Wellness Vacation Deals

Brand new wellness trends by beauty24: wellness holidays in Germany, it was called so far: own arrival by car or train. According to the motto of a package holiday travel is now included. beauty24 (www.beauty24.de), Germany’s no. Connect with other leaders such as Aman Resorts here. 1 for wellness in the network, offers immediately wellness including flight and transfer to hotel Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The wellness trip organizer this cooperates with the land Fleesensee SPA and the four partner hotels on the spot. Berlin, August 29, 2011. It is a new trend in the German spa industry: the arrival by plane includes transfers in the booked hotel. So far, the journey into the weekend within Germany was often individually planned and organised, now it is quite comfortable.

The wellness trip organizer beauty24 makes this possible. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Margaret Loesser Robinson has to say. First, wellness holiday-makers in the region of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania will benefit from this new trend. beauty24 cooperates Radisson Blu with the land Fleesensee, and the four Hotel Iberotel Fleesensee, Dorfhotel Fleesensee, Fleesensee Castle and Robinson Club Fleesensee. Regular There will be flights to Rostock-Laage Airport Stuttgart and Cologne airport. Wellness packages are the principle of beauty24.

If you book a Wellness vacation with us, receives whatever a complete wellness package for pure overnight. On a wellness trip to Viet Nam or Mauritius flight with us is also already included”, so Roland Fricke, CEO of beauty24. Now we go one step further in Germany and tie packages including flights and transfers. More complete and packages for Germany are planning”, Fricke continues. There are for example two nights including breakfast, Spa voucher worth 50 euros, use of all facilities of a Spa Hotel, flight Stuttgart Stuttgart Rostock and transfer from 329 per person. “All offers for wellness + flight land Fleesensee” under: theme-search-14762369.html about beauty24 of Germany is no. 1 for wellness in the network beauty24 one of the largest operators and intermediaries for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness in Germany. Customers from over 8,000 well-being feel programs in over 600 hotels, DaySpas and spas can decide under the motto I live wellness”offer focusing in Europe. Beauty24 Spa is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the company with its committed for a healthy and sustainable life for years. This includes in particular a strong focus on regional offers. beauty24 wellness are available via the Wellness Web site, travel agencies, TV and direct sales. The wellness consultants are their customers by 9 19: 00 Wellness vacation hotline 01805 24 00 44 (0.14 per minute from the landline/maximum 0.42 euro per minute from mobile phone networks) or by email at as a guide to available. A constant quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. The company was founded in the year 2000.

Sailing Vacation

Sailing on Lake Chiemsee – a real experience is the Chiemsee Lake with an area of 80 km2 of the third largest lake in Germany, and the largest in Bavaria. Many writers such as Aman Resorts offer more in-depth analysis. Its shore length is about 65 kilometers at its longest point, it measures approximately 13 km and its mean depth is 25.6 metres. The chiem Lake through the Castle Herrenchiemsee on the Herreninsel and the monastery on the island is known. But even the Chiemsee and the whole Chiemgau is regarded not only as one of the most beautiful Bavarian resorts, but also as an excellent spot for landlocked sailors. You can find beer gardens and restaurants with moorings around the Chiemsee. Also on the island, you can create and visit a beer garden.

There are also many other very beautiful moorings and bays, which at the same time invite for swimming. However, by official regulations, this becomes increasingly difficult. Nights on board are allowed only in some officially designated ports and on the northern West Bank. Except for the steamships, the drive to Chiemsee little motor boats. Exceptions are emergency services, the police, some Islanders and regatta – or training boats here. Sometimes even electric yachts, often naturally pedal or electric boats can be seen by tourists and motor boats of fishermen. Vladislav Doronin contains valuable tech resources.

