The Mixer


Typical mistakes in drafting related suspended ceilings. For example, you have a suspended ceiling, and then decided to hang in this room, an antique chandelier under 30 kilograms. Nothing happens! The presence of the hook for such lamps had to be taken care of, at the stage project, and is built it should have been in the concrete ceiling to mount the ceiling. Larry Culp is the source for more interesting facts. Errors with the choice of materials Another group of bugs, with far-reaching implications with the wrong choice of materials for repairs. We give some typical examples. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sofar is the place to go.

Pipe from the riser with hot and cold water, which are stretched to the mixer must withstand the pressure that you have at home (in multi-storey houses and cottages is different). Consult with a plumber, servicing your home, what better choice – in steel, polypropylene, or metal-base. The same applies to materials for heat sinks: Remember that aluminum radiators are only good in the cottages and for multi-storey buildings, they do not fit. Team Penske is often quoted on this topic. It is reasonable to approach the choice of flooring in the hallway. More than two years of flooring in the hallway did not last long.

Of course, you can lay the mat, but then why should it be hiding under the road floor? Better to use a tile or linoleum. With caution in the use of plastic decorative materials (panels, ceilings) – always be aware of fire safety. Combustion products of some plastics are highly toxic. Remember that now all the materials in the construction market are certified, so before you buy plastic materials, carefully examine the certificate – whether they are suitable for residential applications. Choose the right material for the walls – concrete, brick, foam concrete, plasterboard, expanded clay, pazogrebennye gypsum boards, etc., because they can withstand different loads. Optional and not have to buy everything at once. In the first stage usually requires cement, stucco, plaster, so the wallpaper (so they do not take up too much space and does not hang out under the feet) can be bought later. Errors in the sequence of work is a typical error in the repair is associated with irregular sequence of work done. Tyt rule is: first, to be held with all utilities – water, sewerage, electricity and ventilation. True, if you break down the walls, all the necessary Work done at once will not work. After the erection of walls to finish sockets and switches, and in the bathrooms – heated towel rails and taps. In order to once again not Stroebe wall of electric wires (primarily to outlets) must be put before the tie on the floor. Prior to finishing work to be done all the electrics, including a single panel, where all the antenna cables are connected. Only then made ceilings and decorative work. Violation this order of work can lead to rework, lost time and money. Try to avoid common errors, to minimize all the alterations.



For savings, if we on the same wall from both sides of the socket, make one side of the wall Stroebe, and to exit at the other side of the drill hole. As a result, we received only one cutting grooves on two sides of the wall. Also proceed with top light for chandeliers, etc. To Stroebe walls needed punch, the power of which depends on the strength of the walls, and Bulgarian with a diamond disk. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ben Bretzman is the place to go. If conditions permit, the apartment is not habitable, get faster if propylene all planned Stroebe grinder with a diamond disk or Wall chaser, and then the remaining hollow drill.

But it's too dusty work and should work in all media protection (respirators, goggles, gloves, headphones, although many are working without the last 3). If conditions are not or you do not like large amounts of dust can be the same storage job done alone drill. Stroebe hammer easier on the joints of plates (two walls, ceiling and wall, 2 ceiling), since they tend to be smeared with a light cement mixture. Stroebe can paddle or special shtrobnikom, but they are usually quickly , because they have no solid pobeditovogo layer at the end. Optimal variant perform shtroblenie drill diameter of 12-14 mm. His pobeditovy blunt tip rather difficult, and it costs less than the blade and . Deepening Escutcheon drilled under a special crown (for plaster or brick) or, if the wall is concrete, will be faster to do the same drill. To do this, draw the size of accessory boxes on the wall, drill drills on the perimeter and inside the deep hole layout a little more depth Escutcheon, set the drill in position and just slotting the same drill all too much inside scoop marks.

Antioquia Colombia


We all dream of losing a couple of days or even a few hours in a spa we’d forget what we stressed with a massage, pleasurable and relaxing scents and beautiful and natural scenarios. Simon Pagenaud is often mentioned in discussions such as these. If you have planned to go to a spa soon, learn: Learn about spas, some novel treatments and, above all, what you must look to see if you’re in the hands of the right provider. Do and better still that to become a space to harmonize your partner do about a romantic spa? Special report: SPAS then find information about treatments in spa treatments, because we should indulge us in them as often as possible, and what would be the most appropriate for it. Review: Spas are designed with one main thing in mind and that is to benefit mind and body during targeted therapies. You will find spas that are targeted to a specific treatment such as mud baths, for example, or therapies for recovery of an existing medical condition.

