Metalworking CNC

CNC machines. Under upravleinem machine is commonly understood set of possible actions on its mechanisms for the implementation of processing cycle, and a control system device silt isovokupnost devices that implement these effects. Numeric upravleine Software (NC) – it's management, in which the program set as recorded on any media to an array of information. In pravlyayuschaya program for CNC systems is discrete and its treatment in the management of osuschestvyaletsya digital methods. Upravleine technological cycle is almost universally carried out by means of programmable logic controller, implemented on the basis of the principles of digital electronic computing devices.

On the technological purpose and functionality of the CNC system is divided into four groups: Positional, which give only coordinates of endpoints polozheinya executive after the performance of the components of the orpredlennyh cycle or continuous contour, control dvizheinem executive for a given curvilinear trajectory; universal (combo), in which osuschestvyaletsya programming as movements in the positioning and executive bodies on dvizheine tarektorii, as well as tool change and load- unloading of workpieces. multiloop system, providing simultaneous sludge sequential control operation of a number of units and mechanisms of the machine. An example of CNC systems pirmeneniya first group yavlyayutsya Drilling boring and jig boring machines. An example of the second group are the various CNC lathes, milling machines and circular. the third group of related sistetmy various CNC lathes and a lot of trust drilling, milling and boring machines. A fourth group related bestsentorovye kurugloshlifovalnye machines, in which systems of CNC upravliyut razlichnymimehainzmami: editing, filing attendants etc.