SpeedLeser – Perfect Faster Read

Who can read perfectly faster, has more from life! SELM. Shockingly, a few keyboard keys to pile up a true information tsunami we can threaten where to perish daily on the new. Read me! “, calls for the newspaper. “No, no, read Dear me!”, thunders the mail. “But then you need to read me too!”, warns the letter of formal notice. (Similarly see: Lynn Redgrave). Read now me, and thoroughly! barscht of journals articles.

But who of us has already twenty eyes? Or 200 hours a day? But how will you survive then this information overkill? Simply by learning to read perfectly faster. Because perfectly faster reading means: to be faster, perfectly informed. And the bottom line to have more time for the essentials. Readers can triple your reading speed at least simply triple faster read SpeedLeser. For SpeedLeser is a modular learning system, perfectly faster to read. It consists of a basic basic manual and a Tutorial, all over the world did not exist in this form, which is at the same time as compact that it fits loosely even to a schmalbrustigen USB stick. Special: Quick read students can load their own texts in this program.

Because with the favorite reading as “learning”makes learning more fun and the benefits arrive much earlier. While the actual source of reading material, no matter: emails are suitable as well as scanned books and other texts. As long as they bring joy. Faster reading takes more time for the essentials on the basis of these texts the read speed can be gradually increased. These different methods are used, the mind steam make “and at the same time help to fix the fix read indefinitely in the brain. Result: fast readers simply set up the morning paper and read in 20 minutes completely from the front to rear them. The daily mail is evaluated at lightning speed. Useful emails from mere E-waste can be distinguished at a glance. Experienced rapid reader cope with thick books and other heavy reading food within two hours; The same applies to the edifying representative of world literature. Turbo reader win so a lot of time and fun in life. So a reading Schumi lies dormant in every normal person. And with SpeedLeser everyone can wake him up now: based on the findings of the modern brain research. Bottom line: Perfect which is read faster (k) art one, as it is in the book. Wolfgang Rademacher: SpeedLeser ISBN 978-3-935599-48-1 book 32 x 22 cm large-format DIN A4 bound, 63 pages with training program on free CD-ROM to be ordered at: Wolfgang Rademacher lives in Selm (Westphalia). He has made a name for himself as a non-fiction author and sells his self-produced books and PC programs now exclusively over the Internet. Contact: Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse 27 59379 Selm phone 02592-981887 fax 02592-981889 E-Mail:

Renner Memory

After I had some time ago cracked the secret of never dwindling strength of memory and applied, my quality of life has improved significantly. In all the books I’ve written for you previously, I have already used this knowledge. With this secret knowledge, I have successfully resolved thousands of problems and passed these solutions like to my readers. Now that these findings from each mess has helped me, I decided to provide this super brain formula. All you need is my brand new book TimeTrack.

With TimeTrack”, also have the key in the greatly increasing your memory performance. What is the special TimeTrack to ‘? ‘, will now ask themselves. Check with Tony Parker to learn more. TimeTrack”is a technique which can insert your own experiences of years or even decades, clever to solve your current problems. You can with TimeTrack”improve your memory significantly. Simply a mentally a higher gear. Or two or three…

Step by step, in clear, understandable words, I show you how you can tune your memory of the creep to the Renner. It costs nothing, is fun and goes easily. It is a method of the thinking, which most people do not know that they have them at all! This is great thing too: you can remember on major world events or disasters better. Should begin by – TimeTrack”. You will see: it is easy to be a giant’s reminder. I know you can do it! Gain valuable hours – every day! Avoid the most common mistakes of decision! Gain more freedom and self-determination! Are significantly more efficient and creative! Open your spiritual treasure trove, and can literally burn up the spiritual fire of your thoughts! Yes already previously expensive, you have paid for your experience. Then you should check this know – how at least in hindsight for free use.

