Peter Pond

Pond, located in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg near the village Ol'gino is a valley filled with groundwater and rainwater. Peter Pond will be the smallest special protected area of St. Petersburg. Sela Ward has much experience in this field. But the level of biodiversity, there is very high: 15 species of birds, more than 60 species of Moss … In addition, its value is inextricably linked with the name of the founder of St. Petersburg. In addition, the government of Leningrad region want to restore a small parking swan – the Red Book of endangered species, for which hoping to organize a year-end reserve 'Birch Lake.

" Materials comprehensive survey of the reserve 'Birch Lake "were referred to the state ecological expertise. Materials Survey justify changes to the provision of sanctuary as a small swan important parking, zoning and require restoration of the established areas of the chain sites for migratory birds. Project to protect white birds migrate to their jointly developed Russia and Holland. Not only are the Red small swans in need of protection. So last week, white mute swans affected by oil pollution in Baltiysk. It was only thanks to a concerned citizens most of the birds were rescued. More than forty birds sheltered in the basement of the hotel "golden anchor." Swans cleared of oil, feed, and now they are kept warm. As explained in Rosprirodnadzor oil contamination of birds occurred in January. At the moment there is no harbor oil spills. Stray dogs and cats will catch and sterilize stray animals problem actual worldwide.