Paid Hosting

After I published an article testing the search engines () with the results that I was given a popular search engine on the search query of the main page catalog Paid Hosting (), I posted this article some free article directories. Article directories – a completely white way to get some backlinks to your website. What are the advantages of this method? First – it's free. For more specific information, check out Margaret Loesser Robinson. You get back link for free – all you need – just write an interesting article, as a rule, 1500-4000 characters long. The text of the articles are usually allowed to place a few links to your site or sites.

The obvious advantage of this promotion will be what is normally a good article directories are ranked in search engines, and they have visitors, who can go to your website. In addition, you get several options, surrounded by relevant text, which is valued search engines is much higher than the purchase link. The most important thing – promotion through article directories can not be considered spam. As a rule, article directories rather strictly moderated, so are not on their pages generate is perepechatany or text, and, in most cases, a unique text, write the author for the submission of a large number of directories. So, after writing, I posted an article in the catalog and immediately began looking for her searchers to determine – how quickly the search engines to index new pages and links. I submitted a query in two ways – 1) phrase – the title of the article and 2) the phrase – the article title enclosed in quotation marks. Quotes signal a search engine that can not be found some words that are included in the phrase and phrase. Search results for several search engines change their ranking obtained in (): Yandeks.Zapros: Testing search engine results – page of my site is not found (990 issued to other pages with these words). Yandeks.Zapros: 'Testing the search engines' results – 7th place. And 1 – 10 sites – links to the article directories.

Animation User

- Bugs. Discrepancy claimed the real content. Leads to frustration for the user. What not to do – choose custom sizes and colors of fonts used. Almost 60% of Internet users Designers call this a mistake and delivering the most annoying discomfort with the site.

Therefore, the possibility of comfortable reading text on the screen is one of the main tasks a web designer. – Positioning main menu in unconventional places. How would you feel if'd sat in the car, found no rudder on a familiar place for you. Do not think of the glove box he did not sticking, and is located somewhere in the back seat. Originally there it – yes, it is convenient – no. Over the years the html language developed principles for the optimal sites, the location of the main menu on the left or above – one of them.

- Supersaturate site animation. Of course, if well made Animation does not interfere with site navigation, not white and does not confuse the user, then it may well exist. But if these demands are not met, the animation should not speak ill. – Forget about the contents of the site. Should always be remember that the design – just a beautiful wrap for content tool for the right feeder. Members come to the site is not to admire beautiful pictures menu, and get some information. That's about it, and you must not forget correctly handing it in sufficient quantity. We test the site. Testing site independent users – an integral part of the process of developing the site. This is accompanied by a comprehensive analysis of the quality design, content, friendly site. After that analyzes all received from the tester user comments and conclusions about the necessary corrections. Analyzed the sequence of actions user to achieve the task, the errors that they made, how quickly tasks are performed and whether he likes to use the product. The purpose of most of the tests is to detect any problems that may arise the user to subsequently solve them.