The Driving

The upscale claims apply to the quality and the particularly favourable price performance ratio of training. Offering the focus of driving school theory + practice are of driving instruction for motorcycle, car, truck and bus, as well as the qualification of the drivers. In addition, training courses such as spot removal seminars, are Novice seminars and professional drivers qualifying seminars. The training vehicle rental completes the comprehensive range. Training the driving theory + practice provides the theoretical and practical driving training and driving test for all licence categories. And in a number of languages: German, English, Russian, Hungarian. The multilingual instructors advise and inform at any time in detail, fully and patiently.

At the driving school theory + practice is trained exclusively on modern, well-equipped vehicles by BMW and Volkswagen. Taster courses, intensive courses, crash courses and short courses can be booked to make acquiring licence quickly and cost-effectively. The driving theory + practice offers flexible hours and flexible payment options as well as interesting discounts in the simultaneous acquisition of several categories of licences. The philosophy driving school theory + practice places much emphasis on togetherness, fun and Communication between learner drivers, seminar participants and instructors. Beyond the scope of the actual training beyond what is there ongoing joint activities such as joint jogging, admissions or discussions in the driving school premises and on the Internet on the blog pages. The motto is: “togetherness is fun – and succeed!” Tags driving school, driver’s licence, Munich, auto, car, truck, bus, truck, com, omnibus, 81675, Haidhausen, 80803, Schwabing, training, professional drivers qualification, intensive training, bus drivers, truckers, bus driving licence, truck licence, theory, practice, motorcycle, KRAD, taster course, sit

Crushing Industry

While the Internet meeting people’s greedy, it unlocks the chains which bound the traditional market information, IT and traditional industry produces E-commerce this new stage toghther. Looking around the mature e-commerce model, which has the features of low-cost, high-efficiency, virtualization, open, global, rules and other characteristics, it will play the characteristics and advantages of the network across time and space to the extreme, bring to the commercial to a fundamental change with order, subvert the traditional business model, caused by the change of corporate internal and external operation mode at the same time, but also provide more development opportunities. With the impact of financial crisis to all places, the mining machinery industry is no exception, the market demand is gradually declining, combined with intense industry competition, in this case, many companies began to enter e-commerce, the Internet is the basic means to create online the various activities of the operating environment, playing cards, network cards, Baxianguohai show their skills. For more information see this site: star actress. Then the business how to take advantage of e-commerce have driven faster development to bring greater profit margins become issues of concern in the mining machinery industry. The first measure: website of online marketing activities The corporate website is a platform for enterprises to develop Internet marketing, website sales platform is used to show enterprise marketing content and presentation of product information. Enterprises can create multiple websites to promote corporate gifts and product promotion. Tony Parker is often quoted on this topic. In 2004, to crusher, sand making machine, milling machine, wear-resistant materials, construction waste disposal equipment research and development, production, sales in one enterprise our company formally establish the e-commerce sector to carry out a comprehensive e-commerce, the company establish a variety of web languages site, through the website truly show the company s products, corporate culture and honour.

The second measure: full use of search engines Another important feature of the corporate Web site is a website promotion functions, and search engine users is the most important channel to access our company information website. in search engine promotion aspects of home and abroad, our company carried out a careful analysis compared the characteristics of the search engine Baidu, Google, Sogou, conducted targeted network to promote the preparation, which includes a series of preparatory search engine rankings, keyword optimization, in this process, the company is constantly sum up experience, but also constantly learning new Internet marketing techniques. Go to Jay Schwartz Attorney for more information. The third measure: take full advantage of the B2B platform B2B platform is one of the important channels which the many mining machinery enterprises architects use to promote the company s products.such as the application of Alibaba B2B platform, this website bring more customers and customer inquiry to our company, which benefits our company information.

