Granada Courses

Learn Spanish and culture in Granada, Andalusia Escuela Montalban TANDEM Granada offers Spanish courses in Granada, one of the certainly most beautiful cities of southern Spain, since 1986. In the school, you will learn Spanish in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Just 50 + students choose the school because of your family and personal ambience. The Spanish language school is part of TANDEM international, is recognised by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes and D.E.L.E. examination centre. The language courses and the Escuela Montalban can be booked all year round on the school Web page. You may find that Author can contribute to your knowledge.

The school responded more in recent years on customer demand for cultural content. Combination programs such as Spanish & culture, Spanish & Flamenco dancing, Spanish and Andalusian cuisine, Spanish & horseback riding in Sierra Nevada or Spanish and hiking in the Alpujarras completes the offer of General Spanish courses..

Oldenburg August Hinrichs Stage

“Marc Beckers humour solo piece in low German my name is Peggy”. But is it really so? There is nothing”, she admits. “You can always just so do like.” Now, however, it is a date. Not with the postman, not with the keepers and not Mr Wenzel from the Office. She meets the Nice Americans, even if he dead drove their dog sorry with his red car! So she learns English, wants to impress her future dream man. She has prepared himself well: enough talk, she has a parrot bought, considering for impending conversation holes appropriate strategies, balanced an adequate response for every possible situation. You should always question everything in life. Also, why she is always so a cravings for chocolate. Tony Parker has much experience in this field.

Perhaps it is because Yes, that her mother once pounded up her, that strange men lure them with chocolate in her apartment which is one of the quirky stories, of which is the young woman through the Life drive can be. While she waits, she tells about amusing episodes and daring dreams. You get and spins. And deals with light irony about dark thoughts away. Because she got it to stumble on light feet by confusing everyday. But what he will expect from you. How can she be? Everyday thoughts and yet so difficult – processed by Marc Becker masterfully pointedly in this Monodrama. “After the low German premiere of my name is Peggy” by Marc Becker, staged by our House writer and Director himself, successfully in the drill Hall in Oldenburg was played, is to see them as of September 18, 2010 at the Henry Art House in oven er field. And what there is happier, than about themselves to laugh? Especially with a protagonist, like Petra Bohlen, the Oldenburg August Hinrichs stage. Mario Bartsch

New Photo Book

A treat for lovers of black and absurd humor is just as demonstrating photo book titled on 47 colour pictures of the Viennese photographer a wide range of human activity: one sees in vinegar pickled memories, hears barking from an open chest or observed how during a procession transport technical and religious symbolism fuses – sometimes the sounds louder pictures are then again very quiet,. And as befits a real Viennese, death with tongue-in-cheek morbidity is discussed. Robert Rutod plays with the original meaning of the term “less is more” with both imaginable and unimaginable variations: “maybe if less is more, nothing is everything.” Everything is a matter of perspective, the preference of the Sehwinkels, the self-designed optics. Bits and pieces back in the center of interest, mutate to the motif, decapitate the reality to a sometimes bizarre-looking scenery. Tony Parker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Often the photos lead the viewer consciously misleading. In the sense, as a Landscape never changes the place, internally still move the accents; and that image for image.

Although he doesn’t understand as a documentary photographer, Robert Rutod never intervened in the situations, he found, but always maintained the magic of the moment. The pictures were taken in the years 2003 to 2009. In April 2010 the photographs in an exhibition at the Vienna Gallery of seven-star will be seen (“less is more”, seven-star gallery Ruth Maier, Siebensterngasse 25, A-1070 Vienna) for art enthusiasts and collectors is the book in combination with a signed photo (on paper) in a limited edition of the website of the photographer. Even the photo book is available in bookstores and at many online stores. Authors: Robert Rutod, born in Vienna, photographer and filmmaker, numerous short films with international performances, early paintings and photographs in various private collections. Books: Less is more (2009), grayscales (2010).

