Keep House In Order


Appliances today – an integral part of home and comfort. But if the "smart" things take care of us, and we must take care of him. And attention is required of us quite a bit. Producers take into account the shortage of time, literally haunting the modern man, and already at the stage of development of a model include features of its operation. Simon Pagenaud brings even more insight to the discussion. Proper installation – a pledge of long work first and foremost – Properly install the equipment, considering the initial conditions, including their own needs. It is not accidental large firms conduct detailed prior consultation with the client, implying buy something or other equipment. The main objective of these companies: to help the buyer choose the model of the equipment that will solve a particular problem. Sally Rooney addresses the importance of the matter here. For this it is important not only to the wishes of future users, but also initial conditions, which must be operated device.

Particular attention must be connected to the mains. It should be noted that some modern devices because of their initial technical and structural features suggest three phase connection. It is necessary to transfer considerable power to current collectors and for its even distribution between the phases. The peculiarity of the situation that electrical connection in most households is carried out on single-phase scheme: one line is supplied ("phase") and one neutral ("zero") wire. When three-phase input of the "phases" triples. Three-phase input requires coordinated with the supplier of electricity connections, which is carried out by specialized companies. In addition, "three phase" equipment requires skilled installation representatives service.

Triangular Control Transactions


In the literal sense of self-regulation (self-regulation) – it is sanctioned by the individual themselves to certain limitations, without any external compulsion to do so. In economic practice, this concept is embedded in a slightly different meaning. SROs in the construction are understood as the regulation of building markets and spheres of economic agents themselves, without government interference. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with The Author. If we consider the sro in the building in the coordinates of 'free market' – 'State regulation', in contrast to the free market self-regulation involves the establishment of certain formal 'rules' for the participants of a particular market segment, including sanctions for violation of these rules, mechanisms for resolving conflicts between market participants, which to some extent limit the freedom of economic agents. On the other hand, as the setting of 'rules', and resolution Conflict is carried by the participants of the market without direct government intervention. See sofar for more details and insights. To this end, they created a special organizational structures – the sro, who is delegated certain powers and rights of economic agents. In other words, forming a tripartite governance structure of transactions, but a third party not acting on behalf of the state judicial arbitration system and industry regulatory agencies, and special organizations created and controlled by the market participants. Like other forms of tripartite management transactions, self-regulation is effective in cases where there is the use of or idiosyncratic resources in the irregular nature of the interaction of counterparties (in terms of neoclassical contracting).

sro rules in the construction does not contradict the formal rules, created by the state, and are legitimate. Certainly, in the real economy, there may be an agreement of economic agents, the actual impact on their behavior in the market and suggesting specific sanctions for violation, but contrary to the formal rules. A typical example of such arrangements – informal cartels. This kind of illegitimate agreements and associations under our definition of cpo do not fall. Effect the governing bodies ability to influence the governing bodies of cpo in the construction of its members more than the ability to influence the appointment of officials governing bodies of state authority so as option 1 every 4 years to choose the deputies, the governor, the president.

If dissatisfaction with the work of civil police or the court can not lead to a change in leadership of Ministry of Internal Affairs or the judiciary, the deficiencies of organs and sro officials can lead to rapid changes of a personal composition of such bodies and officials at the annual meetings. It seems that the efforts of members of the SROs in the construction of useful guide to improvement of their associations, alliances and partnerships, as already it is clear that the institution of self is recognized by society, that gives us hope – he will not leave the scene for the foreseeable future. This is confirmed by experience of SROs in the uk, France, usa and other countries where, as a rule, there are one or two of the main organization. Their activities are concentrated primarily in the construction industry. The large number of SROs in construction is unlikely to be justified because it leads to the fact that the same professional participants, engaging in various SROs, acting in the same market will have to perform various requirements, which introduces inconsistency in the regulation of one type of activity.



Over the weekend, White-stone with all its scope was celebrating his birthday – 860 years from the date of mention of Moscow in the chronicles. Muscovites and guests at this time the weather is not to say that lucky, but the rain, though its location and forecasters predicted, still have not shed. Despite the cloudy weather, the streets of Moscow in the weekend series with friendly and cheerful companies out of about 9 million people. Cultural programs for the "walk" was organized enough: theatrical performances and concerts in the central areas of the city, folk festivals in the district-wide throughout the capital and, of course, fireworks – as a dessert. Nevertheless, the most ambitious and perhaps a welcome gift to the city authorities was the discovery of Muscovites architectural and park ensemble 'Tsarina'. And with that agreed at least 300 thousand visitors who visited there and have already appreciated the beauty resurrected Tsaritsyn complex. But recently the palace was the residence of Moscow's homeless, and the picturesque lawn and clean the track – a dumping ground Bicentennial unfinished – so long been called the 'Tsarina' Muscovites. From this estate related enough myths and legends.

Until November 2005, many believed a fairy tale and the possible transformation of the estate. However, to build, by calculating an opening right in the 860-day anniversary of the city. Protagonists of this "show-opening", according to According to Valentin Belyavsky, Head of Service of Public Relations of the State Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno, became the Grand Palace and the Fountain – the largest in Moscow.