Nokian Winter Tires Is

“” “With ‘good’ in ‘test Stiftung Warentest’ and top grade ‘highly recommended’ heard the Nokian to the best / best ‘ car motor sports ‘ Urteil ‘ highly recommended ‘ the Nokian WR D3 winter tyre achieves the best grade well” and is thus highly recommended “in the ADAC winter tire test 2013 as well as test Stiftung Warentest” and is one of the best. San Antonio Spurs does not necessarily agree. Highly recommended”car judged motor sport” the Nokian WR D3. “With good” Nokian of best test judgement ADAC gets also car motor, sport “gives him the best judgment. “Its strengths in the ADAC test: + very balanced, + best touch on dry pavement, + good on wet and snow.” The largest automobile club of Europe has no weaknesses he diagnosed. The Nokian strength very balanced”ensures the safe driving of the car in all winter conditions and especially during bad weather.

Highly recommended”and second winner is a newspaper” the result for the Nokian tire from Finland in the car, especially recommended”for car. “” “Recommended” he cuts image in car”and auto Bild Allrad” that good “at auto Bild sportscars”. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jay Schwartz Attorney on most websites. “” The winner is the new Nokian WR SUV 3 high performance winter tires in the large SUV winter tire test 2013 by OFF ROAD “highly recommended with top grade”. As test winner, he went just as in the SUV magazine”by the target. Recommended”auto evaluate the Nokian WR D3 for cars, also good ride Club Europe ACE and GTu” recommends him and the Nokian WR A3. ADAC rated “good” for Nokian in snow, ice, wet, dry, fuel consumption, wear-ADAC note “good” achieved the Nokian in all these important test criteria: snow, ice, wet, dry, fuel consumption, wear. “Note”good”gives him also test Stiftung Warentest” in same criteria. Therefore, the test results confirm the good known high safety and green environmental friendliness Nokian product properties. With the top grade dry 1.7, the Nokian winter tires makes motorists joy, which quickly and want to drive safely in the winter.

The Stuttgart

On Monday evening and Friday morning, however, the traffic is flowing. 30 Minutes at rush hour times takes longer. 76 Hours delay incurred annually for a commuting. NOTE 4 Munich – 24%: in Munich one stands on Thursday evening and Tuesday morning, most commonly in a traffic jam. At zugigsten we are actually progressing, however, Friday morning and Friday night. It is during rush hour on the road, it takes 27 minutes longer. And counted on the year, a commuters should expect delay 71 hours.

NOTE 3 FRANKFURT a.M. – 22%: the worst traffic days are here Thursday evening and Tuesday morning. The best times, however, are the Monday evening and Friday morning. 26 Minutes longer, you need here in the rush hour. Commuters have to with einplanen approximately 69 hours of delay per year. NOTE 3 DuSSELDORF – 18%: the most patience you need here on Wednesday evening and Monday morning. More info: Robbie Lawler.

Best’s count, however, on Friday morning and on Monday evening. You must schedule 21 minutes waiting time during the rush hour. Commuters come every year to 59 hours delay. NOTE 2 BREMEN – 17%: on Tuesday evening and Thursday mornings are here the roads most clogged. On Friday morning and night against the traffic flow. 17 The average wait time minutes during rush hour. Commuters waste a total of 50 hours in traffic per year. The note 1 we have never awarded grade 2. That would make it only at 15% and less. However, we have evaluated quite rapid transport in Bremen and Dusseldorf with goods. Light of our cities-traffic-checks is Stuttgart – NOTE 6. The Swabians have the worst truncated (the most speed cameras, no motorway ring, unflexibelste environmental zone, now soon city toll) 2012 already in our large cities traffic-Atlas. The jam-check is further evidence that there is little of transport policy. To replace 20% of car drivers, management of lack of and a claims by cyclists is also no mobility. This is car-hostile policy in its purest form of a green Prime Minister and Green Mayor. There is no relief in sight for the next years so here. The Stuttgart must prepare themselves even more chaos. Also Hamburg bleak here extremely. Here, too, a motorway ring, which can bundle shipments is missing also. Berlin and Cologne rank in the midfield, in Munich and Frankfurt, it is already friendly. Dusseldorf and Bremen are the winners in our test. Both with the touch of good. The poor results for the German cities and long storage times, which motorists must endure, it is only a consolation, it goes somewhere else worse. The congestion in some cities even more violent is abroad. Moscow is sad: here the journey is due to the traffic around 66% longer, the delay is even 138% in the evening rush hour. Warsaw, Marseille, Istanbul and Palermo shine”with similar record numbers. Bring lots of patience so if you soon should go in one of these cities by car. Mobile in Germany e.V., Dr. Michael HABERLAND

