Allterrain Amphibious ARGO

SUVs, reliable technology, but its capabilities are not limitless. And it is unlikely the owners of expensive cars are willing to ruin them in a cross-country. To travel around the swampy and difficult terrain. Better use all-terrain amphibious Argo. Abroad using these ATVs individuals, government agencies and the army.

Some models of all-terrain vehicles used for the Coast Guard, for agriculture and forestry, industry. In Ukraine, ATVs ARGO is the official distributor of technology Argo, the company Argo center of Ukraine ". In some warmer countries for the regular army. In Ukraine, the technique preferred by hunters and ARGO anglers, lovers of extreme entertainment. When almost impossible to reach hunting grounds on foot or by jeep. In this case, using all-terrain ARGO.

Canadian ATV ARGO – a full-fledged car for comfortable ride in off-road conditions. Wonders of the speed on it, of course, not prodemonstriruesh (it's not race car), but where the usual SUV begins to "sort out the wheels, all-terrain Argo rides without much difficulty. Moreover, these amphibious ARGO not comparable to the cost c solid jeeps: the price of the basic model Argo begins at $ 19,970.00. But believe me, it's worth it! Again, the fuel consumption in heavy-duty off-roader at 35 liters per 100 kilometers, the ATV ARGO – 10 liters. We give a brief technical description: Centaur 8×8 – engine B & S Daihatsu, (turbo diesel), volume 952 cc, r / n 700 kg. Industrial and commercial applications, public sector, army, hunting base, agriculture and forestry Avenger 8×8 – Engine Kohler Aegis, 700 cc, with 25-inch wheels, all-terrain vehicle, amphibious vehicle with permanent four-wheel drive to transport people and equipment by impassable terrain and through water.

Power Plus

And it's good. What to do next? According to recommendations for the use of biocatalysts, replaced fuel filter. He was really hammered. Physically, this is easily explained. The catalyst was cleaned the fuel system, the flow of gasoline tubules moved all the dirt in the filter. All logical. Looked into the carburetor. It occurred to me that there is full of dirt. Nothing like that. All clear. Smoked, screwed the bolts back – that's the whole prevention. Incidentally, the second replacement filter I made a week later. He was unusually fast clogged. But later no problems. Frankly, I am now about the planned replacement of the filter not worried. In fact, why change the filter if it is clean? Biocatalyst I have kept in the glove compartment. " Nothing special to him not happened. But the familiar tanker said that a bottle should not be left in a car in the summer sun or winter night. Keep best at temperatures between +5 to +30. And such a climate only in the apartment or garage. It is necessary to fill the tank – took a bottle of themselves. And if you forgot – there is no special trouble. Zalesh with biocatalysts in next time. In spring and autumn bottle can always carry with me. One bottle of biocatalyst Power Plus mpg I have enough for twelve full tanks is about 480 liters of gasoline. Perhaps I am particularly settlement instructions and has not adhered to. Ran on gasoline that 6150 miles.