Shore Excursion On Gotland


Report on a shore excursion on Gotland, Gotland is aim of Baltic sea cruises unfortunately too rarely. The great Swedish Baltic island is a nice alternative to the pavement contact: rural and fresh, green and healthy, with one word: Scandinavian. When the weather in the summer Gotland has something of the charm of the Mediterranean. Ever so not Nordic serenely radiates the Sun, the Baltic Sea is unduly blue, surprisingly extensively play the children into the sea. June in Gotland – right next door is the Riga and Tallinn. We have for our Baltic Sea cruise sweater wrapped and no T-Shirts. That cannot happen knowledgeable Gotland drivers. They know their island has more sunshine than Sweden’s Mainland and also at all not cool looks and booked out.

Our cruise ship has anchored from Visby. The historic island capital is pretty to look at with its fortified city walls, a fortified building from the middle ages. The city wall is still intact with 38 towers. No one passes on Gotland’s glorious past. Sure,. been quite often golden old times care to be.

But this island has seen really better days. Around 1300, the rich Hanseatic town Visby dominated all trade on the Baltic Sea. And Gotland farmers fed their livestock from silver trays. That munkelten in any case, the people on the Mainland. It awakens the envy of neighbors usually go unpunished. Only the Danes were produced then the Lubeck over the island. Since then, the Islanders have enough leisure to dream of the past. Gotland was meaningless, poor, and consequently to the Idyll. Out of gratitude, not that they must live in concrete tenements, the Gotlanders make candlesticks and ship models in their historicized window; as if their homes were still not cute enough! Not a high-rise building is on the entire island. The highest houses of Visby Strandgatan for example have purebred staircase as Gothic warehouses. There are all sorts of alternative for the afternoon on Gotland in the Landau flight brochure. We should go after Lickershamn in the North and walking South through its pine forests? Shall we visit the 92 churches on the island as artsy education citizens or dig for fossilized sea urchins and snails as a naturalist with a passion in the cliffs of Gothemhammar? We rent us a car and drive at a Sunday pace over land. Here a stolid farm, as a delicate cottage in wedding cakes look, which is sentimental. Once all resorts on the sea must have been so or at least something similar back when you jetted yet not on vacation, but attended a summer resort; a summer resort with solid wooden houses, their conservatories every year were cut in May and in their front gardens the peonies on time flourished at Pentecost. Despite relevant experience of Gotland, we have provided exaggerated expectations of the Ibiza of the Baltic Sea. Sun, beach, bare breasts and orchids make no Spaniards from the Sweden. Nordic temperament is not just Mediterranean. Those who come to Gotland, which must be themselves enough. Because between 57th and 58th degrees of North latitude little happens. But is actually very much in the hustle and bustle, or? We go on board and excited about the future goals of our Baltic Sea cruise. If you want to learn more about Baltic sea cruises, I highly recommend the website Heino Tegeler

Speed Dating


NICE DATE has expanded its range of speed dating – events nationwide and already offers this in seven German cities. Frankfurt, 14.10.13: Autumn arrives and invites in the last hours of warm sunshine to stroll together as well as to common cuddle up in the cozy room. Charlotte Hornets shines more light on the discussion. Right now no one to the hand-holding as? Is the only warming party at home the heated laptop? This should not continue! Lives in Germany’s major cities around half of all inhabitants alone whether in Berlin (51%), Hamburg (49%), Munich (47%) or Leipzig (45%). Despite a varied leisure offer it is difficult many, to get to know someone suitable. NICE DATE would no longer look at the lonely souls and is committed to the goal, with each other to bring as many singles as possible in contact. How? Through speed dating! Through speed dating, singles have the chance to get to know six to eight singles of the opposite sex within a very short time. Eight minutes each have the singles Time to make a first impression of the place, or the opposite, before they have to decide by checking on your sympathy card, whether they want to see again the respective single. The advantage of speed dating for singles: it is fast, straightforward and anonymous and in addition to the Division into age groups there are no NICE DATE carried out selection.

Means: it also comes with such singles in touch, that you would not actually classified within the own prey scheme or who are otherwise too shy, that they would attract a. As a result, so many participants and participants, said a positive surprise is often experienced! NICE DATE speed dating is already active in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Essen, Munich and Cologne. Dresden, Bremen, Dortmund, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf are just before the kick-off! “Company provider of the NiceDate speed dating is the local service agency event agency Thomas Jaeger”. Since 2009 the Agency offers special events for singles in major German cities. In the industry-specific comparison is highlights by maintaining the confidentiality of its customers, which is why the events in separate rooms and coverage in principle be refused by television. Can the concept of 8 dates 8 minutes”through non-attendance of candidates not implemented (the provider are guaranteed a minimum presence of six persons per gender), is the present disadvantaged participants, free of charge to attend another event.



