Happy Day


All of us sometimes do not have enough free time even to ordinary life of joy – a chat with friends, indulge in tea with sweets, relax to soft music or just a dream … This is particularly difficult to manage mums from large families – work, laundry, cooking, cleaning, homework with the kids … horde so of the rest can only dream of) is why Zaporozhye Art Club 'HAPPINESS' made a real day of happiness for which came more than 20 mothers and 30 babies from large families. For homemakers masters club had several exciting master-classes on beading, scrapbooking and painting, but also showed some fun movies about that, what really are beautiful creatures, our women. Over sweet tea with tasty pechenyushkami arriving moms of large families just relax as you immerse yourself in the head pleasant conversation on interesting topics. Only from time to time, already on life habits, then one or the other parent grappled – and how our children? And immediately calmed down, hearing the squeals of happy behind the wall and cries. Click Jay Schwartz Attorney to learn more. The thing is that while our moms have enjoyed a fun experience, and their children also did not sit quietly – with the animation team, they are for singing, dancing, fun contests with prizes do not even notice how many hours of flying. Hurry all these boys and girls have never in my life so much was not as happy as that day) It's late at night when it's quite dark, all reluctantly began to assemble at home, but the beautiful sorceress, named as Art Club employees Fortunately, many children came and mom, all present gave memorable pleasant and warm gifts – Developing children's books and trinkets, crafts polymer clay and felt toys, cars and dolls …. no one is left without a present, as well as the overall picture was made in memory of those who stayed to the bitter end of the event)

The Best Vacation


Egypt, Turkey, Thailand – oh, it's corny! How did it all sick of it! Martini, whiskey, beer, dancing until dawn, mad tired. And how it did not seem to be strange, for many this kind of leisure has become a habit. And sometimes I want to be in a particular and a stunning view, a place that memories of this holiday is not evaporated after a short time. And it has many of the most-the best places on the planet who will not leave indifferent any man. The most beautiful place – the fjords – it's oddly jagged strips of land formed by glaciers. An unforgettable combination of green grass, rocky cliffs, raging North Sea is always shocked travelers. The most beautiful fjords in Iceland, on all sides by the Atlantic Ocean. For avid fishermen perfect barrier reef in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Australia.

This is the best place for ocean fishing. It is here was caught black marlin weighing over 700 kg. Hunting season for marlin is from September to January, but the catch depends solely on your own luck and intuition of the master. The most mysterious place is considered to Easter Island, or Rapa Nui. It is located in the Pacific Ocean about 50 km from Chile. If you look at the top of the island, it has a triangular shape, and in each corner there is a volcano. The majestic head of up to 90 tons are scattered throughout the territory – singly or in groups – but be sure to look in the center of the island. And although Easter Island is, without exception, tourists come to see their own words surviving wonder of the world, beach holidays are also good.

Windiest place the world, Hawaii has long been a center of pilgrimage for all the famous surfers and kiters planet. The most successful venue for skating athletes consider the island of Maui. This is where surfing originated over 1,000 years ago, when Polynesians skilled fishermen, skillfully mastered the boards on the ocean waves and strong winds. And if you're keen sportsman extreme, going to Hawaii is at least one time in my life! If you are adherent of a quieter type of holiday, you just need to be in the yurt village "Ak-Tengir", located on the shore of a mountain lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan. This is the most quiet and peaceful place on earth, filled with spiritual atmosphere. "Ak-Tengir" into Russian is translated as "Bright Space". The scenery here is as if specially gathered together the best of everything: salt water, natural mud, the bright sun, mountain landscapes. Everything is special. Rare resorts of the world so rich in natural and climatic factors in healing. And here is a program of improvement and enhance the personal growth of hidden reserves "Seventh Heaven". The program helps not only to relax in Surrounded by an extraordinary nature, but also fully heal your body and spirit. Beautiful, fascinating places in our wonderful planet a lot. It remains only to find that "liking". Only then rest will be unforgettable and will bring a lot of useful emotion.