Suruapi Jorge Garci

Generally its commercialization occurs by weight, and nobody wants to buy ‘ ‘ gua’ ‘. Most of txteis staple fibres is hygroscopic, that is, they present the capacity to absorb or to liberate humidity. When it has excess or lack of humidity in the environment, the characteristics of the fiber, as the weight and the resistance is modified. (ALBUQUERQUE, 1987, P. 43). For the commercialization of weaveeed one, the main characteristics taken in consideration are the income (how many meters run in one kilogram of fabric), width and gramatura (how many gram for square meter of fabric), as these data can in accordance with vary the relative humidity of air, are removed some samples in different schedules to determine the ideal characteristics, calls of measures standard, this standard according to serves of base for future purchases and/or productions, respecting percentile variation norm.

Brazilian Cities

We have that to think the reality of the cities from a vision of support of the families who live and fight here have as much time for life improvements and preservation of the culture of the local peoples, respecting the diversities of the marginal and aboriginal communities that live here. In such a way then to think the housing as primordial factor about the life of the human being. It is possible to think and to reflect together politics that take care of the demand of our region.

because not to think politics habitacionais that take care of the necessities of our cities? Cities that are many devoid ones and taking in consideration the used concept to the use of the cities, leading in consideration the particularitities of the marginal communities, respecting all existing, social, cultural and racial the diversities. Cities exist that have enter the 12 25 a thousand inhabitants, what already it leaves in them opposed the thought politics the urbanization of the cities. Although the advances in the habitacional Politics in the history of this Country, still exist much difficulty that hinder that our small cities which present about 99% of lacks with respect to worthy housing has access to the available resources to surpass all this lack. Amongst great the problematic resultants of the urbanization it is distinguished in special the inherent one to the housing, that is, the raised habitacional deficit and the inadequao of the existing housings in virtue of the precariousness, insalubridade, illegality or still of the irregularity. The habitacional deficit Brazilian is of seven million and two hundred and twenty three a thousand housings, beyond also raised number of inadequate habitations. In result of these numbers, in recent years, the governments, the civil society and popular movements, come searching and solutions for this picture alternative that is not restricted to Brazil.


The Mathematics is directly involved in the social problems and not only in the quarrels contained in the didactic books that are presented in the classrooms. What it increases the difficulty in the learning of this substance can be related to the deficiency in the formation of the professor of Mathematics, that runs the risk to be mere repeaters of the past and conditioners of children. (D? AMBRSIO; 1986) The Mathematics if becomes an instrument of great utility when dominated well, and this domain on the part of the pupils depends on common-sense of the professor in not only teaching, but becoming it of easy learning.

(MORI; ONAGA. Get all the facts and insights with Gina Bonati, another great source of information. 2002) The Mathematics is not a ready knowledge, that is not modified, and is leaving of this principle that during much time it comes little being spread out. It is standed out that the Mathematics has ready concepts, but such concepts if become unstable the form in accordance with as they are transmitted, being that the methodology adopted for the professor is basic in the learning process. The Mathematics must be taught in way that the pupils can insert it in its daily one, enxergando the co-relation of the same one with the life; the meaning of the Mathematics for the pupil drift of the connections that it establishes between it and its daily one and of the established connections that between the different subjects mathematicians (BRAZIL, 1998). To learn Mathematics is to learn to project, to analyze, to structuralize, to calculate, to calculate, to rationalize, to conjecturar, to decide problems, to reason logically, to make budgets, to verify probabilities. (MORI; ONAGA, 2002). 2.3A DIDACTIC IN the MATHEMATICS Gives credit that it disciplines to teach it of Mathematics is a challenge for the professors in day-by-day of the schools.


Fernanda Kriger Summary: One understands that the main objective of the Design must be to more good become the life of the people, by means of thought and well planned products and environments, and this involves one high degree of maturity, understanding and Real agreement of the social, economic and psychological dimensions of the users on the part of who not only projects, but also of who it produces and vende. Inside of the concept of ecodesign strategies exist that facilitate the reaproveitamento of the products or the incorporated materials in it, drawing out the useful life of the same ones. I reuse, remanufatura and recycling is the more used strategies of reaproveitamento. Designer can contribute with a process that makes possible the reaproveitamento of materials or components. This if makes possible through the use of the projected products as support of information on as to proceed to facilitate the recycling of the materials, beyond improving the perception of consumer in relation to the recycled material through the aesthetic one of the product. In this direction, the project presented here, contributes in accordance with for ecodesign, using material and processes the concept, bringing for a devoid parcel of the society a significant social benefit.

Word-Key: Design, Materials and Processes, Bed, Population of low income, Pallets, Ecodesign. 1. INTRODUCTION We bring for quarrel the project of an object of design with sustainable characteristics. We will approach sustainable concept of support, materials, enclosed population and Projetual methodology. With the increasing population of low income, the creation of cheap and sustainable projects is noticed necessary to decide some of its necessities. In our state, mainly in our city, the winter is sufficiently rigorous, and has many people, mainly children, sleeping on the soil directly, that is humid and cold.