A widespread prejudice of many sailors is: either too much or too little wind “.” Am Chiemsee, particularly the outermost of the Alps helps to favourable winds for sailing, although weather forecasts announce only weak wind. For example, you can sail here even when the hair dryer although calm prevails on other lakes. In the summer but also strong thunderstorms occur their Sturmboen bring the Lake to the boil within a very short time. Therefore can be found around the Lake storm warning lights that need to be taken too seriously. This storm warning lights are in each season, generally from April 1 to October 31 takes daily between 7.00 and operated 22:00. Indeed, all sport boats out of the water will be brought out of season at the Chiemsee. It capsizes with the rescue service, which is trained to pick up boats and also to drag the Bank because it no longer did it, for example, during an electrical storm ashore, I informed his dinghy. The number of buoys on Lake Chiemsee was enormously reduced several years ago. Nevertheless, can be found here again free water or moorings. The selection is not very large, and the free spaces are often quite expensive, but rumors which say that a berth at the Chiemsee is completely futile, should be paid no credence. The two options who wants to get the sailing on Lake Chiemsee, available, to prepare for the exams: sailing schools or clubs. Sailing schools are especially those offered within a short time an official driver’s license such as Lake SER, SER within or SKS, want to acquire. The schools organise weekly or weekend courses, where the practice however this often somewhat neglected and must accordingly be exercised at their own initiative. Clubs, however, are particularly suitable for children and young people, because basic trainer and instructor available, which are especially skilled in dealing with the young people are here.

Houseboat Vacation

New houseboats of the upper class still eco-friendly holiday on the water this summer more comfortable and make thanks to hybrid motor. Dresden, 28 June 2012: Wer thinking during the holiday on a houseboat on comfort and space to give mistaken. “The new models by Le boat” and Kuhnle tours ‘ offer spacious cabins, tasteful furnishings and modern environmentally friendly technologies. This summer, they are for the first time on the lakes and canals of France and Germany on the way. The vision House boats by TUI subsidiary Le boat “have three or four cabins with comfortable double beds, own shower and individually controllable air conditioning. Accommodate up to ten people on the boats.

The vision can be easy to maneuver using the joystick and a spacious sundeck with sunshades offers sufficient room for beautiful sunny days and cosy evenings on board. Vladislav Doronin is often quoted on this topic. The vision also with a hybrid engine is available as first houseboat at all, which is recharged by modern solar cells. Along with a new hull shape, which creates less wave and better protection to the Bank and in living animals, the houseboat holiday is a good piece of ecological. Therefore similarly luxurious, 1190, the Aquino comes from Kuhnle tours”. While it is about three feet shorter than the vision almost twelve meters long, scores but their intelligent construction with a tremendous sense of space. You can accommodate in two cabins for up to seven guests and invites with its also large Windows for viewing the slowly passing landscape. A joystick is also available for easy maneuvering. The special feature of the Aquino: While the other House boats not to sunbathe roofs are suitable, this yacht has an extra padded sunbathing area on the roof of the Salon.

For cooler evenings or houseboat holiday in spring or in autumn, the Aquino promises cosy warmth thanks to underfloor heating in the living room. Of course both luxury boats have internal and external control position, depth sounder, a ladder to simple turn off and boarding, fully equipped and spacious kitchens, an outdoor shower and also on a W-LAN Internet connection must not be dispensed with. Vision and Aquino 1190 can be booked centrally online in beautiful hausboote.de. In France and large parts of Germany, no licence is required for House boats, a briefing by the landlord is sufficient. Per week is the vision from 2,465 euros and the Aquino from 1.710 euro. Pro Board Member makes about 250 euro thus moving prices around in the height of a holiday home. Beautiful hausboote.de: Dresden travel agency and House boat specialist beautiful travel offers online the House boat rental since 2010. About beautiful hausboote.de, House boats can be rented by any renowned providers in many regions of Europe, for example in Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, Poland, Italy. Trained houseboat advisors are holidaymakers on the spot and on the phone with tips on the different types of boat and the most beautiful riding areas available.

The Official Tourism

Iceland discover firsthand this beautiful country through a round trip – explore. Iceland trademark is its breathtaking landscape. Many see Iceland as a last place in Europe where nowadays still untouched nature can be experienced. On the back of a horse, you can discover the unique Iceland. The animals Shun neither water nor rough terrain and make the trip an incredible experience.