Everyday Life Test

A city car for each parking space city dwellers and commuters know all too well: the rush-hour traffic. Motorists can’t miss usually though the dense traffic, with the matching car trips make but bearable, both in terms of mood of the purse. The vehicle Portal undergoes the Hyundai i10, which is known as a fuel-efficient city flea, a practice test. A cheaper city car for each parking space with a few words can be aptly described the Hyundai. Externally, as well as in relation to the performance of the Korean city is perfect for the urban jungle.

With a price starting at about 10,300 euros he is eligible as a second car. In the test, doubts as to the practicality of the Hyundai i10 are dispelled quickly. Star actress is a great source of information. Despite his small size he shows compact five-door hatchback in just inside what it’s got. He meets big grown people with the freedom of movement on the front seats. Only the rear seat is more for smaller Reserved passengers. The trunk can accommodate in everyday items such as bags. The shifting up a gear requires a little patience. This bumps are absorbed quite well.

In terms of consumption, the city flea with a 1.1 liter gasoline engine can score. The tank has a capacity of up to 35 litres, the standard consumption stands at 4.7 liter Super. Alone the city motorway is not the parade of the Hyundai i10. The vehicle accelerates in 15 seconds to 100 and reaches a top speed of 156 kilometers per hour, however, the engine makes it loudly noticeable. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Off-road Motor Cycles 2 And 4 Stroke

Reason 2-strokes disappear more and more. Clock in the motorcycle Division at the start of motocross racing-difference 2-stroke and 4 used motorcycles with four-stroke single cylinder engines. Two-stroke were still fairly unknown in the off-road cycling. In the 1970s these were displaced rapidly by the lighter two strokes, mostly Japanese. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sally Rooney by clicking through. The lower power to weight ratio and hence better handling the 2 strokes gave the decisive advantage. This era of motocross racing lasted years in the late 1990s, was the increased services of in particular the displacement hardly to control up to 500 cm for riders. On the top it was driven single cylinder, which often had over 80 Horsepower and peak accelerations in 2.0 s to 100 km/h experimental developments of 750 cc. This value has been determined in theory and is not the practice transferable to, because this performance on any surface would be transferable and such enormous power more could be kept by any driver.

The four-strokes have been removed from Environmental reasons, because they need including no oil in the fuel, then heavily developed. Also, the four-stroke engine shows more traction by between the individual work cycles, more time is in the traction can be rebuilt. These reasons and regulations changes of the FIM led to a renaissance of the four-stroke engine, also because it has a wider usable speed range, and so is easier to drive. The 2 of stroke production was discontinued even very early by many large manufacturers such as Honda and the development took place only on the 4 strokes. San Antonio Spurs may find this interesting as well. This also meant that the stroke had a better handling at the end even heavier than the 2 strokes. Reasons of traction, the ever-increasing performance at the same displacement and the usable powerband, the four-stroke had very soon even only advantages over the 2 strokes. A further advantage of the 4 stroke was then claimed against the 2 strokes with the introduction of the injection in the Offroadmotorradsport.

