The Library

The library has fiction and children's departments of many libraries give books to your home. The most magnificent – it is something that you can take your books home, of course, when provided that you return the book on time, within the specified period. Moreover, it is practically free. Take it a habit to go to the library every Saturday morning, so you can show your child how important reading books, indeed it is also free. Children gradually be able to choose their own books on taste, their interests, thereby expressions and emphasizing their individuality. It is important that the child has expressed its attitude to the fact that it reads.

You can bring it "engaged" reader, commenting on the text itself, like so: "This story reminds me of " or "I wonder whether this character Soon your baby will want to associate himself read with their feelings and events of real life. Do not encourage your baby's desire to watch tv often easiest way to turn off the brain – is to turn on the tv. Yes, the child is able to gather information from some carefully selected children's programs, but this passive learning. It does not help children to learn independently, be an active participant in the cognitive process. Children who learn from the television screen, accustomed to expect that all the answers will come to them in the form of finished flashing pictures, dancing animals and light tune. They are incurious students who have suppressed the desire to make their own discoveries.

What Children Need

The children's world, what he said. Our memory is not perfect and we have completely neglected the joy of childhood. What a child thinks that he needs for a happy and carefree life. No matter how hard you try not possible to fully remember all the wrong side of childish sensations and brightness perception. It’s believed that Margaret Loesser Robinson sees a great future in this idea. But children need is not so much. Only a little something new, unimportant that: toys, clothing, book. The main thing so that each day the child felt the novelty could study it. Should not be denied, if your child something to ask. Even if this trinket is very expensive and you are at a certain moment is not consistent with a pocket, just try to offer the child Bole cheaper alternative. Give it the attention of other species. Kids need to get something new, their price is not attractive. The real problems begin when your child gets older and starts to assimilate availability, some items from others. Here certainly will: a. Masha player more expensive, and Kolya scooter is, and so on and so like. But here the parents have of your business. You just need to lucidly explain the teenagers all your financial matters, so much so that they are all well understood. Well, otherwise, your just waiting for the terror and terror.