Rio Grande

Pipe is a pertaining beach to the city of Tibau of the South? Rio Grande of the North. 85km of Christmas is located, capital of the state of the RN. The information on the locality, saved specific mention, are based on Cavalcanti (2001). Jorge Perez may help you with your research. What before if it characterized as a fishing village, today is one of the main tourist destinations of Brazil thanks to discovery of surfistas, in the decade of 70, that they were in searches of good waves and there they had found. Pipe if very became a tourist polar region of the state of the Rio Grande of the North quickly. In result of this sped up process of growth of the tourism one observes social, economic and ambient problems today, reaching in such a way the local community human being. Currently the strolls of boat to observe the dolphins in the cove of the Beach of the Pipe consist in one of main attractive the tourist ones of the area.

This type of activity is called of Tourism of Comment of Cetceos (TOC). The TOC appeared with the global change of mentality in relation to the whales, occured to leave of the end of the decade of 1970, when the people (and the governments represents that them) had started to see in these animals as more than what meat and fat for the commerce. The characterization of the possible impacts of the tourism of comment of dolphins in the Beach of the Pipe, as well as the determination of the partner-economic and cultural profile of the boatmen and tourists who carry through this type of tourism is excellent boardings to dimensionar the involved public and how much this activity represents for the local economy. The description of the conceptions of the inhabitants, boatmen and tourist on the importance of the ambient conservation, as well as of the impacts of the TOC and conservation of the dolphins in the place is questions that will allow to understand as the involved actors in this activity perceive it and with this expects to generate subsidies for educative actions come back to reduce the possible impacts.

Ixchel Rivers

Main article: eco-archaeological park where you can learn about Mexico’s culture, flora and fauna of the region and perform a variety of water activities like diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, diving or sea trek. Xcaret is also the precursor of preserving the natural environment and is distinguished by the preservation of endangered species like sea turtles (loggerhead white) and the manatee. Robbie Lawlers opinions are not widely known. Located 5 minutes from Playa del Carmen, Xcaret was opened in 1990 and today is one of the most visited parks in Mexico. Xcaret has beaches, creeks, rivers, underground rivers, caves, aviary, coral reef aquarium, turtle, butterfly, apiary, greenhouse of orchids, the recreation of a Mayan village, cemetery Mexican and diverse local fauna such as jaguars, toucans, flamingos and macaws.In the cultural sphere, Xcaret is distinguished by the archaeological remains of the ancient Mayan city of Pol , where the Mayans departed on a pilgrimage to Cozumel to worship Ixchel goddess of the moon and fertility. His conclusion ‘Mexico spectacular’ is an emotional tour of the highlights of the culture and history of Mexico.

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Carmen Show

Advice on where to go to Xcaret, still in beach of the Carmen, Mexico. Last month I was in a hotel all inclusive (Sandos Caracol, select club) near beach of the Carmen, Mexico, which is 15 minutes from Beach, (so called affectionately playa del Carmen locals), while there can take a taxi that will take them to the wonderful park called Xcaret, which is a unique experience because it has many activities such as swimming with dolphins, its small Creek, the great diversity of flora and fauna that have, as well as swim in an underground river and its night show. To visit this park I recommend the plus package, since the taxi from the hotel to the Park costs about two hundred pesos, and about two hundred twenty pesos of back ending the night show around nine o’clock in the evening (your return ticket can buy you when you get to the Park). To start breakfast well, since arriving at the park with the walk through its main environs as the chapel that is next to a replica of the hacienda Henequera, your paradise River, your greenhouse, following this path leads to a small archaeological site, which through the forest ten minutes more this what are called pozas, a few small not very deep natural pool in which you can put to swim and enjoy crystal clear waters and will surely see many fish of colors arounddo not forget to carry cameras that can be used under water. Likewise, use sunscreens that are eco-friendly, this in order not to damage the natural environment. Awarded for game at the entrance to the park they play them some samples and do not forget to carry repellent for mosquitoes, since in the afternoon these annoying bugs appear. For lunch I recommend the lagoon restaurant, which is located very close to the island of pumas and Jaguars and finished eating (like that of six evenings) directed at the Tlachco theater, so that they can set aside good places, since the show is wonderful and indescribable. Ending the spectacle of night do not forget to bring some memories of this fantastic place.