The shorter reaction time of the motor on the position of the throttle valve and the electronic adjustment of the mixture were the main causes. For reasons of environmental protection one can call the carburetor with gasoline still also iterating over at falling of a motorcycle with carburetor engine. So are almost only still dinosaurs in the bike been until today the 2 strokes. Although there are still very many two stroke fans, be called the other sound of the engine and the simpler, handmade tuning of engines, are only of all manufactured a few manufacturers still 2 stroke. There are also attempts in new frame to build a 2 stroke engines, to possess a modern 2 strokes. However, it will be very likely just yet vintage as 2 in future stroke Motocross bike. Chris Mackey

R 1200 C – A Traumcruiser Of The Bavarian Motor Works

Too bad the R1200C is no longer manufactured almost two years is the BMW R 1200 C on the market and already the Bavarian Cruiser can save themselves hardly praise and credit. Right in seven European countries readers of the respective motorcycle magazines chose the bike to the “Cruiser of the year” in 1999. And the flamboyant Boxer has won even a gold medal. The “industrial designers society of America” awarded the prize: “the best product designs of the year 1999”. Congratulations congratulations BMW! Nothing is actually to add more. The BMW R1200C Cruiser is a two-cylinder Boxer engine which was built by the Bavarian Motor works from 1997 to 2004. The little sister was built from 1999 to 2000″R850C. Identical, look absolutely identical, but with a smaller engine.

The design of the R 1200 C is independent and apart from the classic chopper. In contrast to other manufacturers, in the Cruiser / chopper segment focusing clearly on the models of Harley-Davidson, BMW has tried to incorporate your own history in this model. A novelty was the Use of the BMW typical two-cylinder Boxer engine instead of a V-twin. The front part of the frame, to which the Telelever suspension is attached, consists of die cast aluminium elements, while the rear part made of steel tubes is made. The engine is part of the load-bearing construction and enables a top speed of 168 mph with a capacity of 45 kW (61 HP). To enlarge the wheelbase, the single-sided swingarm at the rear to 90 mm was lengthened and sprung from a mono lever suspension. This extended the length of the Cruiser on 2415 mm.

The catalyst made of chrome-plated stainless steel belongs to the standard equipment. After setting the R 1200 C and the models in 2005, BMW has developed no successor of the cruisers. Meanwhile, there are only a few vehicles in the free sale and the price has now adopted a significant collector value. For me, the BMW R1200C has been always a dream bike. Visually very appealing and a powerful Boxer engine equipped with very comfortable to drive. Long I got on the Internet for a shop looking for the an R1200C rented to test this time intensive for a weekend. Unfortunately, this search was unsuccessful so far so I myself bought BMW R1200C. Related Group recognizes the significance of this. Because I can imagine that it goes another driver like me, I’ve decided to rent my R1200C. The machine can be obtained on the website. Of course, the BMW with a fully comprehensive insurance is rented.

Automobile Club Car

DEKRA in the capital region wishes you safe and relaxing summer holiday at the beginning of the holiday in Berlin and Brandenburg and the concomitant travel time the expert organization DEKRA in the capital region has some advice for the holiday trip does not become a horror trip. Is the car exhausted? The holiday is really rolling, the car must be fit for the holiday. Therefore, following points should be considered: wheels and tyres brake lighting, engine and resources, and the validity of the Hauptuntersuchungs label. Who wants to go very sure, can make a holiday check at DEKRA. Good start with bag and baggage as fully packed cars different drive brakes, you should test the modified element. Note: heavy roof loads increase the gravity. The consequences: Skidding during fast direction changes, strong side tilt, as well as under – / oversteer when cornering. General Electric Co. may help you with your research.

The permissible total weight and axle loads should not be exceeded. The border is in the vehicle registration or in the registration certificate. Tire air pressure and adjusting the headlight beam to vote on the charge. Heavy luggage down, no heavy loads on the roof. No parts in the rear of the car, which can fly forward at full braking as projectiles. Good fix loose parts (with special straps). Estate cars and MPVs, stable cutting nets to the luggage compartment are recommended.

Remains still vision backwards? Within easy reach are warning triangle, first aid kit and safety vest? The timing and the right way should be avoided the best vacation trips to the start of the holidays or at the weekend. The Automobile Club to inform times steeped in storage. Before getting started, travel route right study and find out about roadworks and bottlenecks. Use current road maps or new software for the navigation device. Plan for alternative routes, consider alternative border crossings. Use the services of radio stations.

