Rio Grande

Pipe is a pertaining beach to the city of Tibau of the South? Rio Grande of the North. 85km of Christmas is located, capital of the state of the RN. The information on the locality, saved specific mention, are based on Cavalcanti (2001). Jorge Perez may help you with your research. What before if it characterized as a fishing village, today is one of the main tourist destinations of Brazil thanks to discovery of surfistas, in the decade of 70, that they were in searches of good waves and there they had found. Pipe if very became a tourist polar region of the state of the Rio Grande of the North quickly. In result of this sped up process of growth of the tourism one observes social, economic and ambient problems today, reaching in such a way the local community human being. Currently the strolls of boat to observe the dolphins in the cove of the Beach of the Pipe consist in one of main attractive the tourist ones of the area.

This type of activity is called of Tourism of Comment of Cetceos (TOC). The TOC appeared with the global change of mentality in relation to the whales, occured to leave of the end of the decade of 1970, when the people (and the governments represents that them) had started to see in these animals as more than what meat and fat for the commerce. The characterization of the possible impacts of the tourism of comment of dolphins in the Beach of the Pipe, as well as the determination of the partner-economic and cultural profile of the boatmen and tourists who carry through this type of tourism is excellent boardings to dimensionar the involved public and how much this activity represents for the local economy. The description of the conceptions of the inhabitants, boatmen and tourist on the importance of the ambient conservation, as well as of the impacts of the TOC and conservation of the dolphins in the place is questions that will allow to understand as the involved actors in this activity perceive it and with this expects to generate subsidies for educative actions come back to reduce the possible impacts.