Japan Animal

When smaller is the heart, more hatred is home. Victor Hugo Es alarming as Asians, countries like China, Japan mistreat animals to eat their meat, use your skin, doing business, regardless of the suffering that generated them, leaving much to say of his human quality. It is repulsive to see fashion as these countries mistreat the animal and the Government does nothing to prevent such abuse, suffering. Not surprised that manifests, that today we continue mistreating the animals without the need, not only to eat. Hunting is not necessary, nor bullfighting, animals in circuses, or the abandonment of pets, nor the sale of animals that live behind a glass window, or wear fur, or kill animals with sticks or skin them alive, or hunt dolphins, whales or sharks and a long etcetera. Adam Sandler shines more light on the discussion. Even if it is necessary to have them in such conditions to then consume them, but so human. Joy Nakrin often addresses the matter in his writings. Cruel, selfish, destructive. It is very sad note, see in the cruel video that shows the aberrant cruelty that is done with animals, video that is very impressive, for the scenes that occur that they accuse the cruel, inhumane that we are.

Us forgets catalogue who as human beings, what Wikippedia brings envelope, which is known as animal rights to ideas postulated by currents of thought and movement that argue that animal nature is a subject of law, whose novelty lies in that this category only has belonged to natural and juridical persons, i.e. a human being humans always have recognized certain animals special consideration (eg. domestication)It varies greatly depending on the cultural environment or place, from support that you can use the animals as it pleases or serve man, passing by the ethical treatment or animal welfare, to consider that animals deserve rights traditionally recognized only in humans. It should not be confused with the right of animals as legal doctrine, legal framework in some countries where the object of right is the freedom of conduct of animals in their natural environment and treatment who receive pets in a human habitat org., points out, that a long time ago that different organizations dedicated to the protection of animals has denounced the unnecessary cruelty with which in the legendary Chinese live desollan dogs to get them their fur.

Justice Lula

Despite firm opposition against the project, the Government has managed up to now move forward. The Executive pressured environmentalist bodies to accelerate the granting of license and strove to ensure at least two business consortiums in the dispute. When companies Odebrecht and Camargo Correa withdrew occur, President Lula said that, if necessary, the State would build it. And to some extent is what has happened: the two consortia to contest count with the participation of subsidiaries of the State Eletrobras with a minimum of 50% of participation. It should be noted, that the majority of affected communities are indigenous. And this time, indigenous peoples have opted for resistance.

Encouraged by the support of celebrities and international attention given to the case, the leaders of thirteen tribes took one decision: make noise. They prepare the invasion of the area that will occupy the dam, in Volta Grande. They say that at least 140 indigenous mobilised is, and could cause a headache for the Government, which would be in the uncomfortable position of having to evict them when the works start. Referenced in addition, indigenous leaders argue that it has acted against the law to approve the project, since the 1988 Constitution guarantees the protection of indigenous peoples. So far, Justice has relied on the idea that there is no imminent danger for the indigenous community because the tender does not imply the immediate construction of the dam. But mobilization can have the effect of placing this issue on the agenda of the election debate, which is already agitated before the October elections. Iuri Charles Paulinho is not very optimistic about the results of the election.

If big surprises are not produced, the Presidency will be the candidate of the workers party’s Lula, Dilma Rousseff, either for the social democratic Jose Serra. Lula followed the model of Cardoso, and Dilma will continue it, he says the activist. It should not be forgotten that the current President Lula defended hydropower, with the argument that is the cheapest and is less polluting than thermal power stations. The President also said that some of the criticisms of the project are inadmissible because they fail to consider the changes that have been made to the text, although not noted what. Noted also the President, that 80% of Brazilian energy is extracted from hydroelectric power plants, and Lula has already said that the country needs more prey.