Federal Constitution

Data of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) relative to the basic sanitation in year 2000 point that of about 230 a thousand tons of residues generated per year in Brazil, about 22% the open sky or lixes is destined the drains. The lack of efficient systems of separation, treatment and recycling, allied to low a percentage of taken lixos to recycle makes with that costs with the treatment of the garbage do not stop to increase and continue to have ambient problems associates to the production. In accordance with the Federal Constitution (art. 30, interpolated proposition V, of the CF) the Brazilian cities are the responsible ones for the urban cleanness, however, many of them are come across with barriers of partner-economic character, typical of developing countries, where they lack financial resources even though to cover the basic expenses with the sanitation. DEVELOPMENT Boarding: Recycling and Awareness the recycling would be for the city a more economic alternative since the selective collection presents, normally, a raised cost more. The recycling also needs the awareness of the local population for the reaproveitamento of products reused. Data indicate that, the measure that the collection and the recycling of the discarded materials present as an income-producing alternative, a productive activity becomes, generating job and income. One of the forms for the combat to the destruction of the nature it is the awareness of the society on this thematic one, searching solutions to still paralyze the destruction and, to invert the situation with action of recovery of the environment..

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

It is known that atoms with uneven number of mass or prtons (atomic number) generate magnetic field, when submitted the spinnings. The sweepings of a magnetic field and the induced voltage compose a graph, whose signals if relate with ‘ ‘ ambientes’ ‘ chemistries of atoms in study, what it can be used in the identification (for structural determination) of gotten organic composites of syntheses or natural extrations. In the case of the Nuclear Magnetic Hydrogen Resonance (RMN 1H), the electronic density of a hydrogen atom influences in the effect ‘ ‘ blindagem’ ‘ of this atom, front to a magnetic field, in way that, how much lesser it will be the electronic density, less ‘ ‘ blindado’ ‘ it will be the hydrogen atom in study. An increase in the shield implies, also, in the increase of the necessary energy for the vibration, meaning increase in the frequency and the field. Comparing hydrogen atoms of molecules of iodometano and methanol, bigger shield in the first composition is verified.

This can be explained on the basis of the eletronegatividade difference enters iodine and oxygen atoms: in methanol, it has a lesser electronic density on hydrogen atoms, therefore ‘ ‘ eltrons’ ‘ strong they are attracted by the oxygen and, therefore, these hidrognios possess minor shield. As the iodine atom is less eletronegativo of what of oxygen, the electrons of hydrogen atoms of the iodometano are more weakly attracted (if compared with the ones of methanol), favoring a bigger electronic density in the hidrognios of the iodometano, that, for in such a way, can be said ‘ ‘ more blindados’ ‘ in relation to the ones of methanol. One notices, that the eletronegatividade also is a factor of influence in this study. The hydrogen atom (h) is eletronegativo of what of silicon (Itself), for in such a way, in the tetrametilsilano composition (TMS), with formula (CH3) 4Si, the hidrognios are ‘ ‘ well blindados’ ‘ (with raised electronic density).

Design Room

They are each time evidentes, since the traditional model bought soon, until the personalized ones. The headboard is an extension of the bed and must contribute for sleep, beyond composing the decoration also helps to bring personality. One of the choices most important of the room, either it of couple or bachelor became. Models do not lack in them, as the done ones in MDF, plaster, paper of wall, mirrors, glass colored, ink or adhesive, the important one is you to choose and shape a headboard that translates its style.

One remembers that it will go to compose the decoration of its room, therefore must always be communicated with the environment in one all, exactly that you choose the headboard as has detached of the decoration, to primar for the unit of the elements still is a good tip. In the models with rustic style an excellent idea is the recycled materials, does not exist rule, the model is the criterion of its look. That old door, I cover or it of a wooden table, a made unusable window, the door of a closet, some item can be used, it is enough to pass for a reform or to keep its natural state well will have been conserved, what it counts here is its good taste and look sharpened in reusing the materials, detaching that an old furniture is not the same that an old furniture a little of care and criterion in this choice will fall well. In aconchegante headboard valley the penalty to bet in fabrics or paper of wall, if mainly elect the neutral tones that calm. The texture of the fabric confers to the environment a more comfortable air. Fabrics with floral reasons bring the sensation of joviality and joy. For gladder reasons, the inks with its varieties of shades help in them to translate the effect desired, either in an only color or the combination of some colors, as for exemlplo the stripes, in the room of an adolescent a playful idea is the graphite art, is enough to choose the preferred subject.

