WDSF Dolphin Advocates


Travel stop asked Hagen/Hanover / Turkey – November 11, 2009 – after the German whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) due to proven poor conditions in Turkish Dolphinariums had prompted the German tour operator, your guests to offer no dolphin tours, TUI told of other broadcasters in June against the WDSF, taken of Troy Park in Belek, on the Turkish Riviera because a review with unsatisfactory result from the program. “” After a further hearing of the WDSF last Monday with the head of quality and environmental management of TUI, Harald Zeiss, the biggest German tour operator announced yesterday evening in a press release, that now also the Dolphin “no longer offered land in Antalya with immediate effect”. Add to your understanding with Adam Sandler. “In the case of the Dolphin country” Zeiss was in September locally: I could make me a picture of the defective conditions: corresponded to the size of the basin, the volume during the shows, the attitude and the hygiene of animals to the “Time of testing even our minimum requirements, so that he was immediately taken from the sale.” The WDSF and the Organization ProWal welcomed the decision of the TUI, criticized but at the same time that another German tour operator tour offers in Turkish Dolphinariums are not followed this positive example. Jahn Reisen (REWE-Touristik), Schauinslandreisen, Oger tours, Neckermann, Thomas Cook with Bucher had been prompted also by the WDSF, to take the Dolphinariums offers in Turkey from the program, especially since proven ten animals from the cruel Japanese Dolphin hunting in Turkey were exported last year. Get all the facts and insights with Robert Rimberg, another great source of information. “WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Obodo: the current cinema shocker Bay” about the causes and effects of the cruel Dolphin catch in Japan with the zigtausendfachen annual Abschlachtungen and sales of the intelligent sea mammals for more than $150,000 on the Dolphinariums touched the audience deeply. Everyone asks himself after the movie what can I myself do to stop it? “.” “Our answer: no tickets for Zoo with Dolphinariums and book no travel with tour operators, who have Dolphinariums tours in their program and earn money on the cruel business with Japan in Turkey.” TUI checks currently third Dolphinarium in Alanya (Sealanya), which the tour operator has a continuing in the program.. Lynn Redgrave oftentimes addresses this issue.

Whale Protection Activists Of The WDSF/ProWal Cover Whaling Scandals On Faroe Islands


Banner on a hotel roof to Faroe Islands Parliament against whale Moren hoisted on the European Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, which lie between the Scottish Shetland Isles and Iceland at the height of Norway, a bloody slaughter of up to a thousand whales and other species of Dolphin takes place every year. The founder of the Wal and dolphin protection forum (WDSF), Jurgen Obodo, and the organisation of ProWal, Andreas Morlok, revealed many scandals of the whale slaughter now during their stay on the island group. The Faroe Islands do not belong to the EU, but are connected with the Association of the Kingdom of Denmark. They have their own legislation and are largely independent. Denmark itself adheres to the international ban on whaling. Once a Waldorf School is spotted by fishing boats, by helicopter or by the ferries between the islands of 18, is spreading this message through SMS, telephone and radio like a wildfire across the whole island group with approximately 48,000 inhabitants. When the dogging used recently also speedboats and jet skis, with the Faroese referring to at their gruesome whaling still their old traditions.

To put the whales into panic, use the fishermen of Pinger (Fastakat), which are dragged on ropes behind the boats and thereby produce siren-like noises. Stones are thrown into the water to create an artificial wall by the air bubbles, which irritates the sonar of the animals. Approx. 800 dolphins, it mostly pilot whales, pilot whales as were the bloody killings in different parts of the archipelago to the victims already this year. Alone in Klaksvik with approximately 4,850 inhabitants in the North-East of the Faroe Islands, pilot whales were slaughtered in the July 228. The two whale protectors, which itself had issued as fisherman, asked residents and shop owners at the Klaksviker port to the exact end of the hunt.

With Full Sail For The Protection Of Dolphins


Founded the sailor legend’s footsteps Rollo Gebhard, who circumnavigated the world three times and 1991 the society to save the dolphins. Her nearly half a year trip Flash leads the couple from the Hessian Frielendorf and their yacht”criss -cross over the Mediterranean Sea. Where once Rollo Gebhard ventured his first larger rides 5 m dinghy over 50 years ago in one. And like him, Dagmar and Klaus Quanz want to insert itself under full sail and with great passion for a better protection of the highly endangered in the Mediterranean some of the dolphins. Both support the Dr for many years and so it is of course, to draw attention to the plight of the sea mammals for them as sailors and divers. On April 29 it is for the Quanz’ in Aquileia, Italy, lines go”.

From there it goes towards South in Croatian waters up to the North Dalmatian island of Molat, where the 9.10 m long and 2.90 wide yacht type Granada910 “insert a stopover will be. On this island we are particularly pleased, because we are curious are, how far the future GRD dolphin protection Center is thriving”, explained Klaus Quanz. First renovation work on the building in need of renovation, already should be used in the summer as a base for field work and next year also for the public open began in March. During their stopovers in Croatian ports both on the GRD protection project will be to rescue the last Adriatic Dolphin”inform and show movies. By Molat they sail to Italy, pass through Greek waters, and insert a short summer break in Volos, before it goes back to the Croatian coast late August about Puglia. It is, until they then early October back in her home port of Aquileia run a course North from Dubrovnik on Zadar. This slightly longer trip gives us the opportunity to actively influence and raise awareness among boat owners and Chartercrews, and pointing to the dangers for the marine mammals.

We will try it during our trip, primarily in the Adriatic Sea,”explains Klaus Quanz. Current information about the trip can be tracked to the GRD website with. The Dolphin protector Dagmar and Klaus Quanz await the visiting on board Flash! Background: only about 220 bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) live in the Croatian Adriatic Sea. It is the last marine mammals that are there all year round to find after the monk seal (Monachus monachus) and Dolphin (Delphinus delphis) in the Adriatic Sea have died out of the common. Already a minor disturbance in the ecological balance could spell the end for the small, resident in the Croatian coastal Dolphin population. Although the marine mammals are protected by law since 1995, still 50% by human influence, such as by catch death in fishing nets, direct hunting, overfishing and ruthless Motorsport die. Ulrike Kirsch – GRD press