Prestigious Restaurants


Restaurant Week comes to Seville from today and until next Sunday October 20.27 prestigious restaurants from today for 25 euros an initiative to enjoy haute cuisine at an affordable price, for only 25 euros. This gastronomic activity was born more than 20 years ago in New York, extending from Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, London, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona and now comes backed by the consortium of tourism and the Asociacion Empresarial de HOSTELERiA of Seville and Seville from the hand of the seal of quality flavour of the year. What is offered to the guests for 25 euros is a menu closed with the best of each restaurant. Along with this, the attendees will help with 1 euro of each menu, which will go to three instituciones solidarias: Fundacion ONCE dog guide, the Spanish Heart Foundation and the brotherhood of Santa Marta, founded by the innkeepers of the city.