Today we will do the search engine, more precisely, we will MetPoiskovik. it will search the Internet sites, Web pages, meta tags and on the title, as in the earliest search engines, but how it will be good depends on you. Without hesitation movie star explained all about the problem. You can add something new, super-algorithm, etc etc. Maybe you will even compete with Google and Yandex, who knows anything can happen. Before you start writing your search engine, divide it into three parts: 1) Web-based search engine we will implement in PHP.

2) Index database (MySQL), which will contain all the information about the pages. 3) search robot, indexing web pages and enters the data in the index do in Delphi. just say that I will not do the spider, which should would find the url address. So, here we go: Web-based search engine web interface such a site that allows users to search databases for MySQL. Home page meta search engine Index.php create an index.php file to start will give you the complete code TITLE The title page.

Usually 50, 60, 80 characters. Displayed at the top of the browser is the default text when you make a "favorites", "Bookmarks", and as the title displayed by the search engine results. Example: <TITLE> Search engine! – There is everything. </ TITLE> if the title is longer than it should – you will simply truncate it. DESCRIPTION description of the site. Displayed when displaying the search results page after the title of Title.

Kash Flo

Site promotion is an ongoing and continuous process. In order to promote a site, it is necessary that the site referred to by many outside sources. By external sources, we mean other sites that are already involved in system. Continue to learn more with: Vanessa Marcil. External links to other sites lead to your site visitors, your customers, audience, and so on. When placing your banner on other sites, visitors have already read your ad and choose, it is worth it perhodit to your site or not worth it. Number of hits divided by the Number of banner clicks to your site on the banners, there is nothing else than as an indicator of CTR CTR. You may find that San Antonio Spurs can contribute to your knowledge. CTR indicator about the quality of your banner, to place your banner on the site, your banner may not attract attention, and so on. Your task is to place a banner on the most prominent place, and then track Number of hits to your site on the banners.

Further you need to fill your site grammotnoy information, check yuzablenost your site to your efforts to attract visitors were not in vain, the visitor stayed on your site, as long as possible. Jay Schwartz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For This site should be located some interesting information that will keep visitors on your site. Now we turn to the articles. Your article is a kind of banners, which weighs in at a different site and attract attention visitors. The index of articles CTR higher than the banners, because articles convey much more information than can transmit banner to the visitor. As a result, talented designers are in demand when they can make enough privlekatellny banner, on which will target visitors to your website. But what about the articles? To write an article for any information, it requires a specialist who can tell something new that will interest the visitor, then your site becomes popular, and it expands on the number of visitors.

What does it mean for the site Number of visitors? For the site, any site Number of Visitors can compare with the store when the store is located in a public place and it always goes the flow of visitors, it helps increase revenue the store owner. Here everything is clear, so also on the site. When the stream of visitors, the site owner increases their income, regardless of the theme of the site and so on. In the financial environment, cash flow is called Kash Flo, have come up with a slang word for a stream of visitors to the site. It is also increasing and the cost of experts who write articles for the promotion of sites. If you have a certain kind of business, and you know all about your business, your articles will be valuable to a range of consumers. But If you preuspevete in its business, and you give all his time business, then you have no time for writing articles, there are several exits.

Feedback On Your Site

It is known that any site without feedback from visitors will not live long. If we talk about the blog – then it is no problem. Visitors can leave comments to the author, and sometimes write their notes. But if it comes standard site for any subject (the site of a famous actor, singer, a collection of games, music, story about his hobbies, etc.), then the feedback from guests must be added to the site or the forum or guestbook knigu.Forum on a small site looks awkward and deserted, and spoil all impression of the site. In a question-answer forum San Antonio Spurs was the first to reply. It is sad to look at dozens of categories, each of which added two or three posts without comments. Therefore, for a small audience recommended that you install the guest book.

A fresh review of the scripts and services guestbooks on the internet I could not find. So I had to go through trial and error, resulting in a made certain vyvody.Dlya Starter experienced webmaster I recommend a dual-track decision – service guestbooks ModernSite (project started on site in 2001), for which is available free script guestbook MBook. Everyone chooses his: beginner webmasters enjoy the service of guest books, and advanced – set yourself a script. Also pleased that the service is constantly evolving, adding new features, resolved issues with spam. In general – I recommend. Similar services to free and open source software I do not vstrechal.S the other hand, among the 'advanced' professionals there is a perception that the best script guest book – this one that you wrote yourself. I hasten to refute this opinion.

