Benefits Of The IPad


Everything a geek Love: D But there is trouble between tastes, yesterday I put a comment on Twitter, something like: I want a IPAD, I have my comments linked to facebook and then inadvertently raised a debate among my colleagues , some criticizing and even predicting what would happen after purchasing: Hypothetical case in two months Rolando: Jhon In the fall of the ballot? John: Wait close the Notepad, and pass into the browser because this beauty of IPAD is not multitasking. John: No idea because the site uses flash. Roland: You're fucked with that lousy $ 400 U.S. for as this every day there are more pages with flash than without. …

In this review would examine other issues than the IPAD as excessive use of flash, plus I do not buy ballots (whether leserviriaesto not), but that was not treated. While it is true what my colleague said my position is clear is that the IPAD is by far, the replacement of an asus, HP or any laptop or netbook on the market, is more a complementotecnologico, portable my leisure time, because to play games, watch movies, read books, review sites (no flash again), check my mail, make one that other document, is excellent. Another thing I liked is what the output of this device has led to its competitors, in this case Amazon Kindle, who upon learning of the release noticiadiasantes, made a brutal change in the percentages paid to authors from selling electronic versions, this was 70% for Amazon and 30% for the author, now opted for the same model Apple: 70% for the author and 30% for Amazon. Seeing this, I understood the comment Carlos Lievano (I invite you to view your blog) ever made me as opportunists who are the Amazon. To end my comment, we should not rush with things that do not currently have the device, is just the beginning of a new trend that soon we will see replicated in other brands as we saw with the release of iPhone. Things that I definitely would like: Multitasking (according to other blogs, it comes with OS 4.0), medium flash, front camera, support FM.