The Night Life In Madrid

For people who are looking for a good night, Madrid is the answer. Madrid, in Spain is sometimes referred to as the night Capital of Europe. There are about 344,000 bars that keep the city alive and give the image of Madrid as the city that never sleeps. Maya Dubin does not necessarily agree. In this city, it is normal to see people come out to four until six in the morning and one sometimes also can stay stuck in traffic during these hours. That’s why locals are called by the locals as cats or cats. A surprise can also be to know that children are admitted freely in all kinds of bars, cafes and restaurants, and even some bars, although this idea is not recommended and the owner of the bar should be consulted first. This tradition of the nightlife in Madrid dates back by the 1980s, when King Juan Carlos I brought democracy in Spain.

Young people who were oppressed during the long years of dictatorship used streets (Gran Via Madrid for example) to express their repressed emotions until he was called the movement in Madrid. Many intellectuals such as musicians, writers and film directors had great influence in this important Cultural Revolution. the nightlife of enthusiastic Madrid gives the city that uniqueness gives certain pride to the flag of Spain. Most of the clubs are open from Thursday to Saturday from midnight until 6 o’clock to 7 am. After hours party, are clubs that stay open until the next day.

In conclusion, the madrilenians love to have fun and dance. Also like to listen to new DJs, eat and / or simply a drink. That is why it is not surprising to see the exciting nightlife that Madrid has to offer.

Penelope Cruz

Persuasion comes not alone, and advertisers have sought, invented and reinvented a diverse amount of media that have been debugging throughout the development of a career in the media. For advertisers, one of their most strong tools is undoubtedly the psychology of the consumer and the ability to communicate in the media centers. Already visual communication and the other parameters such as target audience, segmentation, marketing spend into the background. Now the use of the perception through the senses, sight, intuition, and experience are sending stop. Advertising uses various methods to convince, that finally and after convincing and persuading is the same. These methods are too many, and mostly men and visually pleasant, both women from model agencies that sell them for the announcement of a product are used. In my opinion, according to some experts, advertising tends to use models to advertise their products, since consumers capture these messages and they tend to partnering with them. Even with the AIDA model, the old forms of advertising if they have not disappeared, have changed their look and style.

Ads with models arouse the desires, the lust, subjective and subliminal thoughts, and tend to generate sympathy, identification and affinity with the model, but even more important, often generate prestige to the product. Can you the beautiful Penelope Cruz announcing a product make-up, or Stallone to be displayed in an advertisement on gyms imagine? These two characters not only create but that give prestige and credibility on the brand. If you see a person who is not famous instead of Penelope Cruz announcing a lip gloss, the advertising message will not generate much impact on you, and reduces the chance of the AIDA model to follow its normal course. By AIDA advertisers mentioned the purchase process (among which are also the transactional model and other similar models such as the decision-making process). Aida means: attention interest desire action basically consists of calling the ATTENTION of consumers through advertising pieces. These when you see them show interest according to creativity, quality and technique of the message (not always influences the quality of the product), then feel the desire to acquire what the message is announced, and finally action is making the decision to buy, sell, consume. If this is not done, the entire long advertising process have been in vain.

And in the advertising process, that Yes, it is too long, complex, and arduous, the ultimate goal is not to generate consumer acceptance or rejection by the model who hired the advertiser. It is simply ultimately make consumer buys, sells, consumes or accept the product. If simply the AIDA model arrives at the third level, the desire, it won’t do anything, as it would not serve you trying to sell your House and all want it but neither buy it.