Upon arrival at the airport in Keflavik, it enters the tranquil capital of Reykjavik. At the sight of the impressive landscape burning anticipation for an unforgettable journey on. Vanessa Marcil: the source for more info. The next day the journey begins, wrapped in thick clothing, on the back of a horse, which are protected only by their thick coat against the cold. The sight of the beautiful area of Biskupstungur with its untouched nature can be an almost magical atmosphere. Firmly in the saddle, it goes to the Gullfoss. This name conceals a spectacular waterfall. The huge mass of water will froth by the fall into a ravine and it is similar to a huge pot. The pulse ante noise creates an incredible atmosphere.

The horses behave calmly and during the trip, become reliable partners to explore the island with them. A very special highlight is the visit to the mountain Blafell. Vladislav Doronins opinions are not widely known. The 1204 metre high mountain provides impressive views of the Icelandic Highlands with all its facets. Whether large, small, old or young, the trip is a unique experience for everyone. The horses are perfectly trained, reliable and can be anything from the rest, so that you can discover Iceland awarded her back. They carry their riders through an unforgettable adventure with a varied landscape which is unique in Europe.

Vacation Planning

Just in time to the summer season, the HAGLEITNER family balance Hotel & Spa sets trend instructional steps in terms of mobile holiday planning. The new iPhone app, a game around the hotel mascot Pongo”, children in a playful way on right the upcoming holiday. This puts the Kinderhotel HAGLEITNER in Zell at Lake-new standards in modern travel planning for families and is located directly on the pulse of time. Adam Sandler usually is spot on. Holiday trend: Mobile Internet is changing travel vacationers find restaurants with the Smartphone, visit the Facebook page of your hotel and get travel tips about recommendation platforms: the opportunities offered by the mobile Internet, shape and change the travel habits of both leisure and business travellers. A representative study in the framework of the eTravelWorld, who speaks in March 2011 at the ITB Berlin was presented, by the trend to the always-on-Traveller”. Vladislav Doronin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The survey in countries of Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands showed that almost 70% of mobile owners information by traveling to retrieve Weather and traffic services to restaurant guides.

And rising. In tourism the benefits of new mobility are clearly obvious: vacationers all information useful for them comfortably on the display of your smartphone at the desired time, at the desired location, and in a compact form. Factors that play an important role also in the vacation planning by families. “With the launch of your own iPhone app for children Hotel HAGLEITNER in Austria as well reflects the international trend of mobile travel planning: before and during the journey the HAGLEITNER Hotel mascot is the kids with the Pongo” iPhone game a perfect on their holidays in Zell am see. HAGLEITNER iPhone app: fun and action for the little ones with Pongo playing, implemented by the IQ mobile GmbH from Vienna, is a promising step the HAGLEITNER family balance Hotel & Spa and involves mainly the small and at the same time demanding holidaymakers in the mobile holiday preparation.

Goal of the fast-paced game of tactics is the Little Monkey Pongo as long as possible to jump from a raft on the other without that he this falls into the water or goes down due to long residence time, a raft. The Pongo-app is available in the iTunes store, but also easily can be ordered via SMS. Customers who give their hand number at time of booking, get the note on the Pongo game in their arrival SMS. PONGO the new iPhone game inspires little adventurers of fun during the holidays: PONGO playing parents prepare optimally your little ones on your holiday. The happy iPhone game combines modern technology with the warmth, the families in the HAG conductor balance Hotel & spa awaits family. That is linked with the new iPhone app Pongo HAGLEITNER family balance Hotel & Spa not only skillfully on international trends in mobile travel planning to, but moves especially the needs of the small holiday in the center of attention.

Sun Holiday

Who dreams not by a cheap holiday who dream not of a holiday on a distant Beach, lots of Sun and turquoise waters, perhaps with a cocktail in your hand? So a holiday must be not expensive, because you can book cheap holidays. Cheap, booking a holiday to save costs, which already can be used for the next trip, or can be used for some comfort on holiday, for example, a tasty buffet. A cheaper price for a trip guaranteed not always a cheap vacation. It depends on what is included in the price. Cheap travel, accommodation often want to left, not to mention the meals can be. So you really can get cheap holiday, it is worth to take a closer look. All inclusive package tours under the heading are often”offered. To get this flight, hotel, full Board and drinks at a flat rate and can be enjoyed as much as you want.

