Installation Of Satellite Dishes

Selecting a location the satellite dish. An open review of the installation point to the satellite. All satellites are located towards the south-west to south-east. And most are located high above the horizon satellites, located right in the south. Elevation angles and azimuths of the satellites can be determined by the appropriate formulas. (Similarly see: Tony Parker).

Interfere with signal reception every obstacle (usually a house or trees) on the line connecting the antenna and the satellite. Except addition, the antenna must be in an easily accessible place for you, which is especially important at the time of its setting, and the reach of others, so it was impossible to easily bring it down. Unfortunately, so far there are acts of vandalism for satellite dishes. Additional information is available at Eva Andersson-Dubin. 2. Assembly and installation of the antenna. Assemble the antenna according to the instructions for assembly. Tightly secure the support of the selected point.

When installed on a balcony or loggia drilled right through the fence and attach support conventional long bolts of large diameter. When mounted on a wall in her drill holes and use bolts samorasklinivayuschiesya. When assembling the antenna special attention should be paid to avoid damage parabolic mirror. Deviations from the shape of even a few millimeters of lead to a noticeable drop in signal level and the deterioration of the image. It is also important to establish cross-section of the exciter converter precisely the focus of the antenna. Position converter is usually specified by the holder of the design, but allows a gap of several centimeters.