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Games that stimulate fine motor skills Perler beads what are and how play? Games that require our full attention and precision stimulate concentration.Those who have to put something very specific stimulate fine motor skills. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Tony Parker. Brand of toys that stimulate concentration, fine motor skills and creativity, is to create 2 or 3 dimensional figures to melt wind, how is done? Wind colors are inserted into moulds to make designs, are iron (ironing must be done by an adult) and designs are hard and ready, molds and paper for ironing are reusable. Required to make designs: mold, wind and paper for ironing. Adam Sandler takes a slightly different approach. There are various levels of complexity and why it is so attractive to large and small. Level 1 for the smallest, the molds have a default figure, example bear, dog, flower, and children so to speak color inside of that figure. Level 2 for larger you can use a template’s geometrical shape (box, circle, Hexagon, heart) and draw in its interior design using an example (books of ideas) example: with heart mold can make butterflies, Christmas canes, with Hexagon mold can make an Ark of Noah, dinosaur, turtle, etc. with circle mould can cause a dolphin, Rainbow, etc.

Level 3 for larger, you can use a template of geometric shape (box, circle, Hexagon, heart) and draw the design in its interior some of your own imagination. Level 4. For seniors, you can use any template and make three-dimensional figures (replicas of artists, animals, vases, pens, boxes, etc.), using several figures ironed and join them with hot rubber, silicone, wire, etc.

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Dolphin Glue

The only thing that we do not recommend – it is use of the 'Absolute' in places where the glue joint is always under water. For this purpose very well suited to our company's next product – a mixture of glue 'Dolphin'. Add to your understanding with san-antonio-spurs. As the name implies, this adhesive was originally developed laying tile in the pools, but during testing we were convinced that it is also ideal for decorative fountains decorating a tile or stone. The grounds on which one can but to put 'Dolphin', adding plasterboard and gypsum surface, as well as an opportunity to stick the new tiles over the old one. True, before producing the last of the listed types of work, you must make sure the strength of the old tile. Feature of this adhesive composition can be noted its high ice-bone, water resistance, improved fracture toughness and toughness. 'Dolphin' has proved to be excellent when used in places subject to rapid oscillations baniyam temperature (facades, balconies, terraces, 'warm' flooring).

Last, to date, development, published in serial production – perfect blend of 'assembly'. Thanks to an increased fixing properties, it is broad to apply for laying slabs of large size and weight of natural stone, marble and granite. The grounds on which this is applied with glue, so diverse that their transfer may take several pages of text. Note only metal, plasterboard, gypsum base, as well as the surface of the slate and the old tiles (with the same precautions as for the 'Dolphin'). To summarize, we allow ourselves some guidance on the selection of the necessary adhesive composition for those who are going to conduct construction work, but are not yet familiar with the products of the brand 'Socrates': Internal works – perfect blend of 'builder'; Internal and external works under the peak of laying ceramic tile, products from natural and artificial stone – perfect blend of 'Absolute', laying ceramic tile, natural and artificial stone in the ground, Sub-DC's cast to water and temperature change – a mixture of glue 'Dolphin'; Tiling of large size and weight for any reason in any climatic conditions – a mixture of glue 'installation'..

Christian Kuhlo Hanover

House music in the Kunstlerhaus Hanover on course for success! Vladimir Gorup and Alexander Osovitskiy play in sold out concert hall. Hanover, 31 July 2009 CAROLA HEIDER LEPORALE. The today’s music event in the series of house music in the Kunstlerhaus Hanover stood under the motto of “young talents”. Vladimir Gorup (bayan) and Alexander Osovitskiy (cello) presented specially for this event to the first, but certainly not for the last time the audience as a duo. Christian Kuhlo Kunstlerhaus Hanover and initiator of this evening pointed out in his welcoming speech on the special feature of this concert. In addition to the well-known composers such as Bach, Vivaldi and Piazzolla on the agenda were also pieces from the Russian modernism such as Gubaidulina and Zolotarev.