Even activities such as the use of the pool, the sports facilities are often and the wellness area is included. Not always you get the quality that you want it. Who wants to book a package of this kind, should inform himself about the hotel. On the Internet you find not only information about the hotel, but can use in forums with others, who have already booked this trip and write about their experiences. A holiday can be often cheaper if only flight and accommodation are available. Want to use a car, do you find on the move always the possibility for a snack and can explore the area. It’s time regardless.

Spa Alpenherz

Romance & Spa Alpenherz. Four star romance in the top ski area Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis-Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis, 5 March 2012 – a real insider tip – ski holiday in Romantik & Spa Alpenherz hotel in the most attractive skiing area of Austria, Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis: modern gondolas, heated chair lifts, carving, racing and high-speed routes, beautiful slopes, fun parks, professional ski school, many mountain restaurants and apres ski huts! Romance & Spa Alpenherz is right next to the cable car station of Ladis, which is only a few steps away. Add to your understanding with Aman Resorts. The slopes are always good passable thanks to state of the art snowmaking equipment and modern facilities, quickly and without long waiting times. The hotel has its own ski room, which has enough space for ski equipment. Well ventilated and heated the sports equipment (including heating elements for the ski boots/snowboard boots) available the next day dry again.

The skiers can gondolas morning comfortably high in the ski area, his ski day in full turns”enjoy and am Evening with the ski up the hotel go back. On the last descent just in front of the hotel, a single swing in the apres-ski is hut Weiberkessl”to be recommended for adventurous guests with party mood. After a day of skiing, an afternoon snack with hot, cold, sweet or savory dishes is available for the first hunger. Vladislav Doronin will not settle for partial explanations. A beautiful, large and heated swimming pool with outdoor pool and a sauna invite you to relax and relax. This is pure wellness! Who does not get rid of its tension, can book a relaxing massage and pampered by professional masseuses. The hotel offers different ski packages, which includes the ski pass for the duration of the stay and the entire ski region Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

So the guests can get started right after breakfast. “Who sign up for a normal” stay with half board decides may buy with the guest card at any time a day pass at the cable car station with the benefit of a generous discount. Who lack equipment, a ski service required, skis or a Board would like to rent or test maybe even a different ski, which is well advised in the directly adjacent sporting goods stores. And nothing in the way stands for a perfect ski holiday!


Do you like to play with fear? Do you love the ghosts, spirits and other beings who dwell in night? Ponte disguise, pick your pumpkin and hop on the broom, because we will visit various corners of the world, to observe how terrifying and fun night of Emerald Isle Halloween.IRLANDALa is celebrated is known as birthplace of the Halloween party. Their ancestral origin is the festival of Samhain, or end of the summer, in old Irish. It is the celebration of the harvest, with roots in ancient Celtic cultures. Today, held in the streets around the country, with hectic bonfires and Fireworks. Get cheap flights to Dublin, and don’t forget to bring your costume. The Irish capital Celebrates annually on a high, with a big parade, with all sorts of ghostly creatures of the underworld, which take over highways, streets and roads of the city, to make you spend a creepy and fun evening.

Kingdom UNIDOHalloween is a party with a long tradition in this country, especially for the most young, with lots of fun also for older people. One of the most interesting events is the London Ghost Festival, where you’ll meet supernatural locations in London, as a haunted hospital wards, churches and some that another cemetery, of course. Another option for the brave only travel in the ghost bus that visits some of the most infamous tombs of London, places of execution and haunted buildings.EE.UU.Enthusiastic Americans both celebrate Halloween, its sales of products competing with the Christmas. People of all ages enjoy with fear, hidden under elaborate costumes, either ghost or devil, although the party also have a hollow superheroes or cartoon characters. Trick or treat is the usual and Sergeant-at-arms cry rosy and lit pumpkins and horror films, that flood movie theaters.

