Genius Food – Chilli

“Incitement to the cross-media cuisine 64 designers interpret 94 sharp pleasure rooms food is a need, enjoy is an art”, the French writer Francois de La Rochefoucauld already knew. Genius food is the creative experience cookbook for sharp thinkers and multimedia enthusiasts. On 360 pages it revealed to the reader a culinary interplay around the topic of chilli. In the joint project of 64 cooking enthusiastic graphic designers, architects, photographers and artists from 9 countries served its readers interactive access to the Fiery sharp cooking enjoyment. Crossmedia cooking experience the work is more than a book in limited edition that takes advantage of its cross-media platform the advantages of print, Web, and mobile media in the context of cooking interactively from: readers can browse the pleasure content free of charge under and download lists of ingredients or a sample chapter. The free download of the entire book in PDF format available is book owners. So the book can stay nicely in the living room and only the necessary printouts with hiking in the kitchen, to serve as inspiration and backing for the cooking wine.

The reader also via WAP or using a Flash widget can be accessed thanks to the mobile services from his cell phone directly on ingredient lists. So sharp pleasure is always only a click away. Flashy, minimalist, retro, witty or extravagant with creativity and artistic claims each of the authors is culinary and aesthetic taste questions. The ingenious recipes range from an erotic short story about a 0180 prescription”, in which the court via a telephone hotline on the table reaches, to the graphically excellent illustrated cooking guide. Nutrition in the year 2030 “part of the recipe is accompanied by a serial and the CHILLI TIMES, the readers fascinating insights into the Gastrosophy, the future of nutrition in the year 2030” and allow the world of capsaicinhaltigen plants.

The cookbook is affectionately by one who crafted chilli map completed, the reader exciting An appetite for culinary cooking tours makes details. Bibliographic data mind chilli (Hg.): genius food I CHILLI incitement to the cross-media cuisine 64 designers interpret 94 sharp pleasure rooms. Kassel 2008 360 pages, soft cover, sewn binding, full-color, 2 lid flaps. EUR 29.50 plus shipping. Cover from or

Dream Meets Reality

‘Between dreams’ – a book by Simone Guth “Between dreams” is the first book by Simone Guth. Experiences and fantasies can be processed to a story in which dream and reality meet, complement and enrich each other. The reality of the heroine Isabel is not exactly rosy: the parents live in divorce, including her brother and Isabel even suffer. They miss the father and do not understand why the family has fallen apart. The beloved Grandma does not suffer from a muscle disease and Isabel white, to deal with them.

You shy away from the encounter with the Grandma and the disease more and more. Can Isabel be intuitive in their dreams and comes to places where she learns something emotionally: In the first dream from her deceased Grandpa in the second dream of an Angel, and in the last dream a dolphin leads them to the place of good thoughts. The depth of their dream experiences accompanied Isabel also outside of dreams and their reality slowly begins to change. She is able to feel different, to think, and finally Another way to act. The author speaks in simple terms about serious topics. With their narrative, she would like to reach people who have to handle similar experiences. She hopes that they let the story touch Isabel’s and learn may also from her positive dreams to gain new courage to face life. Simone Guth bound between dreams 80 S.


New musician anecdotes select that illustrated only”in the title is not hateful, but intended as a stroke of luck. Because straight when, as there often are great musicians, their humanity amidst the work undermined exceptional people, it is not rare original special and solid worth way. “And because such events are born not just once, but over and over again, Renate Birkholz on the way made that long to enrich the popular with other, unknown treasures, coming from not only the word world, but also the pictorial world of Walter Bosch, the long time 1 Geiger of the NDR Symphony Orchestra was, with masterly hand in inimitable way his” noted conductors and thus created exquisite, the experience earned. An ideal gift for anyone who know to appreciate and love this world. Renate Birkholz musicians are only human musicians anecdotes with drawings by Walter Bosch ISBN 078-3-937378-15-2 12.80 FREIMUT & self publishing Dorotheenstr road 16 12557 Berlin phone/fax: +49(0)30-65265272 e-mail: web: