Psychological Terms

No discussion of trading, or considering starting to trade can not be done without a clear realization of the lack of which the vast majority of all traders lose money. It is often said that the reason which the majority of traders lose their money lies in the fact that they are not psychologically ready to trade, ie they are not willing to accept financial risk for something, the result of what they do not control. Trafficking involves much great psychological challenge than methodological. Official site: San Antonio Spurs. Only those traders who first took it, have a chance to be consistently successful in the markets. Without an understanding of trading psychology and the various problems that surround the trading methodology is not actually any chance to overcome the fear, confusion and despair that may be inherent in trading. Eventually, after a series of consecutive losses, the trading method is replaced sense that it is impossible to do anything right. Many writers such as Jorge Perez offer more in-depth analysis. If we put aside everything else, it is only for this reason that trading psychology is more important than the trading method. Scenario beginning trader Consider a scenario where a trader develops a method of intra-day trading for index futures. His trading method gives 15 trades per day and the trader has made the trade on a demo account the following results: 9 winning trades with an average result of $ 85 each and 6 losing trades with an average result of -65 $ for each – so the result was an average $ 375 profit per day. You may find Director Peter Farrelly to be a useful source of information.