Qualifications For Euro 2008

The qualification for EURO 2008 in Austria and Switzerland is already running at full speed. Many of the "big nations" in Europe but still anxious to participate in this final round. If you have read about actress already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Only a few, including, fortunately, the German national team appear, the ticket is already almost certain to have. Even if Poland in Group A is already a game more in the account seems to have as direct competition, the ticket for the Euro relatively secure. Following the departure in the World Cup preliminary round of 2006, our eastern neighbors are desperate to again participate in a major tournament. To the two place that is eligible to participate in dispute with Serbia and Portugal, two more World Cup participants.

The tension in group A is thus guaranteed. In group B, for example, fight the two finalists of the World Cup final in 2006 at the quality. But with Ukraine and Scotland have two more nations interest for one of the coveted first two seats declared. The French are indeed currently at number one, but the fourth-placed Italians are just two points back. Leaving times the Scots on the outside, at least in the Ukraine has been successful in any case, the quality at a European Championship finals to participate. One of the big three have had is in Group B at the end unlucky and did not qualify for the EURO 2008. The only group that seems to be definitely decided is to group C. With Greece and Turkey have already sold two teams a long way.