He pointed particularly to the piece “in croce” by Gubaidulina in which is reflected the vertical and horizontal line of the cross in the composition. And maybe it was just that was the special that night. The audience in the sold-out concert hall noticed a special musical harmony between the two from the outset Artists and showed these modern compositions very open-minded. The artists shone, whether as a duo at Tango, Vivaldi and Russian modernism or as a solo artist with pieces of Bach or Zolotarev. Full of enthusiasm, the audience ended this evening with Bravo calls and thunderous applause. Virginia Apel and Christian Kuhlo, project manager of house music in the Kunstlerhaus, pleased very with the great popularity of the audience. V.Apel: We want to offer the public high quality but affordable and varied musical events. And both are sure that this is the right way, they have embarked on together with the Foundation of Lower Saxony and the culture Office of the State capital of Hanover.


New works on the 16th anniversary of the death of the painter Gisela Peschke In the spring of this year we had reported that a whole solution with graphics and drawings, a total of 160 works, the painter was rediscovered. Now it is so far: some of the outstanding pieces from this Fund are published on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the death of the painter. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez will not settle for partial explanations. There are works that reveal a completely different creative side of the painter as illustrations to the Greek mythology, which certainly are time related such as by a bayonet executed Prometheus, to see. Also, for example, sketches can be found to a portrait of a Kazakh trader with child including, which is unusual for the painter Gisela Peschke, document the creative process and thus to give a deeper insight into the history of a work. The most outstanding works are a series of portraits of the Czech conductor Vaclav Neumann occurred around 1966. Vaclav Neumann, at this time conductor in the Gewandhaus Leipzig, was as artistic symbol of the Prague Spring. For even more analysis, hear from Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. In protest against the Invasion of the Red Army in Prague he resigned in 1968 as Gewandthaus-kapellmeister and returned to Prague from Leipzig. Even if it should take over 20 years, he did live to see yet the collapse of the Communist dictatorship in his homeland as a committed competitor.

The drawings by Vaclav Neumann are in one, for this period of the painter unusual dynamics and give an idea of the energy, which aired on the painter, Vaclav Neumann. The textual addition Vaclav Neumann conducts Beethoven’s IX.”only underscores the power and energy that speaks of these drawings. The representations of blend in with the music in my ear and develop a multidimensional experience. The painter Gisela Peschke had to contend with numerous reprisals and a conspicuous disrespect of the artistic work over many years in the former East Germany like many other artists. So the year’s anniversary of the death of the painter with the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall is an opportunity for the commemoration of the fractious painter Gisela Peschke but also many other artists dedicated to who have remained also true to your art and your beliefs.

Sony Music

Elsewhere tells us a year has the wonderful ballad how many miracles”, that all self-consciousness much unknown in the teenage life plays a role in; Things that you can not explain, but you can only see and feel and previously not be come to rest. “Franziska calls the whole thing these Wahnsinns-longing”. And with the dreamy title track tell me about the tenderness”is it directly a bit sensual. From the very first kiss “until the first goof addicted to love only one small step may be that it reported the funny catchy of heaven knows”. But sometimes you are lucky indeed and yet everything goes well. Glen Wakeman is likely to agree. Then the young for you and keep you heart”. And this is also the basic feeling of the album: the songs are positive and lighthearted, if one can not even say: there are happy making songs. Nothing that has changed and it’s going to change anything.