for a cheaper option without losing all the beauty that the headboard can have, we find the adhesives that possess a infinity of models, is enough to find an image, drawing or photo that translates its idea, some of them already we find the sales ready. Most important it is never to abandon two rules that independem of the desired style, the headboards must be marked, to have an initial point and an end point. They can be horizontal, with the rectangular form, accepting the length of all the wall and preferring a maximum height of 1,70 meters, being in the space above the proper wall or another decorative element For vertical headboards the limit is in the measure of the bed, and generally they are charmosos when they reach the height of the ceiling, this model in small rooms helps to extend it, mainly will be in composition with mirrors. In any one of the two models, them must well always be illuminated. The models bought soon follow only one rule, beyond pleasing its style, never must enter in disagreement with the decoration of the room. It always looks for to idealize the sensation that you desire to have in its room, the headboards are excellent to bring – the reality there. Raquel Couple? Graduated and after graduating design of interiors. Proprietor of the office Divano? Arquitetura and Design.


To decorate the house is not something very easy, however it is not so difficult. Some forms exist to learn to decorate the house, are with dismissable substances, diverse periodicals and other accessories. First step before starting the decoration is to seat and to plan everything, where it wants that it is each thing and which are the colors to be used in its decoration, later make its list and go the purchases, remembering that it is always good for searching product in some store the same, therefore the times the price difference is well high. In case that you want to save, she makes this. Anna Belknap has much to offer in this field. After everything bought, we go to the work, starting for the room. One of the cmodos of the house where more flame the attention is the room, therefore it must be decorated with vibrant colors and some accessories well as, pictures, sculptures and cushions in the sofa, or another place if prefer. Already the kitchen, has that special touch of walls with decorative adhesives of fruits or any another food that to desire, therefore is the place of ours meal, then has that to be in accordance with the place. In the room, it is total in contrast, to use clear colors, and some pictures with photos, brings an excellent tranquillity, therefore it is the place where we have that to rest and the times to cool our head. To give to continuity the Tips of Decoration it has access here.

The Deaf

To teach itself to a deaf person she is necessary much more that a graduation, that a vast resume, and even though that a course of pounds. She is necessary that this educator is apt if to recycle, to open horizontes, to look in pedagogical practical its a capable method of if making to understand. Therefore it goes to have that to reformulate all the acquired knowledge and to transform into something new. He does not only treat yourself to translate concepts, but to transmit concepts in different contexts and situations. To be deaf person professor is not a simple task, is not enough to know Pounds, is necessary a perpetual exercise, therefore as all and any language it is alive, suffers linguistic variations, either regional, social and even though historical it, from there the importance of the professor as facilitador and intermediador of the language. It is necessary determination, ousadia and humildade.

It is if to leave to hear, or better, it sees until where it goes to the understanding of the deaf person, adding it new practical, concepts, information. Taking as example new the proposal educational, the bilingismo, that comes to allow the deaf pupil to construct a positive auto-image, therefore beyond using the language of signals as the natural language, goes to appeal to the Portuguese language to interact in the culture listener, and opening space for the mathematics the idea appears of applied concept the word. It is using the Portuguese language, and the pounds that will be arrived at the mathematical logic, that is, it is from the linguistic acquisition that if has that we can enter in the mathematical context and display the deaf person the resolution of mathematical questions without more problems. 1-Language of signals as first language the Brazilian language of signals? POUNDS are the basic tool for the elaboration of the discursiva formation of the deaf person.


But not to forget that this library has beginning in the classroom, with the professor who reads? in high voice? for its pupils the literature book, the poem, the periodical notice, returning to a time where the alfabetizado reader partilhava with the no-alfabetizado audience the enigmas, the information, the beauty of a written text. Recriar this time, to institute other readers? the net is gone making and escapes its creators, is extended in the world, supports this project and to know so new: the letter and the book in the life of todos.’ ‘ 2 2,1 OBJECTIVES GENERAL OBJECTIVE – To show the importance of the social paper that the librarian plays before the functional illiterates. Swarmed by offers, Gina Bonati is currently assessing future choices. 2.2 OBJECTIVES SPECIFIC – To display the difficulties found for professional librarian when dealing with this type of public (illiterate functionaries). – To analyze the aspect of the present citizenship in the society, as form to become cliente its rights and duties. In recent months, Margaret Loesser Robinson has been very successful.

To present suggestions of as to work with a public (illiterate functionaries) with difficulties in abstracting information. 3 JUSTIFICATION the subject the social paper of the librarian in the combat to the functional illiteracy, was chosen by pointing two subjects of extreme importance with respect to the society: the social function of the librarian, while educator and the functional illiteracy as an insufficience of the educational system, whose deficiencies compromise the proper human development, as well as social and the emotional one. Brad Hames is full of insight into the issues. Such work is justified on account of the lacks of the population, for the urgency and necessity that the society has of being helped, for, then to surpass related problems the functional education that, for certain could belong to the past. The work that the librarian develops to recoup and to spread the information is essential, however it has capacity to give itself more than, hugging other causes, as the functional illiteracy that throughout the years comes growing to each year.