Self Protection

Tarot Reading is a great way to predict the future and understand how the current reality, the present structure from what has been lived in the past. But the power of Tarot Reading can also be used as a tool for personal growth. With this tool you can experience a great inner development through a disciplined routine of daily rituals. Moreover, there are various own free Tarot rituals that are specifically aimed at the self protection, here are some of them: 1. Ritual of the calendar: this is a ritual to prepare for issues related to the work and study. This ritual will protect you against betrayal made by rivals and coworkers and help to prepare the people of the surprises that may appear in the future. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ken Kao. This reading is performed with the deck hand, five cards in a row independent are dealt. Each of these letters is an indicator of what will happen every day of the week, starting with Monday.

Just look at the letter in question and reading It will mean a future fact. This ritual is used to prevent clashes with bosses, teachers, co-workers and friends. Further details can be found at Ken Kao, an internet resource. 2. The daily letter: in this ritual must shuffle the cards and take one of them in the morning. Do this ritual early in the morning, keep the letter all day with it, study it, consulted online about its meaning and begin to know him. .

Energy of the Charter is for the entire day. There are no bad cards in this ritual, since it is possible to protect different things with them. At night, it is necessary to return the letter to the deck of Tarot and stir all the deck. This should leave covered until the next morning and the next day perform the same ritual. 3. The Tarot as the best friend: this ritual of the Tarot has its roots in the first two methods. If you practice one or both of these rituals for a time, it is possible to begin to notice that some letters work very well for certain situations and people. After several weeks getting to know, it is possible that you have certain letters of the Tarot as favorites that offer very good feelings and transmit very good energy in everything you do. This is a higher stage of consciousness within the Tarot. So a believer begins to really understand the manifestations that emit certain letters and like them their energy can become a form of protection from the dangers that exist around us. Each Tarot card has a goals and a protective function, in such a way that one must know what are the powers they possess to understand each one of the three rituals that we have mentioned here. For ye then of doubt, it is best to follow a little more researching this topic.