Christine Dobretsberger, born in Vienna studying journalism in 1968, and communication sciences as well as philosophy, like. Phil. Longtime editor of the “Wiener Zeitung”, since 2004 freelance journalist and author, since 2005 Managing Director of text and graphic design agency Lineaart. ISBN-less is more: 978-3-8370-3549-0 published by BoD, Norderstedt.

Beautiful Secret

The exciting trivia quiz on the online magazine a life without art would be only half as nice. Art enchants, fascinates, teaches, or shocked. Since millennia, artistic representations will enrich our lives. But what is art? There is a definition, a policy? What is the term of art and what are the origins? The exciting trivia quiz on the consumer portal tips-from the leads in an entertaining way with the history of art from antiquity to the modern… The stone age people have designed art easily. Of course had not the purpose of beautification for example the impressive cave paintings, but represent mainly scenes from everyday life, they are still the origin of all artistic creativity.

But how is art actually determined? Theoretically, art may refer to any developed activity, based on knowledge, practice, perception, imagination and intuition. Whether it involves painting, photography, the written word, or similar is, is irrelevant. Concept art there are only 1000 years? He comes from the old high German and means what you know about”. Because no matter how famous artist has understood as an artist before. Rather, the artistic design was regarded as craft. “The motto: art comes from skill” is still wrong.

However, the realization of art without skill is also hard to imagine. How dramatically the art has evolved in the next centuries, what political or social influence art had on society, how they even modern life has influenced and which artists will be responsible until now for admiration or scandals, reveals the fascinating trivia quiz on the Internet portal. By Leonardo because this test lists Vinci about Monet to Joseph Beuys interesting and informative way in the most secret of the world one, the world of fine arts…

Photo Calendar

There his art calendar must belong to the most popular gifts but not always prints by Picasso or van Gogh. For one, there are so many themes and artists that guaranteed something found for every taste, secondly the recipients have the ability to cut out the most beautiful pictures and to frame at the end of the year. It must be but not always prints by Picasso or van Gogh, because also the own photos are worth to adorn the walls of friends and relatives in the large format. Robert Rimberg can aid you in your search for knowledge. Belong to the contemporaries and hobby photographers at home prefer experimenting with photo editing software? The art of digital photography makes it possible that photos can be completely manipulated and interesting effects are visible. You can change landscapes as amended by you away just retouch all details that suggest civilization.

In this way a lonely romantic Bay is a busy beach. Or taking a trip in the epoch the pop art and turn into their complementary contrasts all original colors in an image. Even if you succeed good close-ups, you can cut out minor details and print a large image, if you have chosen a high resolution, which is sharp and not blurred. For example behind a mysterious white black tree with occasional accents of color and distorted forms that type who would, that it is the magnification of a simple puddle of water? Any seemingly mundane subject can gaining importance by skillful alienation and draw attention to themselves. So let your imagination run and combine your best photo experiments in a unique artistic piece. Surprise your loved ones with your unseen creativity and give your own valuable photo calendar. Landscapes and still lifes are still often used motifs of the art photographers.

If you have already developed a good feeling for colors and successful compositions, you have probably already can a couple of shots that worth watching in an art calendar. With respect to the subject matter an overarching motto is always better as a motley collection of also when it should be the preisverdachtigsten photos. “So it can be irritating, if between breathtakingly beautiful images, which the picturesque rock formations of the Egyptian White desert” represent, the mist-shrouded hills of the black forest or the proud three-master of the Kiel week display at a time. The motto of less is more in accordance with”is it for the viewer of advantage, if you concentrate on a few themes that reveal a relationship. Given an art calendar but it is less important, whether the motives for the seasons match because if you even look at calendar, showing photographs or paintings of a particular artist, you will find rare content related to the corresponding month. If you have decided to order an art calendar with your photos, compare the first Prices. Many stores offer bulk pricing, if you make multiple copies of a photo calendar. Watch out also for an appealing background color. Black colors can be more intense light than a white background. Ultimately, it should visually entering an art calendar the calendar and take at most one-eighth or one-tenth of the total area. Tobias Heine