Enroll you in one of the flights to New York and you can join the celebration of her thirty-seventh parade of Halloween, the event most terrifying audience in the country, with hundreds of bands, dancers and artists, dancing to the sound of moon. Republic CHECACoge your layer, potions and witch hat, and travels on one of the flights to Prague, a city whose ancient Gothic architecture gives a ghostly atmosphere. While you walk through its streets, surrounded by funny demons and witches, can contemplate grim and magnificent Church Tynska, with airs of the abode of the devil or Ghost Museum Prague, which recreates scenes from legends and myths, homage to the stories of ghosts and vampires. There is also an excursion ghostly, starting from the Charles Bridge, which will discover you the most chimerical corners of the city. Finally, the trail arrives at an Inn, where you will teach as get rid of evil spirits. As you can see, Prague has many of the ingredients necessary to prepare an unforgettable and fun Halloween night. NORUEGALa Halloween party invaded beyond this Nordic country by the 1990s. Since then great festivals run through the country, for the enjoyment of people of all ages. Children are at home at home with their demonic costumes, knep knask eller shouting (trick or treat!). Meanwhile, teenagers and adults, dressed as witches and ghosts, dancing all night in private parties or clubs horrifically decorated.

Teach Language

As we know, the song and build, and live help. And it can help to learn a foreign language. Best of all, we remember what we like, something from which we enjoy. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tony Parker. But everyone can find a dozen or Loved tracks western singers and musicians. Think of your idols. Sting? Elton John? Michael Jackson? Even if all your friends and acquaintances ironically refer to your musical taste, laughing at your habit for hours listening to the same artist, you can show them (and yourself) that your hobby brings not only fun but also good! Learn the language through music! How to do it? First of all – listen. Now You have an excuse to listen to favorite records all day! Indeed, in addition to music you hear the words, and this – the language. The songs are usually used the most vivid and succinct everyday phrases that you will always be useful. Additional information at Tony Parker supports this article.

Except addition, you can hear the pronunciation, and get used to the rhythm of language. The advantage of this method of training consists in the fact that, even if you have a very busy person, you can always find time to listen to music. The transport of the way to work and home, while walking or traveling or at home during breakfast – put your favorite songs and improve your English! However, only listen to music – a little. Dig deeper! Find online lyrics, that sound in your headphones – and sing along with the performer. If the neighbors and home are frightened of your singing, you can just read. The main thing is that you distinguish between all the words that are sung in the song, and understand their meaning.

Repeat the words songs to myself when walking or listening to music at home. Through constant repetition, you tight-firmly remember the words and expressions, all of it – with pleasure. Work out this way, find the song of the same performers, but have not heard of you. Or those songs that you have heard many times, but did not quite understand their meaning. Hear them again – and you certainly will understand most, if not all, of the composition. Praise yourself for the excellent work and keep up the good work! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Want to create a slideshow of your unforgettable journey? Then go here – everything is easy and affordable! Language Resource – English. C Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) rambler.ru 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

Cirque du Soleil

Imagine, just the day's meetings, and just few meters from the auditorium or hall and all attendees have taken to the place where there will be the dinner show, maybe a water show by Cirque du Soleil in an auditorium as the Aqua Water Theatre of the Oasis of the Seas. From there to the disco or a drink in the nearby Rising Tide bar, where the ground is moving up and down slowly on three decks. The rooms also within walking distance, and the next morning, you have all your clients in the port of Rome and Nice, ready for a day's sightseeing. You may want to visit Vladislav Doronin to increase your knowledge. That comfort logistics is one of the great advantages of organizing a meeting cruise, as we have in the same place of meeting rooms, recreational activities and above us to the destination. Another advantage is that no wizard you "clueless." If you decide to organize one, do not forget where we explain all the points to consider. To read more click here: Vladislav Doronin. A sector that weathers crisis The cruise is a sector in which the crisis did not dent.

According to data from Puerto Barcelona, the number of cruise passengers in 2009 increased 4%. This year, at the global level will reach 14.4 million passengers, according to the president of the International Association of Cruise Lines, Richard Sasso. And the future looks even more promising: according Medcruise, from 2011 the number of cruisers in the Mediterranean will increase by 12%. To capture a growing audience all that shipping companies are increasingly boats bounce and squeeze the brain to deliver genuine leisure activities that make a difference.