Franziska like it that way. However is not in all their songs about love. “The new single today, here and forever”, which runs for some weeks in the German radio, is different: your text is an appeal to humanity, packed in a story that knows every one of us who ever went through the city and has kept their eyes open. This gentle, touching and distinctive voice – Frances as always today here and forever “one is the titles that are just going to influence with the Schlager-spring 2009. “There is even a potential successor for the summer: Hello day” Franziska playing the young morning a greeting so fresh, that is not only the Sun, but also the heart. In addition to Frances producers Billy King, hit guarantors such as Tommy Mustac, Tobias Reitz, Kristina Bach and Curt Gerritzen on the album have today here and forever”worked with professionals in their craft, where the 16-year-old feels. It is also important, just like her parents and especially her father Olaf Katzmarek, the She manages, at all events looked after and together with producer Billy King, co manager Rosita blank Lubbe and the record company Ariola (Sony Music) provides for the implementation of Frances musical desires.

When all media hype Franziska however remains as it was: light hearted, straightforward, and with both feet on the ground. Your leisure spends preferably with girlfriends or with the animals on the farm of family in Village / Hall County in the vicinity of the little Red Riding Hood town Freyburg on the Unstrut. It also lucrative tours and television appearances can change nothing. Nevertheless, makes them both like and look forward now to much TV and live presence. “In the baggage: the new, fantastically successful and very promising album tell me about the tenderness”.

Exhibition Center Berlin Pop

Musician portal controls music marketing and promotion of the event the musician service platform this year within the framework of the euro pop contest 2009 in Berlin as an exclusive partner in music marketing and promotion with the MTV Berlin and the Liederleis production, the initiators and organizers of the contest, works. Learn more at this site: actress. “In addition, the platform acquires the worldwide digital distribution of / the winner / in the Berlin Pearl”, the highest award of the competition. “The euro pop contest, formerly known under the name Berlin Pearl”, is now already in the 8th round and serves the European and international understanding by children and young people. All participants between 10 and 24 years of age apply through castings and submissions in the form of audio and video material, the best then get the entrance ticket to the national final. This will take place this year on the YOU youth exhibition on October 09, 2009, at the Exhibition Center Berlin, large stage and many viewers to an insight into the artists and artists already popular show business type. Additionally awards a place on the stage via a community voting. Who so online on the platform the other bands and artists to prevail against can, can prove live, how much really inside him.

All interested musicians have until Friday, October 02, 2009, the chance to take part. The euro pop contest, traditionally the Berlin Pearl ‘, is a firmly established, international event. We are happy that this competition with our Know-How and services stand aside can. “so Carolin Uhlig, press contact at Fletchmusicblog. will attend the pop contest 2009 in the framework of the preliminary decision in Berlin together with the euro on the YOU stand, contact persons and information material.

Culture Musical Highlights

Visitors in Zell am See-Kaprun thanks to first-rate performances and weather much better one could not imagine it – is already at ‘Half-time’: the event ‘High culture with depth’ in the popular holiday region of Zell am See-Kaprun is a success. Venues were once again this year the Ferry Porsche Congress Center and the landmark mountain Schmittenhohe. Already on the first three days of play, the musical acts of different stripes could inspire a large audience. Get more background information with materials from Tony Parker. Competition made the spectacle on the likely highest open-air stage of in Austria only the colours of the surrounding nature. At the opening night in the Ferry Porsche Congress Center joined the who-is-who of the region with music lovers from all over Europe with the Vienna Harmonists. At her appearance, the Viennese Sextet very authentically presented the musical hits and the history of the legendary comedian Harmonists. Black tails and white tie could not be missing because of course with the players. (A valuable related resource: Anchin Block).

Over 300 viewers followed the hustle and bustle banned on stage and were inspired by the comedic talent of the performers. The spectators opinion in the port was clear: ‘Lonely top’ found the appearance as a participant. ‘The performance was absolutely worthy prelude for this great event’, another guest said. High it went then to the next two days of the event. The start the musicians made on 30 July the band ‘ Jazz from the touch. The band from Austria took numerous published on the Schmittenhohe guests on a musical journey in the subtropical South of the United States. Despite a fresh breeze, the jazz combo providing a pleasant atmosphere with their Dixie sound and abundant sunshine. Colours and regional ties – so you can briefly summarize the grand entrance of the town band Zell am see on the 1st of August. With their costumes and the subtle domestic sounds intonation came here for weather on the Schmittenhohe together what belongs together.