Southern Hemisphere

He can not get the image and take pictures. You can find information about it on Wikipedia. Antarctica – the perfect place for Astronomical Research in the infrared and shortwave radio in addition, it has the advantage that objects can be observed continuously, without the inconvenience created by the cyclic process day and night. I should add that it is impossible to present the geometry in which the object can be seen only from the South Pole. Even if the object was directly over the southern part of the Earth, it can be seen from any point Southern Hemisphere. 6.

The Internet has lots of photos and video materials about Nibiru. Is this not proof that Nibiru exist? The vast majority of photos available on the Internet and videos have one peculiarity: they represent regions near the Sun (obviously supporting the statement that Nibiru last few years hiding behind the sun). In fact, this false image Sun, created by internal reflections, which are often referred to as' reflections in the lens. " You can easily identify it as such images are found in the opposite direction with respect to real image of the sun, as if they were obtained by reflection of the sun in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the image. This is especially evident when shooting video: the process of moving the camera along with real image immediately 'jumps' virtual image, which is always the opposite of the actual image. A similar 'to highlight the lens generates a lot of photographs of UFOs shot in night-time using the frame of bright light sources, such as street lights.