Enough to see a list of vulnerabilities, even in high-quality scripts, designed not novices to understand that it is not a simple matter – web programming. It is not enough simply to write a working script. It is important to foresee all the possibilities of its use, so that through a hole in the script (for example, SQL-injection or XSS) is not an attacker gained access to the database and the entire site. And to minimize the burden that has script server. Otherwise, in a 'perfect' day Your hosting provider will ask (politely asks so) in connection with the increased workload of your scripts to switch to more expensive data plan, or at all, a dedicated server.Tak that my recommendations are as follows – use scripts developed by professionals. Fortunately, that there are many even in the free version.

Cartoons For Kids

In this age of computerization of the solid we often lose sight of the wants and needs of our children. Yes, many of them get along very well with the computer and find the Internet almost home. Vanessa Marcil brings even more insight to the discussion. But what are they looking for? The question is rhetorical. Looking to find something. And the better the news, which ran through the World Wide Web. In its interior opening of a new great animated site. Visit Anna Belknap for more clarity on the issue. Huge selection of animated films of excellent quality, good and a solar design, ease of navigation – so here's a list of the distinguishing features of this site.

And these are the sites and to attend our children, once from the internet and stick them I will not drive. Diversity animated films for every taste – and the old Disney cartoons, and high-profile modern, and more friends from our childhood – the old Soviet cartoons. On this website, each child will find himself, or with the help of adults, interesting for a cartoon, download it and spend their leisure time usefully. Navigation is very well done: cartoons are divided by genre, you can choose a genre, but it is proposed to view movies. Each animated film given by competent description, with different specifications for home viewing. I am glad that our ooiao began to issue so helpful and nice sites. Thanks to the information this site is that our children remain children, and adults will be able to plunge into the world of action.

Come to the site, you are guaranteed an interesting show. Cartoons, they are so different, sad and funny, scary or funny. We wish you pleasant viewing. Your cartoon site PS always follows the events of life in the world of cartoons. On the life of cartoon characters. You can also share good Internet resources added to Directories Site bblnd.

Installation Joomla

Creating a website on the internet starts with selecting what will be the site of, or plain html or to use cms. When choosing cms Joomla is sometimes the problem is to correctly display the error, or when a material has not been found by link. Fix this by creating a page that will be shown at 404. 1. Create a material which will be shown at 404 Create material, asking him under 'do not enter' and the title 404. Write the text, for example: unfortunately, we could not find the page where you would like to see and, if necessary, also add some useful navigation links.

For example, you can add a link to the home page of your site. 2. Create and save link to new material. Create a menu item pointing to a material called 404 and click Apply to save your changes. Then copy the URL-address (index.php? Optio ), and set the menu item 'Published' to 'No'. Close Menu Editor. You can paste the URL-address in the 'Notepad', or where or in another accessible location. 3.

Copy the file error.php in the directory of your template. From the system nahodyaschegos Joomla template folder / templates / system Copy the file to your directory error.php templates. For example if your site has set the template named 'Cleancloud', copy the file error.php the directory template / templates / cleancloud. 4. Change error.php to redirect error with the 404 on your material. Edit the file error.php as follows: Add the following Installation Joomla! replacing the address on your: Disallow: / index.php? option = com_content & view = article & id = 75

Significant ESpor

Visitor of the site: Practically everything that offers eSpor can be found on other sites. So what-what, and places where you can encounter in verbal battles in the network is complete. A notorious confusion on the forums creates a special flavor publicity, mass action, a party to this action, which will be stripped of eSpor, offering in return for refined privacy. Who needs it? Units of intellectuals? eSpor: The main service of the site – the actual system ensuring disputes – no repeats forums. The main difference is the inability to prevent the discussion of the problem by other visitors.

But even this is not important – after all, the standard forum nobody prevents open closed branch and enjoy the dialogue. The very fact that a strictly sequential alternation of entries does not allow any opponent to fill up questions, nor evade the answer. In the near future the introduction of unique specific elements of the scenario of disputes: the emergence of fixed record types 'question and answer' and 'question-answer yes-no', designed to further sharpen the debate. Significant difference between the settlement of the index is and the availability of voting systems. It is clear that the vote does not determine the winner in the dispute, but the spirit of competition is increasing. Yes, and an opportunity to assess the mood of the audience. As certainly a valuable element of the dispute can be considered to completeness – the presence of an unambiguous ending with a report summarizing the texts of the parties.