Scientology: The Mystery Of Size

If you hate to do it, there is a solution. The hardest task which can give it is continues to love his fellow man, in spite of all reasons that speak against it. Continue to love is the real sign of mental health and size. For those who can’t, there are daily only sorrow, hatred and despair. And certainly are not the things that size, mental health or happiness are made. It is a basic case of succumbing to incitements to hatred.

Greatness refuses simply in the face of bad acts that are directed against them – to change. A really great man loves his fellow man, because he understands them. Some people are themselves of even unaware that they sit in a case. Some people are so crazy and again others behave exactly like that of which they were originally defrauded. Many people are in exactly the same case such as generals, street sweeper, President, or mentally ill.

They therefore behave as they do, because they all are subject to the same cruel pressures of this universe. Others are inferior to long this romp, torture and strutting around like the crazy souls that they are. You should understand at least a fact: that size is not stems of brutal wars or, therefore, that it is very well known. You stems from the fact that it remains faithful to his own decency. The man continues to other people helps, what they do or think or say. And despite all cruel acts which were directed against, remains persistent, without having to change its basic attitude toward the people. In the mass, true greatness depends on total wisdom. Some people behave as they do, because they are what they are: prisoners being crushed under an intolerable burden. And if they that are mad and due to mistakes by all Nations arranged the destruction, one can still understand why they did that. You can understand the extent of their madness. There is to change nothing and start to hate. Just because others have lost and their fates are cruel as that could look them in the eye. The real lesson is: love to learn. Those people who would indemnify cast through their life, should learn the following: never use what was done to you as the basis for hatred. Never do desire revenge. It’s real strength, to love people and love him, despite all prompts, contrary. Despite all provocations and all reasons why you should not do that. Happiness and strength are stable only in the absence of hatred. Hatred alone is the way to disaster. Love is the way to the strength. The secret of size is to love despite everything. And it may be the biggest mystery of this universe very well. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion, recognised in 1950 in which direction this world went and wrote: can something of the happiness of the man Sincerity, love and kindness with which he was created, to win back.