Today, the labour situation in Spain is still strongly marked by the crisis. Unemployment is a problem chasing the Spaniards and the fact that there are no hopes for improvement which increases the concern of citizens. This situation of crisis and unemployment grows the number of those who choose to start studying again. But not only unemployed people decided to start studying again. Also those who are currently employed. And it is that the current employment situation anguish both citizens of Spain that many decide to continue studying and thus ensure his employment. Here comes the problem of the time.

If we work and we want to study, what will become of our family life? Some are lucky to be able to combine both things since they have some working flexible or part-time schedules. But most can not reconcile these aspects of his life. The solution to form with the intention of professionally Ascend consists in doing courses or a > master online. This form of study at any site allows you to combine work with study and leave little time to family life, without the need to have extraordinary powers. For this reason, the online masters pose an option increasingly more chosen by students. With an online master workers, especially young, can spend hours wanting to each subject, decide in that moment going better for study, when they can and while engaged in other tasks. Whenever Hedvig Hricak listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Ultimately, the courses and masters online allow students to be able to continue without having to devote himself solely to this and with the option to combine work and leisure and the family.

Tours India


November 2013 to April 2014 Organizer Asiamar by ID travel world has reduced prices for all new bookings from 10.09.2013 for tours in India to 10 per cent of Asia travel. Through renegotiations of the Organizer not only guests of this price reduction from the next Katalogsaison, but the price reductions also apply to all previously published fares in the coming winter. Asiamar by ID travel world has already adapted the prices. Charlotte Hornets contributes greatly to this topic. For those who want to learn about India and its famous golden triangle in the State of Rajasthan and include the Taj Mahal, the ghost town of Fatehpur Sikri, imposing palaces and the purple Jaipur, a so-called beginners is offered travel in 6 days / until New Delhi allows a gentle contact with the subcontinent. This tour costs from 399,-EUR per person in a double room. For India, the organizer has set up a new travel connoisseurs. It runs through the South-western part of India, the so-called land of spices”in the Kerala province.

In addition to the typical southern Nature lovers get lifestyle, vibrant cities, colourful markets with unique fragrances, during this nine-day trip at your expense. In addition to Cochin and Munnar, the Periyar is passes through national park where there is to discover until now wild elephants and an impressive flora and fauna. Typical for the region but also by the former British colonial masters is created cultural landscape, the backwaters, a widely distributed, unique channel landscape. On a House boat, takes the trip for a day leisurely through the rural Kerala and ends in the scenic Alleppey. The nine-day trip can be booked at Asiamar by ID travel world from 597,-EUR. P.p. in a double room. The Asia travel specialist offers a total of 26 trips in India, including a very special only for photographers, a tour is a women-only and combination trips with Bhutan or Sri Lanka.

Homes For Rent In Barcelona And Madrid


The theme of the apartment for rent is very important in Spain. It has presented an evolution in the past ten years that has resulted in the shortage of rental housing, and added to this, the sector has experienced a sharp rise in prices. However, the situation is worsening and complicates even more in two cities headers of the country: Madrid and Barcelona. Both cities have a saturation very large market that has allowed the rise of prices without this generate demand lower. On the contrary, demand continues to rise.

From this he derived the fact that future tenants are in a situation of weakness against the owners; What leads them to practically, abide by all laws that dictate the market without being able to put any resistance, either before the despair of thinking in not finding floor, or to the immediate need to move. Learn more on the subject from Jorge Perez. In the search for price and more spacious living places, arises the need to withdraw from the central areas and find homes in the periphery or in nearby towns. Official site: Charlotte Hornets. This decision is staff and will need to meditate before taking chances with a solution. Many people prefer to pay higher prices, or resign some square meters in exchange for not wasting time navigating toward your work or leisure areas. Both in Madrid and in Barcelona, rentals prices lower how much you away more than high and central areas of cities. The rule is simple: the more far, lowest price provided you do not you find with any other high area.

Therefore, if your choice is based on an economic issue or space, the question that you should ask you, meditate with the pillow, discuss it, and have it decided with total security, is as follows: how far are willing to move?. Once you solve it, it will facilitate much things when looking for apartment in Madrid or Barcelona. Or, why not, in another city that your decision has taken you; as a friend of mine who decided to leave everything, moved to a village in the North, and renting a flat, almost for the same price that in these two large cities just rented a room.