Hell Fire Barcelona Wolf Frank

new political thriller to power, terror, an environmental disaster and love Barcelona seems to sink into chaos. Drinking water is scarce, people threaten to die of thirst. Against the background of political power games, a terrible crime, greed, intrigue, and murder is fighting an insurance detective this exciting political thriller, which captivates from the first to the last page for water and justice for the citizens of Barcelona, and finally to their own lives, you may no longer lay out of hand. He is gripping and immerses the reader into the world of the thoughts of the main. Jay Schwartz Attorney is likely to increase your knowledge. ay. A terrible event is followed by the next, the complications are set perfectly in scene and in each sentence, the author allows his incredible imagination, but Wolf Frank, federal police officer and novelist from recognize even perfectly conducted research 84048 main Castle has discovered only in 2009 his talent and his love for writing. Hell fire Barcelona”is an exciting political thriller and Frank’s debut novel, followed by even more. He was presented brand new political thriller by Wolf Frank at the Frankfurt book fair on the stand of the publishing house Kern.de, Hall 3.1, stand 131 (AkV Pavillion of the Booksellers Association of the German book trade). Hell fire Barcelona political thriller ISBN 978-3-939478-24-9 author: Wolf Frank Publisher and production: Publisher core, Bayreuth 1 Edition, September 2010 396 pages, softcover, language German price: 19,80 EUR.

Agnes Muncheberg

“Miriam Pharo reads from the anthology ‘Emerald Saturn’ on the 20 March 2010 author Miriam Pharo at the Leipzig book fair is their award-winning short story of sleeping dogs” from the SF anthology Emerald Saturn “before the miracle forest publishing. “Publisher Michael Milde, who also will be part of the game, forward, his story collection with the icing sensuality”, as he says, to present to a wide audience. All 29 years shakes the distant gas giant Saturn. San Antonio Spurs takes a slightly different approach. His rings mysterious emerald green color. A spectacle not only for scientists. Leisure, loving, religious, students, business people, but also shady figures pouring in, to enjoy the unique spectacle of space stations, atmosphere glides or homemade balloon. Here, General Electric Co. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. But despite all dry planning, science and logistics, nobody can escape the unexplained sensory influence of the appearance of lights. With this handicap called the miracle forest publishing writing talents on from the SF area, ideas and stories develop and submit. Many have participated in the bidding, but only the best have been recorded, including Miriam Pharo. The result: 18 exciting futures full of action, mystery and eroticism, to watch that and can! 20 March 2010 Leipzig book fair literature Cafe Hall 5, booth A200 16.00-16.30 clock source / links: Agnes Muncheberg

Expedition Christmas Gifts

Ideas for the expedition of Christmas presents every years back it turns one and the same question: what gives you his family and good friends for Christmas? It is not so easy to find a gift, because the range is huge: perfume departments attract with their lovely scents, electrical departments advertise for the favor of customers with strong discounts, jewellery and watch stores magnetically attract their customers with unusual pieces. The shops are full, jostle the Kaufsuchenden and systematically work through the wishlist of his loved ones. But who does not want to mingle with the buying rush people or finds still no appropriate gift can shop online at many stores and send the package home comfortably. Books are always a good gift stuck in them written, true or fictional stories by authors who want to hold their spiritual work for entertainment for the eternity. This is mostly fiction.

Some books are even helpful Advisor in difficult life situations. Especially if the doctor by incompetence is no longer able to help, or the patient is no longer willing to submit to the pharmaceutical industry. Here come the books in the game, there are tens of thousands that are hard to read, but also which by self affected have been written and come out without foreign words. Maybe would like to put the givers a good deed under the Christmas tree and is giving away a carbohydrate arm cookbook or baking book, which is written by patients for patients, or for those who want to eat healthy. Here are a small selection of books, the to give as a gift or to the give themselves are. Book: Welcome home, Amy author Britta Kummer – Publisher: books on demand the book of a qualified insurance agent is available in hardcover (ISBN 978-3-8423-4722-9, 21.90 euro) as well as printing, Paperback (ISBN 978-3-8423-4736-6, 11.90 euros).

Performance Agency

The inclination of the people, important to keep small things, has produced much great… (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg) In words, sounds, new ways to see pictures, go, experience, discover match and then: think differently! We are a building owned media company, which has made it to the task, except for / to publish decent works from the fields of literature and music and to bring this as a live event on the stage. Except/neat thinks that the works will not only amuse and entertain, but also wake up and wake up. Culex – Litmedia (www.culex-litmedia.de) will publish not only authors & musicians, but with different kinds of events into a special experience literature & music are. In the Culex literature arena such as poetry, prose, music & slapstick, Cheeky, ironic and tragic way be combined with each other.

