Scotland Wife

If you notice that your friends, beer, river, soccer, shopping, and more importantly a common pastime, you can not expect that something will change after the wedding, and certainly the child does not correct the situation. And now a joke Test: How a psychological portrait of their ideal spouses, the same criteria apply to the spouse. Choose the most suitable, in your opinion, the options listed below endings proposals. Material provide special that I want to see his wife, should be able to afford: 1.Kupit Scotland. 2.Inogda dine at the restaurant. 3.Imet underwear. Emotional lady who I want to see their his wife, should be sufficiently sensitive to: 1.Mgnovenno catch any of my mood. 2.Povernut wheel and to avoid pedestrian accidents.

3.Narochno not to reverse and move pedestrian a second time. A person's appearance, which I wish see his wife should be so attractive that: 1.Byt movie star. 2.Byt accountant movie star. 3.Byt accountant accountant movie star. Mental capacity 1.Osoba I want to see his wife, should be smart enough to: 2. great literary works.

3. great literary works in a prominent place. Featuring a great literary work on a cookbook. counting. Fold numbers corresponding to your answers, and check the table. If the sum of the numbers of your answers 1 to 8 That is most likely your ideal spouse married to someone else. from 9 to 15 engaged to someone else. 16 in prison. This is a joke test, but it affects the basic criteria important in marriage: Money and material support.