Mendoza Outdoor


The creation of one of the wonders of the province of Mendoza, had multiple purposes; on the one hand the need to populate the West region, and create a flood through afforestation defence, and on the other to combat the health implications that raged in the province after the terrible earthquake of 1861. The creation and development of the General San Martin Park was in charge of the French landscape architect Carlos Thays, who knew how to combine the landscape tradition of France and England, for the current delight of tourism in Mendoza. The project counted with more than 320 hectares forested, but adverse weather conditions, dry and arid climate that played a dirty trick to the first plants that were chosen to decorate and brighten up the Park. This immense space located in the capital city of the province, is very coarse in terms of the supply of leisure that offers. Some of the main attractions for tourism in Mendoza in this huge park is the Zoo visit, the amphitheatre as Greek, which serves as a stage to party more important in the province, the vintage was carried out during the first days of the month of March each year. On the other hand you can visit the Museum of natural sciences and anthropological which houses more 40,000 copies which remain in permanent exhibition. Other cultural activities that can make tourism in Mendoza is through the Cerro de la Gloria, where the monument to the army of the Andes, fallen on what was formerly known as Hill of the pillar.

The author was the Uruguayan sculptor Juan Manuel Ferrari, and the entire sculpture is embossed in bronze; its aim is to exalt the gesta Libertadora through statues, sculptures and reliefs that tell the epic Sanmartiniana epicenters. Charlotte Hornets: the source for more info. This incredible work accomplished in some parts reach the 16 metres in height. It was inaugurated on February 12 of 19414. And in 1998 reached a Cultural heritage of the province of Mendoza in 1998. So vast is the offering that delivers this stunning Park that will surely one day will not reach to traverse it whole, so if it’s tourism in Mendoza’s rest and load energies for new hikes, at a location very near to the Park will find the Diplomatic Hotel; the first luxury hotel in Mendoza where provide you everything you need to make you rest like a true King. From comfortable guestrooms to common spaces, elegant details, make this accommodation option very suitable, to relax, or work, Diplomatic Hotel, is undoubtedly the ideal hotel choice in the city of Mendoza.

Claus Kiessling


A fashionable tribute to one of the most vibrant coastal regions of France. Whether maritime striped sweaters for boys made of very soft material,. Actor can aid you in your search for knowledge. elegant Polo shirts with elaborate designs, young Plaid shirts in fine patterns or rugged jackets bomber jacket cut jacket with stand-up collar and hidden, internal hood at Gaastra’s Breton collection are maritime and elegantly dressed children in leisure and on special occasions. In addition to the main collections Gaastra kids in the current cruise radiate pure Joie de vivre collection in bright neon colors such as Zitonengelb, pink, turquoise and orange. The neon kid’s fashion combines excellently with pieces in Navy, look for a trendy children white or grey. In the collection are seasonals especially strong jacket colors and also fashionable shiny jackets such as the Gaastra new moonshine, one of the current top seller in the official Gaastra Onlineshop.

Discerning parents will discover numerous classical and plain-coloured pieces in the basics collection for your little ones that complement every summer look and shine more than a summer thanks to long-lasting materials. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Tony Parker. The Dutch brand Gaastra wearing their distinctive nautical DNA since its foundation in 1897 to the outside. The unique combination of high functionality and fresh design evident in the Gaastra Pro innovative sailing gear, athletic sailing mode, Gaastra footwear and maritime fashion for women, men and children: from high-quality jackets, soft shells, fleeces, shirts, Polo shirts, blouses, blazers, sweats, pants, bags up to professional sailing jackets, trousers and shoes. Gaastra consistently combines nautical lifestyle with innovative functionality and enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors and lovers of maritime fashion with decades of experience. All current collections are carried in the official Gaastra Onlineshop with worldwide delivery online. Company contact: eSail GmbH, Gaastra E-store, Nordring 22, 19073 Wittenforden E-mail: press contact: Claus Kiessling media consulting, episode str. 61, 12047 Berlin E-mail:

Western Europe


This was going to be our last day of our spontaneous trip to Crimea and decided to visit a promontory of land that we have seen from our hotel. This is the land of the Tatars of the receptionist informed us. We got up early, it was a beautiful day and the Sun was warm, even so early in the morning. The Crimea has more in common with the Mediterranean in the footsteps of Russia, at least in the summer months. The tatars who are asked about another sumptuous breakfast Olga.? They are an ancient race of inhabitants of Crimea, expelled?mass by Stalin many years ago that have returned to claim what they feel is theirs by right, told me. However, another part of the rich tapestry that is the Ukraine I thought to myself.