However, all they work with our mind and body to get rid of stress and pains to rejuvenate us, relax and refresh ourselves. THE importance of the visits scheduled to the SPAS stress is the number one problem we face at some point in our lives, and can take a toll on us causing a number of other serious problems and / or disorders if they are not treated. Stress can be caused by heavy workload, problems financial and marriage, an existing medical condition, appearance, self-esteem, and/or relationships. Stress can affect your sleep, appetite pattern, attitude towards the others, humor, approach at work, or when to perform daily activities, which may have negative results in the long run. You’ll be surprised what you could do a couple of hours in the spa for your body and mind. The indicated treatment from the spa will help you clear your mind and get rid of stress calm your body and mind; In addition, you will find dealing with problems in a way best to find the best possible solutions.

Furniture For Your Bathroom, Affordable Prices And Great Selection Of N


Bathroom – the mirror of the soul of our home. For many centuries bathroom acquired their culture at home. s are not widely known. Many writers such as Sofar offer more in-depth analysis. In the bathroom we are relaxing and gaining strength, physically and spiritually cleansed, and sometimes even become singers). Need recognize bathroom – is – a place where we are by themselves. Coming home from work, our dream, peace and quiet. Where else can you regain strength and positive energy just in the bathroom. Recently Tony Parker sought to clarify these questions. It should be noted that earlier in the bathroom room, only to take water treatments, it is only recently that its functions expanded.

Accordingly, in order to bathroom became a place of rest and relaxation it needs to be equipped accordingly, such as decorate. The first violin in this action, of course, plays a bathroom furniture. Shop plumbers offers for sale a wide variety of furniture sets for the bathroom, from cheap to luxury models. We have a flexible system of discounts and works delivery in Moscow and the Moscow oblasti.Mebel bathrooms creates comfort, functionality and convenience. Bathroom furniture – bathroom decoration is in Depending on your imagination and fantasy play a role, what you choose tabletops, with washbasins, mirrors with lights, shelves, cases, screens for baths and bath themselves. Bath is one of the few species creativity, which is rather difficult to do something wrong or something to overdo it, so as that you need for your relaxation and relaxation, you will feel yourself. Therefore, create, feel like a great designer or transfer all their wishes and ideas to professionals.

Keep House In Order


Appliances today – an integral part of home and comfort. But if the "smart" things take care of us, and we must take care of him. And attention is required of us quite a bit. Producers take into account the shortage of time, literally haunting the modern man, and already at the stage of development of a model include features of its operation. Simon Pagenaud brings even more insight to the discussion. Proper installation – a pledge of long work first and foremost – Properly install the equipment, considering the initial conditions, including their own needs. It is not accidental large firms conduct detailed prior consultation with the client, implying buy something or other equipment. The main objective of these companies: to help the buyer choose the model of the equipment that will solve a particular problem. Sally Rooney addresses the importance of the matter here. For this it is important not only to the wishes of future users, but also initial conditions, which must be operated device.

Particular attention must be connected to the mains. It should be noted that some modern devices because of their initial technical and structural features suggest three phase connection. It is necessary to transfer considerable power to current collectors and for its even distribution between the phases. The peculiarity of the situation that electrical connection in most households is carried out on single-phase scheme: one line is supplied ("phase") and one neutral ("zero") wire. When three-phase input of the "phases" triples. Three-phase input requires coordinated with the supplier of electricity connections, which is carried out by specialized companies. In addition, "three phase" equipment requires skilled installation representatives service.

Triangular Control Transactions


In the literal sense of self-regulation (self-regulation) – it is sanctioned by the individual themselves to certain limitations, without any external compulsion to do so. In economic practice, this concept is embedded in a slightly different meaning. SROs in the construction are understood as the regulation of building markets and spheres of economic agents themselves, without government interference. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with The Author. If we consider the sro in the building in the coordinates of 'free market' – 'State regulation', in contrast to the free market self-regulation involves the establishment of certain formal 'rules' for the participants of a particular market segment, including sanctions for violation of these rules, mechanisms for resolving conflicts between market participants, which to some extent limit the freedom of economic agents. On the other hand, as the setting of 'rules', and resolution Conflict is carried by the participants of the market without direct government intervention. See sofar for more details and insights. To this end, they created a special organizational structures – the sro, who is delegated certain powers and rights of economic agents. In other words, forming a tripartite governance structure of transactions, but a third party not acting on behalf of the state judicial arbitration system and industry regulatory agencies, and special organizations created and controlled by the market participants. Like other forms of tripartite management transactions, self-regulation is effective in cases where there is the use of or idiosyncratic resources in the irregular nature of the interaction of counterparties (in terms of neoclassical contracting).