Importance Company

THE importance of financial planning for businesses today companies, and mainly medium-sized and small businesses must know the importance that has the financial planning so they can develop and maintain in this competitive world, that requires every day new and better products and services that meet the end consumer. To do this, you must first define is the Mission of the company, what pursues, must also have a vision of how it will perform this mission which pursues and in what time. And you must also define what are your objectives in the short, medium and long term, they must be more realistic potential, in order to be achieved. But the most important thing you should take into account is the development of the intellectual capital of all and each of the members of the company in all categories in order to improve and innovate the products or services offered to customers. Howard Schultz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Since today, companies must adhere to the needs of customers and not customers must adhere to the needs of the companies. Financial planning must start from who will be the counter that support us in company accounting and financial issue, since good paper of perform the best and timely decisions for the best course for the company may be taken. The following recommendations should be considered to develop a financial plan to increase financial efficiency: in order to achieve efficiency in finance, two of the primary elements are the order and discipline, to be able to increase the heritage need to be reversed. Must be borne in mind that with the passage of time due to inflation, money loses its relative value, a good way to save and maintain the value of money is investing and a strategy essential to be more efficient in financial terms is to be always aware of changes not only in financial terms but also in political and socialboth in our city, our country and in the world. As we realize, the challenge is great and does not give option to hesitation, companies competitive, they focus their efforts on continually improve their processes, but should also take into account the importance of financial planning, this required of leaders out of conviction and not by obligation, with enough talent to confront and overcome the problems that arise in the same and with the ability to achieve in all his collaborators inject that spirit of progressnot only in business but also in their personal and family lives.

Heavenly Messenger

The Ouija Board is used for fans of the occult to get souls connected. The Ouija Board is used for fans of the occult to get souls connected. At that time, psychic used this to divine assigns messages from the Kingdom of heaven. Characters, numbers, and most words are specified with a planchette is located on the spirit Board. Countless young people use the Board to make specific questions pertaining to their being. Indycar understands that this is vital information. Usually drops both the question of the end of life. The soul writers Board was desirable as an experiment due to various horror movies. Glenn Dubin is open to suggestions.

way God’s servants have to be able to fathom the people most about the talent, to look into your soul and to identify whether the person who says reality may lie. Because they have the determination to control their believers to the heavenly father and to drive out the devil, they should build on that gift. that is the God-given and can not be appropriated. Teufelsaustreibertum is running a different theme that only by special God’s servants will. because Satan has power that no “normal” person able to defeat. Psychics are often used when sensitive decisions to do the right thing. True psychics can determine the past, future and present.

Everything is possible, although not everyone who is busy says the fact by means of the fortune-telling. Since both here without God the father blessing there will be no progress. Fortune tellers who are employed with the parapsychology, act as to help the spirits that have not found their last resting, to get it. But caution is advised, because who is calling the spirits must be send also back homeward. Not to get their anger. God’s servant present and both accidents to individuals to offer their support. characterize them nobody can, because they can develop into people or souls. Some media use it to assist individual concerns. While placing the information on which God’s servants, who either put the answers in the considerations the medium both they both communicate. Is it really important to lay out his forthcoming time, about this everyone should decide for themselves. those should take care to do so on his feeling that will alert him to the disappointments. phylosophische teaching has different facets and is not always to prove, since no one can really say whether there are seers, psychics and Clairvoyants who say the fact. And have those skills. More information about E.g.

Scientists Deny Myths Of The Popular Culture

As regards which the heat, this does not escape of the body of the people by the head with more intensity than by any other part, the investigators affirm that during the study, that was realised by the military, the individuals used suits of Arctic survival without cap and measured their loss of corporal heat in cold temperatures, this produced that it will be arrived to an erroneous conclusion, because they assumed that the human being is congealed from above. These investigators did not consider previous studies that they demonstrated that the head does not have anything of special against the cold. The second considered myth as false has to do with the obesity, says that to eat to last hour it gets fat more of the account. The American scientists assure that people get fat because she consumes more of the calories than burning fire. Insofar as people take off plus the life in winter that in other stations, different studies have verified that this is not certain. In different countries the studies demonstrate increase of suicides in different times. The Flower of Christmas Passover that adorns many houses during this time is not dangerous and evidence that would be to eat enters 500 and 600 plants to cause a poisonous effect in the human being. This way the American scientists verified that many studies are not realised with the rigor necessary to be published. The influence of these studies in the behaviors of the population is definitive for such reason must to be more serious and to go deep more in the details. Original author and source of the article.