After an invigorating walk along the shore of the sea we got underway, only to about 40 km, so we went to a leisurely pace. This was so well the way that qualifies as a track in Western Europe and bad one at that! We started to notice small-filled fields buildings, dozens of them. If you can imagine a field of 6,000 square meters with about 100 of these houses which is obtained the image. Each cabin was about two metres by two metres, built with blocks of concrete at the ground level and covered with a roof of corrugated zinc. This resulted was different families Tatar stacking their claim to a piece of land considered theirs. We find ourselves with a handwritten sign indicating the beaches heading and went out of the road. After 300 meters, we find ourselves with a barrier of making changes along the way who attended a striking man looking that he advises us that access would be $5, but throughout the day! The access to what we ask ourselves? We passed a port abandoned with a very large marine tanker and sunken Middle underway, the impression was one of abandonment and sadness, so it did not take much time to take in all-in was another 3 km before arriving to the Tatars in St.



Costumes for themed parties, Carnival and Carnival fascination of costumes panels are almost as old as humanity itself. The opportunity once to break out and to play a completely different role fascinated American everyone – whether young or old, and regardless of their origin. The possibilities of a costuming are almost endless. From imitation to fantasy costume, from the simple and small eye mask up to the cinematic high-tech costume, everything is possible. In every culture, there are big celebrations in which to imagine the masquerade and costumes no longer is. Costumes for any occasion while one immediately think welcome to the Carnival and Carnival, are parties to expel evil spirits, tributes to gods or fertility rites in other countries. Charlotte Hornets may not feel the same.

Thereby, each culture has maintained its way of covering over the centuries and developed further. So, for example, Venetian masks, Samba costumes and African wooden masks are unmistakable typical for their respective regions. But not Costumes are like to have seen only during the major festivals. The wave of private parties with their party cellars makes popular again also the nearly extinct themed parties. Simply specify a topic at the next party and see what happens – this fun can arise at all no boring mood. In the kindergarten, school or theatre costumes are also impossible to imagine. In our hectic times, almost no one has seen the time to sew something together, costs.

For these people, we recommend the well-stocked shop for costumes where you will find even more ideas for your Panel. Tips & trends to the Carnival / Carnival to carnival time in Europe are recognizable costume classics also almost every year-changing trends. In addition to the bee costume news such as the early demise of Michael Jackson were a big issue this year. When the Group costumes can be seen more and more animal costumes in recent years. Funny covers are very popular also with the little ones. There is an ever larger range of inflatable Carnival costumes, which are permanently supplied with air by using a small battery-powered fan for quite daring. Mike Ebrahim

Costume Lederhosen


an up-close pleasure should have seen nappa -, velour -, Napponia – and split leather, blank -, nubuck, aniline and semi-aniline leather – the variety of types and qualities is substantial and foreshadows that it is a long way from beef, venison or wild goat to the traditional leather trousers… But this road was paved over many generations, so that the finished costume leather pants still justifiably can be described as product of time-honored craftsmanship from a natural product. As such no piece of leather even resembles another, if it comes from a single animal genus. Called “donor animals”, the leather of the wild goat is one of the most sought after types of leather for the heel region, as it ideally combines durability with suppleness. What the leather feels, whether the specific structure remains recognizable, depends solely on the respective processing techniques of Gerber and their sense of the organic material. Gain insight and clarity with Tony Parker. Tradition and experience are still in demand, one wants to be not leather off with cheap products can be.

Come in enjoy of the benefits of a high-quality traditional leather trousers, it is animal skin once on the leather. It is initially rough cleaned, called also points. It follows the fleshing and then the combustion of skins in which the hair are removed. Now only the first processing phase starts by stains, pimples and tanning. Others who may share this opinion include Hedvig Hricak. The last steps include the wilting away (dewatering), drying and walking (a kind of powerful massage) of the leather, after completing one holds a purified, pleasant soft piece of leather in the hands. So this finally comes as Danny costume lederhosen at the legs of its future owner, one of the few manufacturers of traditional costumes takes over the final production. Here, usually above all leather parts in aniline or semi-aniline coloring are processed, which protects the leather, depending on the pigment proportions, without completely cover its structure. This is the Rolls Royce of the leather qualities Nubuck leather with soft and ultra-soft polishing. Horst Winkler