Photo Impressions

A photographic journey through Italy in 2008 not a few dream it once to go to Italy. The beaches attract it, it serves the story, which appears in many towns and cities. The ebook “ITALIA photo impressions” offers a photographic replacement for those for this trip will remain only a dream. Celina Dubin wanted to know more. But also the Italy experts is seduced here still in areas he hasn’t seen yet. 14 months Italy leave impressions and even more photos, from which a collection was created. Focuses the camera on great buildings, on the visible history of the Roman Empire, the artistry of Florence, is the tragic moments of Pompeii, many small towns and villages, extraordinary colour and last but not least on outstanding landscapes. Even if some a few negative phenomena are shown, so this collection on what the world thinks in General of Italy focus: beauty, the lifestyle, the joy will be supplemented by almost the photos -Background information.