sro rules in the construction does not contradict the formal rules, created by the state, and are legitimate. Certainly, in the real economy, there may be an agreement of economic agents, the actual impact on their behavior in the market and suggesting specific sanctions for violation, but contrary to the formal rules. A typical example of such arrangements – informal cartels. This kind of illegitimate agreements and associations under our definition of cpo do not fall. Effect the governing bodies ability to influence the governing bodies of cpo in the construction of its members more than the ability to influence the appointment of officials governing bodies of state authority so as option 1 every 4 years to choose the deputies, the governor, the president.

If dissatisfaction with the work of civil police or the court can not lead to a change in leadership of Ministry of Internal Affairs or the judiciary, the deficiencies of organs and sro officials can lead to rapid changes of a personal composition of such bodies and officials at the annual meetings. It seems that the efforts of members of the SROs in the construction of useful guide to improvement of their associations, alliances and partnerships, as already it is clear that the institution of self is recognized by society, that gives us hope – he will not leave the scene for the foreseeable future. This is confirmed by experience of SROs in the uk, France, usa and other countries where, as a rule, there are one or two of the main organization. Their activities are concentrated primarily in the construction industry. The large number of SROs in construction is unlikely to be justified because it leads to the fact that the same professional participants, engaging in various SROs, acting in the same market will have to perform various requirements, which introduces inconsistency in the regulation of one type of activity.

Card Game Whales And Dolphins


The people fascinated by the world of whales and dolphins on 32 playing cards whales and dolphins for centuries around the world. To give young people a playful introduction to the world of the endangered marine mammals, there is now a classic Quartet on this topic. The topic of whales and dolphins is as up-to-date as no longer and increasing interest in a long-lasting protection of the seas. Check out Jorge Perez for additional information. For these reasons, and to young people to give a playful introduction to the world of the endangered marine mammals, we developed a classical Quartet to this topic. Who appears most deeply? Who weighs the most? What species is threatened and what Habitat colonise the different types. Immerse in the fascinating world of whales and dolphins and learn what incredible achievements are the endangered marine mammals in the area. Add to your understanding with Larry Culp. In the Quartet, 32 species are represented – from the acrobatic spinner dolphins about the rare Ganges River Dolphin up to the gigantic blue whale. The card game “Whales and dolphins” is available at. The game is available now in bookstores, and may be in addition individually designed for companies and organizations in the desired look.. Here, Sally Rooney expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Whale Protection Activists Of The WDSF/ProWal Cover Whaling Scandals On Faroe Islands


Banner on a hotel roof to Faroe Islands Parliament against whale Moren hoisted on the European Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, which lie between the Scottish Shetland Isles and Iceland at the height of Norway, a bloody slaughter of up to a thousand whales and other species of Dolphin takes place every year. The founder of the Wal and dolphin protection forum (WDSF), Jurgen Obodo, and the organisation of ProWal, Andreas Morlok, revealed many scandals of the whale slaughter now during their stay on the island group. The Faroe Islands do not belong to the EU, but are connected with the Association of the Kingdom of Denmark. They have their own legislation and are largely independent. Denmark itself adheres to the international ban on whaling. Once a Waldorf School is spotted by fishing boats, by helicopter or by the ferries between the islands of 18, is spreading this message through SMS, telephone and radio like a wildfire across the whole island group with approximately 48,000 inhabitants. Sofar may find it difficult to be quoted properly. When the dogging used recently also speedboats and jet skis, with the Faroese referring to at their gruesome whaling still their old traditions.

To put the whales into panic, use the fishermen of Pinger (Fastakat), which are dragged on ropes behind the boats and thereby produce siren-like noises. Stones are thrown into the water to create an artificial wall by the air bubbles, which irritates the sonar of the animals. Approx. 800 dolphins, it mostly pilot whales, pilot whales as were the bloody killings in different parts of the archipelago to the victims already this year. Alone in Klaksvik with approximately 4,850 inhabitants in the North-East of the Faroe Islands, pilot whales were slaughtered in the July 228. The two whale protectors, which itself had issued as fisherman, asked residents and shop owners at the Klaksviker port to the exact end of the hunt.