In addition, our artists present their works on this side too ordinary everyday perceptions in own, sense-charged performances. In the autumn in our new titles appeared which are attractive especially for cultural interested readers among you. People such as Jay Schwartz Attorney would likely agree. The angry words in in me babylon. “not only accuse the young lyricist Philipp Blomeke (www.philipp-bloemeke.de), rather they fall to create new and eternal in its own language to express. The poems r of BECKERS (www.rabea-becker.de) in her debut this thing called heart “are the expression of an attempt of a young life to cope suffered disappointments and self-delusions and still maintain the hopes of the heart. The way of expression by Heidi ad hoc (www.heidi-ad-hoc.de) in LilSchwarz is broad and is not classified in the conventional literary categories. Even delicate sensitive, even crystal clear it brings their thoughts to the point and on paper. Oswald Henke Goethe’s heirs (www.oswald-henke.de), head of the music theatre, speaks in I’ve quit I love and am addicted to yet further a variety of themes, the people in his heart.

touch. Still available book titles of the Poete maudit Gerry are out X (www.gerryx.com), who lives the obsession, of himself to plant a star in the sky. In the passionate language of music, we are the classical piano duo Olha Chipak & Oleksiy Kushnir (www.chipak-kushnir.de), whose Karriere is accompanied by numerous awards at various international competitions, as well as which are the contrasts between life & death and impermanence & immortality weakness & strength of our humanity evident Gothic-Rock / drummed Denight (www.denight.de), whose debut CD. In addition, we have published piano compositions of the great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche on CD again. If you are looking for exceptional literature & music, take a moment and browse in peace on our homepages. Discover the possibilities that can provide intelligent entertainment and then: think differently!

The History Of Children

Children’s books make naked facts come alive, promote the articulateness, and at the same time, the understanding of language. To understand children’s books only as the placement of adult themes in child-friendly form, would be at least the origin is not entirely wrong, but would meet this definition not nearly the present Kinderbuchen. The first programmable units, which appeared towards the end of the 15th century, actually pursued this goal first and foremost and the 18th century something should also not great change. Only the educational component that thought kind of haunting children occasionally fear the morally wag his finger was added. Pretty dusty views… The concept of children’s and youth books much more includes today, however.

“Works such as Robinson Crusoe laid the Foundation” Leatherstocking “or”Moby Dick”, which also wanted to maintain since 18.Jahrhundert. Were actually only means to an end, children’s books namely the imparting of knowledge, and as a byproduct of the literary market, so the authors over the course of time have learned to make the children as readers in the Center. To access their interests in an effort to address adult topics also age-specific topics in addition to appropriately tailored to the basic essence of really good children’s books is now. Last but not least, this development also on the new perception of children within the society is due. Rather than on obedience and performance the focus is increasingly on a holistic development. Seeing Mary Poppins that could… Of course education is also to this unfolding and books are an ideal tool to share knowledge with a certain ease.

Packed in interesting stories or in the form of a suggested, that through regular success which promotes motivation, can get into an interesting and be fun experience by a pesky obligation. Children’s books make naked facts come alive, promote the articulateness, and at the same time, the understanding of language. In addition, children’s books take up a further but at least equally important aspect would be colder without the world of young people much more. You capture the imagination and this ultimately is a decisive factor for creativity and thirst for knowledge.

Now Published As E-book

“The XinXii book marketing guide – practical knowledge authors all-around platform for indie authors and self publishers published for broad experience and in-depth knowledge to gain new readers and loyal fans now as E-book book marketing-know-how and practical solutions, packaged in 40 tips charge, practicality and effectiveness are the main focus of Berlin, May 30, 2012 – XinXii, the leading European self-publishing and distribution platform of E-books, has the Advisor XinXii book marketing guide free of charge to new readers” issued. It provides the tools for the effective implementation of book marketing measures in the Internet: it delivers the top 40 of the ways modern, effective and yet free to advertise your own printed or digital book. Extensively researched and substantiated written the book marketing guide shows that besides stamina much knowledge is required to successfully position themselves as author. In Germany alone appear on average per year 90,000 books; Add to the countless titles by self publishers and unless indie authors, are flooding the book market due to the possibilities of self publishing, printed books or E-books. The target group authors, who was her book in its own market are as indie writer or self Publisher.

