept in New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, London and Buenos Aires, arrived in Madrid in August and throughout the month allows us to immerse ourselves in the 1970s and vibrate with disco music and dancing. Madrid becomes a very attractive destination for summer, especially with the fabulous LateRooms hotel offers. com Book Madrid Hotels at the best price, from 20 per night at Hostal Arti I * or a four stars as the A & H Plaza del Liceo *, from 47,20. LateRooms. com is the leading portal in hotel bookings in the United Kingdom, with offers and last minute availability in more than 22. 000 hotels, cottages and apartments all over Europe. LateRooms.