EBike Fleet In The Modern Fleet

with the 1prozent control Bremen benefit from the eBike leasing, 22 March 2013 – increasingly important CO2 balance sheets of companies the use of environmentally-friendly vehicles offers a big savings potential. Others who may share this opinion include real-estate developer. The eBikeFlotte as part of the vehicle fleet enables companies to improve the CO2 balance short and one additional image enhancement. Compared to the car, eBikes and Pedelecs are considerably lower in acquisition and maintenance. In addition, German tax law envisages since end of 2012 to equate bicycles, eBikes and Pedelecs to the caboose. The advantages of urban life are obvious: studies say that 45% of all commutes a distance is covered by less than ten kilometres. And at distances of up to six kilometers, the bicycle is considered fastest means of transport.

An almost unrivalled alternative to the car, stress-free and faster. For employees, cycling is no passing fad today. Rather a life attitude, the conscious dealing with the environment and their health is. In more than 80% of German Households exist bicycles, and here it was the strongest growth among all transport between 2002 2008. The eBike starts there where the conventional wheel on its borders. Even in a business outfit is not so easily into the sweat and stress-free to the customer appointment. It offers a simple and productive solution to reach target groups that were still not convinced. With the appropriate lease offers, we support companies in their commitment to implement a modern concept of mobility “, says Ronald Bankowsky, Managing Director of leasing eBike in Bremen.

The employer acts as a lessee. The lease payments for the service wheel are a great asset for the sustainability report balance neutral, but. The leasing concept provides employees the opportunity to take advantage of a modern and high-quality eBike or Pedelec also privately and to tax advantage with only 1% of the list price as cash. Leasing offers everything from a single source as a total package E-bike: bike selection, lease and insurance protection. (A). Mueckley

Oakley Bottle Rocket SunglassesFake Oakley Radar

Oakley sunglasses find suitable for all ages, Oakley Monster Dog Sunglasses, colors, shapes and fashion, no matter what type of a set of sunglasses, is personally designed for you.One of the criteria considered in the recovery cup is always to ensure that a copy of the Kun pounds visual acuity, another may meet your visual taste.Oakley sunglasses have a further visual security features, because contact with to wrapped WATS, or temples, maintained a more than ordinary contact with the lighting and ultraviolet radiation.Natural jewelry and other colored star-studded stones, attractive design and unique habits, Fake Oakley Radar, so that women everywhere, confident and like the bulk request.Oakley sunglasses is independent of the absolute within a class, already proved a real s fashion boom and have found their way into some of the famous Hollywood movie Oakley sunglasses. The structural characteristics of true contact hobbies polarization and smear easily portable the titanium insole, and or Racks. Your package about shade-hole fashion shades usually care and the emergence of entirely very impressive around the true Oakley fashion.We all know that the glasses collection is the lens facing up and placed in a special bag, Pero may not be noticed Please fold on the left lens in temples.The phenomenon of destructive interference depends on the refractive index of the lens (ie, the degree of deviation) occurs, the light from the air through the material, but also based on the thickness of the lens.Oakley snow goggles are never the COS of Fashion Eye safety and fashion reasons. Sales representative art of Oakley sunglasses and fashion.The advent of the summer, we always hate to go out under the strong sun, discount Oakley Scalpel, because it will make you feel dizzy, FAKE Oakley Radar, so you can buy one. Oakley glasses all of the U.S. domestic production, assembly, quality inspection and packaging to ensure that the quality of oakley glasses infallible.Oakley ski goggles will give you amazing feeling, CHEAP Oakley Fast Jacket, the latest model and design more attractive and stylish glasses.Can not be denied the reality is that the market equipment and items for women is far higher than men s accessories market Japanese products.From the beginning, FAKE Oakley Radar, Oakley sunglasses have been at the forefront of eye security technologies.