But also publishing authors who want to optimize their marketing of the book, find new ideas and approaches. The Advisor is a large collection of information which we have collected over the years with and for authors and publishers who use our platform for the publication and distribution of books”, so Dr. Andrea Schober, founder and CEO of XinXii. We have prepared them, and now published as E-book, so that authors can benefit and increase their book sales, the XinXii do not use as a distribution channel.” The authors guide includes 40 tips, which each explains the options and special features for the targeted marketing work be, for example on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and XING, with newsletters, online readings, Blogtouren and other media channels.

The Ultimate Hit Quiz Of The 80s

The quiz book to a brilliant Decade of music book publication the ultimate the 80s HIT QUIZ In August 2009 was published by Jazzybee Verlag”the first book by Jurgen Beck, the ultimate 80s hit quiz. The book contains 1300 exciting multiple choice questions to the music of a great decade and provides hours of entertainment. Who would have thought that 2009 the 80s again so would come close me”, so author Jurgen Beck about his debut. If I’m considering how much fun there, researching this book I can imagine well what fun and what Deja vu a reader will have only”. The 80s are the Decade for many connoisseurs of music par excellence. Jorge Perez: the source for more info. Nestled between Alphaville and ZZ this era offered a sensational range of music is top and the years 1980 to 1989. “” By the ebb from the classic German Schlager and its re-emergence”in the NDW, of the meteoric rise of the mega stars Madonna and Michael Jackson to the commercialization of the soundtrack as in dirty dancing” or top gun “-it was easy always something going on.

In fact, the book contains questions about the 1300 1300 greatest hits, the Germany experienced during this decade”, so Beck next. You should maybe sometimes one formula”looked or at least much radio heard, to answer the questions. But they are Yes to the challenge, but the entertainment. And that is guaranteed, where so many great memories are awakened and pass so many brilliant images and moments.” The disco band played at the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana? How many female members was the formation of A la carte? Who sang of the County”the German version of the Kenny Rogers hits coward? What were the nose rings in ur burning school”? These are just four of the total 1300 quiz questions, which deal with the brain cells and ask for the solution. The book offers not only quizzes and 80s feeling, but also very many facts and news in the answers on a total 532 pages. There is not just a simple answer with one word only, or the author adds the correct letter, but really much background to the quiz questions”. The ultimate 80’s hit quiz”is the first book of the Jazzybee Publishing House. Jurgen Beck the ultimate the 80s hit quiz Jazzybee Verlag ISBN published on August 19, 2009: 978-3-937950-40-2 format: A5 page number: 532 pages paperback retail price: EUR 19.99 for review copies or direct contact to the publisher contact please contact: Jazzybee-Verlag Jurgen Beck telephone: 08296/909880 eMail:

Dream Meets Reality

‘Between dreams’ – a book by Simone Guth “Between dreams” is the first book by Simone Guth. Experiences and fantasies can be processed to a story in which dream and reality meet, complement and enrich each other. The reality of the heroine Isabel is not exactly rosy: the parents live in divorce, including her brother and Isabel even suffer. They miss the father and do not understand why the family has fallen apart. The beloved Grandma does not suffer from a muscle disease and Isabel white, to deal with them.

You shy away from the encounter with the Grandma and the disease more and more. Can Isabel be intuitive in their dreams and comes to places where she learns something emotionally: In the first dream from her deceased Grandpa in the second dream of an Angel, and in the last dream a dolphin leads them to the place of good thoughts. The depth of their dream experiences accompanied Isabel also outside of dreams and their reality slowly begins to change. She is able to feel different, to think, and finally Another way to act. The author speaks in simple terms about serious topics. With their narrative, she would like to reach people who have to handle similar experiences. She hopes that they let the story touch Isabel’s and learn may also from her positive dreams to gain new courage to face life. Simone Guth bound between dreams 80 S.