Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.- as a worthy vacilada to the day of the innocents Leon, Jose Natividad Gonzalez Paras is took the initiative of the Governor again by proposing that mayors and deputies are reelijan. Mexico arrived at democracy in July of the 200 when the National Action Party (PAN) came to power and removed to the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) after 71 years of Government. The same PRI is the result of agreements of revolutionary leaders who decided to lay down their arms and seek political positions through a political party. To know more about this subject visit Eva Andersson-Dubin. And the central slogan is precisely effective suffrage. No re-election by which more than one million Mexicans lost their lives in the first revolution of the 20th century. As well, aware that times have changed, it would be better is to extend one year periods of mayors and deputies, but that not are they reeligieran already not by the revolutionary motto, but by bad, ignorant and corrupt that they are the majority of those who have governed municipalities.

Nothing more than thinking that they could perpetuate in the mayoralties raises pressure to citizens who have seen how they are shipped with the large spoon to promote themselves to other posts of popular election. It is not for political parties, because in every case, but in the ambition of politiquillos who believe political and only jumping from one post to another in a true mockery of the people and its fledgling democracy. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Tony Parker and gain more knowledge.. The good thing about the case is that the popularity of Natividad Gonzalez Paras will fall along with the Sun that his Government, lit because when confronted to the twilight of his political time also your suggestions will lose power. Because the vacilada of wanting to let us re-elected mayors and deputies speaks of a bad political assessment of public figures that we have today. Bueno Lo bearer is that did not suggest the re-election of Governors. Nuevo Leon do not endure another six years as well. Original author and source of the article.