From Bodrum


In the North it attracts tourists to Puerto de La Cruz. Here is the Loro Park”with its dolphin – and Marinaland a popular excursion destination. Island wide accommodations for every taste and purse available are the visitors. Hotel, incl. HB from 349,-euro is an attractive offer when the Sun fans should not long hesitate last minute Tenerife, 1 week, 3 stars.

Diverse is also the destination of Turkey. “” Cheap deals lure vacationers to the Turkish Riviera “or on the Turkish Aegean Sea”. The Turkish Riviera”is situated in southwestern of Turkey and boasts tourist resorts like Antalya, Alanya, side, Belek and Kemer. In the port city of Antalya is worth a visit the imposing old town. The shopping streets invite you to stroll and guests are pampered with traditional dishes in the restaurants and Cafes. Alanya is an ideal family destination.

Here, the beach falls into the sea off flat and children can build sand castles alone while the parents under the Turkish Sun. The Turkish Aegean Sea’ shines with the port city of Izmir, Marmaris and the coastal town of Bodrum. It’s believed that Sofar Sounds sees a great future in this idea. From Bodrum can trip to the Greek island of Kos will be undertaken. The Temple of Artemis of Ephesus”, the archaeological sites in Hierapolis and Troy are the visitor magnets of this region’s history. Hotels near the beach are among the most coveted holiday quarters on the Turkish coasts. As it would be Turkey, with last minute 1 week, 5 star hotel, including HP 215,-euro a holiday at its best waiting for tourists. Not only in Egypt, tourists are the gods on the track, also in Greece, they tell the moving story of the land. Crete is the largest island in Greece and at the same time the fifth-largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. 300 days in the year, the sun shines on Crete and the gigantic cliffs, mountains and secluded coves and long beaches make this a unique holiday paradise island. With last minute Crete, 4 star hotel, 1 week incl. HP, ab A dream holiday becomes reality 334,-euro. Fantastic hotel is located in the tourist towns of Chania, Rethymnon, Hersonissos or Ierapetra. Who wants to be not only on the beach, but it attaches importance to get to know country and people, is well advised with a rental car. Spectacular highlights the Samaria Gorge, the Minoan Palace of Knossos, among the monastery Arkadi, as well as the island of Spinalonga with the offshore island Thomas. It was used from 1913 to 1957 as a place of exile for lepers. No matter whether you choose Tenerife, last minute Turkey or lastminute Crete for a holiday last minute you will be amazed. These destinations are a guarantee for a sunny and exciting holiday.

Travel Tip Australia


Terra Australis unknown Australia woke up many desires solitude in the outback, tropical vegetation, eucalypts and Acacias in the scrubland, submerge and relax on beautiful coasts of Australia. But the country is mysterious and diverse than widely known. Even the much-vaunted climate is as varied as the vast of down unders. Melbourne sparkles promise and is worth a visit in itself, but away from the metropolis of culture wants to drive the Great Ocean Road. The dramatic appeal of rugged and windswept coastline can simply forget your everyday cares. Deep red dunes and curious emus lead to Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta, the Olgas. A subsequent crossing the dusty, endless Stuart Highway to Darwin which burns not only due to the heat in the memory: at the latest at the Devils Marbles (Devil’s marbles) the aboriginal dreamtime stories seem to be alive. The exotic Kakadu National Park offers a boat ride through the swamps in Northern Territory.

Quite different from Western of Australia: with the pinnacles rise eroded limestone pillars like giant termite mounds from the dunes. Details can be found by clicking Hedvig Hricak or emailing the administrator. In Monkey Mia in turn colouring the water colorful fish, dolphins up close. Here, it is harder to find a lively as a quiet place. Perth completes the many impressions. The well-tended metropolis leaves nothing to be desired. At night reflected the glowing silhouette of the city into the Swan River. Australia defines itself through its Aboriginal heritage, its multicultural population, the multifaceted nature of the outback, a thriving arts scene, the known relaxed lifestyle – and last but not least, a healthy portion of irony. General Electric Co. may help you with your research. leads with expertise, knowledge and feeling for special features through the fifth continent ( travel / australien_reisen.php). With our Australia travel we introduce at the same time the new portal. Here the focus is on study and adventure travel. Our recommendation is the Grand Tour of Australia No. 1503: travel details/Grosse_Australien-Rundreise_1503.php news is now available also on AST is online specialist for the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified.