‘Chest’ in French means .I this is true! Locker – an indispensable piece of furniture for those who like to order in a highly functional dome.Komod. He is smaller than the closet, and visually much less clutters the room (especially if slightly elevated above the floor, put on the legs). Moreover, its efficiency is higher than that of the cabinet, internal volume is used almost entirely – and all thanks to the drawer! This method of storage objects and access to them is considered the most optimal in terms of ergonomics. Upper surface of the chest can also be used, spreading her trinkets and souvenirs, dear to our chests so serdtsu.Raznoobrazie large that virtually every corner of the apartment you can find podhodyaschiy.K example, high and narrow easily fit in the not too vast expanse of the hallway of a model home. Recently Anna Belknap sought to clarify these questions. Low and elongated create spectacular horizontal in the living room. In the children’s bureau is also indispensable.

The origin of the chest goes deep into history. Ancestor of the chest (as well and the cabinet) – was a simple chest. His transformation into a chest of drawers was a long and gradual. First, he grew up, then got leg-supports, then the solid facades have become drop-down door. The first real chests appeared at the end of xvii – beginning of xviii century. Their ‘finest hour’ came in the first half of xviii century – the era of rococo were mandatory piece front interior. Elegant and light, chest of drawers Rococo different forms of smooth, wavy pediments and refined, if not sophisticated, finish: inlay turtles, pearl, ivory bone, precious and semiprecious stones, gold-plated bronze. Very popular was the chest and at the time of Biedermeier, because this style is like no other, designed to warm coziness and intimacy.

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