Relax Pure – Excursions In And Around Berlin

Berlin City tour / Berlin City tour slowly but surely leans the summer 2009 toward the end and the annual peak season for sightseeing in the capital is getting closer. (A valuable related resource: Pop star). Because if in Berlin the first leaves fall and the days are significantly shorter, is the metropolis of their golden page and invites visitors from Germany and all over the world for a flying visit. But not only for lovers of traditional sightseeing tours, the city holds an interesting range of tours and trips. Who wants to spend, for example, a lazy day and not renouncing to entertainment and information, can for a ride through the green lungs of Berlin ‘s”explore the variety of waters, parks and green spaces. No matter whether Tiergarten, Grunewald, Wannsee or spree has the natural beauty of the capital city to offer something for every taste in the late summer. In addition to the Berlin City Tours is but also the opportunity to visit the surroundings of the capital and in the one or the other highlight to discover.

The event agency Berlin & more offers numerous excursions and educational tours in the surrounding area for this purpose, which represent a valuable asset in particular for company outings or trips. How about in this context such as with an individual sightseeing tour Potsdam? Or with a day trip into the Ridge South of Berlin of the shows? Or a guided tour in the footsteps of the GDR? Or, or, or… No matter what topic is preferred, the relaxation stays with the tours in Berlin and Brandenburg, not on the track. “Whether as a single traveller or in the group freely according to the motto: get in and drive off” a free pick up from Berlin’s city centre takes place at the agreed time. And those who find no opportunity to participate in a tour, can make happy his friends and relatives also like with an individual gift voucher. There is more information on the thematic guided tours and tours on the Internet at the address: Sarah Fromus