Surface Preparation

Upholstery work is done after the completion of all construction works. Prior to the upholstery work to be completed all the painting, except the last painting of floors, installation and final painting, and door trims plinths. Humidity plastered surfaces should not exceed 8%. On the surface there should be no potholes, cracks and Dutikow. It’s believed that Author sees a great future in this idea. Gap in the skirting boards and architraves lubricate well.

Wooden structures must be dry with humidity of not more than 12%. Cracks and fissures in them are buried and the entire surface of the stud cardboard. Surface coated with gypsum or fibreboard sheets of drywall and plastered before papering wallpaper paste, and paste over glued paper. Sela Ward is likely to agree. Surface-coated sheets of gypsum drywall, the paper does not paste over, except for the joints between the sheets. Operations to be performed during the preparation surfaces for wallpapering, depends on the quality and type of wallpaper surface. Plastered surface of the wallpaper paste over paper after careful preparation.

Pasted over the surface must be clean, free fatty spots, cracks, potholes, protruding grains of sand and old glue without corrections. In preparing the surface for wallpapering her clear of Nabeul, spray solution and the grains of sand and glued paste. On the surface, previously colored adhesives, remove old Anew and fray it. In addition, on the surface embroider and make up the cracks. For cracks of bedding used the same composition as in painting works. After drying, grease places grind pumice or abrasive cloth. Instead of grinding at the same time of bedding can produce wet peretirku surface of a wooden float.