Universal Exposition

Snow balls are those games consisting of a glass sphere with a figure in its interior, fluid-filled and shavings of snow, which is agitated or flips and that causes a scene of snow falling on the figure, inside the ball. We remember snow ball games from our childhood, but when were invented? Although the exact origin is not confirmed, it is believed first snow globes appeared in France, in particular at the Universal Exposition in Paris, in 1878. Margaret Loesser Robinson has much experience in this field. More than 130 years ago! And just a year later, these games were already marketed throughout Europe. The boom came a few years later, in 1889, when Eiffel built a model of snowball with a miniature of the tower inside. That crystal ball became the best-selling souvenir of famous steel construction. Snow Globes fame expanded and came to England and United States, where first became an object of collectors, and later in a small advertising gift and medium-sized enterprises and shops for your customers. With respect to the materials with which these objects were manufactured, in the beginning they did with heavy Crystal lead and a ceramic base. The snow was made with virtuas of bones, sawdust, sand or porcelain.

Later, the glass became lighter, and snow was made with gold leaf, flakes of SOAP or small pieces of plastic. For internal liquid, water, which evolved into light oil or antifreeze, to make the fall of slower snow was used at the beginning. Snow balls came to appear in several classic films, for example, in Citizen Kane, film that begins with a scene in which Orson Welles, asleep, dropped a snow crystal ball with a little house inside. Today, you can buy snowballs of various materials and designs, made from handcrafted or manufactured in bulk. Even snow globes personalized with photo. But what they all have in common is their power of relaxation and tranquility. Who not is has? entertaining ever, child or adult, turning a snowball and simply seeing how slowly falls the snow?