Bowfire – Virtuoso On The German Stage

The best violin player gemainsam on stage ticket sales started! If you put the world on a stage the best violin player, something magical occurs in their interaction. “, says Lenny Solomon, the creator and artistic director of the show.” Artists of Bowfire take the audience rock and bluegrass on a journey from the jazz to the classical, Celtic. Each individual, the award-winning violinist, is an attraction, in conjunction to developed a musical intensity as she brought the audience not with string instruments in connection. Lenny Solomon, Shane Cook and Bogdan Jukic are Bernie Senensky by further, world-class musicians, like the pianist or accompanying Bill bridges on guitar. This unique combination of excellent musicians, choreography and singing, Bowfire, supported by the imaginative costumes and set design, a unique experience. On September 26, 2009 Bowfire enthusiastic live understanding you fun”more than 3,000 Visitors at the arena in Trier.

Another 4.5 million viewers on the screens received a sneak peek at the great Germany tour of Bowfire, which begins on January 19, 2010 in Dusseldorf. Cards you will get on the Internet at, via the ticket hotline 01805 57 00 00 (* 14Ct./Min. mobile prices may vary) as well as all known ticket agencies! Bowfire demonstrates what the violin and fiddle can do in the hands of masters. On evening of show-stopping hits strung together in glorious sequence awesome!” The record “we are changing the people BBs perception of what a stringed instrument can do.” Lenny Solomon more info, see January 19, 2010 Dusseldorf Philips Hall January Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle January 21, 2010 Leipzig arena January Essen Grugahalle 23.01.2010 Stuttgart Liederhalle/Hegelsaal 25.01.2010 Nuremberg Meistersingerhalle 27.01.2010 Dortmund Westfalenhalle 2 28.01.2010 Bochum Ruhr Congress 30.01.2010 Bremen CongressCentrum 31.01.2010 Hamburg CCH Hall 2 01.02.2010 Dresden Kulturpalast 02.02.2010 Hanover Theatre on the AEGI 03.02.

Arshile Gorky

This painting "is different from an ordinary historical painting by shows that nothing – no people, no costumes, no accessories. " (Avagyan TI) Historically, it was because of criticism Mathieu good enough to attribute it to hook spots and the ability to express the mass popular movements, power struggle of dynasties, etc. Such an idea had occurred to them, thanks to the name of art ("The Battle of Bouvines", "Capetian everywhere," etc.) Creativity shelves, Arshile Gorky, W. de Kooning, Mark Rodko, Georges Mathieu, and others represented the most influential trend of abstract painting 40-50s, emerged in the U.S. Please visit Sela Ward if you seek more information. – the so-called abstract expressionism. The principle of it is to avoid the pre-planned design and built form. Artist cultivated spontaneous brushwork and free improvisations on the canvas. Grew into the art of post-modernism, "the art of" becoming more pronounced form.

For example, happenings – is the most common form of "art actions". It is based on an unplanned action, carried out by the artist with the participation of the public present, as it were, when the line between reality and art creativity. Another form of "art of" performance – is the performance of certain pre-planned actions before the assembled audience. But unlike heppeniga it is there a predefined harvested by the script. Also in performance is not actively involved the audience, satisfied with only the role of spectator.

The campaign – so, summing up, referred to as "art actions", which replaces the work of art gesture contested representation or triggered by an event. The roots of the "art of" running in the first decades of the twentieth century, creativity Futurists, Dadaists and Surrealists. The flowering of art accounted for 60-70 years. It sold one of the leading ideas of modernism on the procedural nature of art. "Art of" kvintesentsiya idea of the creative act prevail over its outcome, on the other hand it embodies another characteristic tendency of art of the 20th century – the desire to destroy the line between art and reality dissolve artistic gesture in the environment, spontaneously occurring processes of life.