Installation Joomla

Creating a website on the internet starts with selecting what will be the site of, or plain html or to use cms. When choosing cms Joomla is sometimes the problem is to correctly display the error, or when a material has not been found by link. Fix this by creating a page that will be shown at 404. 1. Create a material which will be shown at 404 Create material, asking him under 'do not enter' and the title 404. Write the text, for example: unfortunately, we could not find the page where you would like to see and, if necessary, also add some useful navigation links.

For example, you can add a link to the home page of your site. 2. Create and save link to new material. Create a menu item pointing to a material called 404 and click Apply to save your changes. Then copy the URL-address (index.php? Optio ), and set the menu item 'Published' to 'No'. Close Menu Editor. You can paste the URL-address in the 'Notepad', or where or in another accessible location. 3.

Copy the file error.php in the directory of your template. From the system nahodyaschegos Joomla template folder / templates / system Copy the file to your directory error.php templates. For example if your site has set the template named 'Cleancloud', copy the file error.php the directory template / templates / cleancloud. 4. Change error.php to redirect error with the 404 on your material. Edit the file error.php as follows: Add the following Installation Joomla! replacing the address on your: Disallow: / index.php? option = com_content & view = article & id = 75

Internet Protocol

Also, the network will remain operational in case of failure of computer or communication lines between them because information can be transmitted over the network in different ways. Check out Tony Parker for additional information. If you disable one of the sections of the network, the information will bypass it. Path selection and transfer of information is a matter of seconds, with almost indifferent you work with a computer installed in a nearby building, or on another continent. The rules of information transmission in the network are called network protocol. Internet protocol is somewhat reminiscent of the work of regular mail. That send email to anyone you put it in an envelope and write the address. Just working and protocol information on the Internet, called IP – Adam Sandler describes an additional similar source. Consider the points outlined by the example of a dynamic link dynamic site. Suppose a link with three parameters and its constituents: It is something like the page embedded in the section and subsection.

In fact, dynamic website, such links entirely possible to register as: Rules for conversion of such options in dynamic, which are written in the file. It would look like this: # internal transformation of the static url to dynamic is clearly seen that the above rules allow you to work in any of the links taken today of . Ie: or or or What’s most interesting work will also native dynamic link site script like this: And this is very important in the sense that if the site is not new and was already indexed by some search engines that understand the dynamic links, such as Google, Yandex, then the index does not lost none of page. Just for follow-up, after adding to the site rules mod_rewrite, entering the search bots to the site the old dynamic links site in the index will gradually be replaced with a new static. Reduced below (/+)/(/+)/(/+)/$ Index.php? If, for example in the browser address is typed index page static site located on an additional domain, as an additional domain directory is located in the directory of your main domain, ie in the folder public_html, then work and mod_rewrite rule prescribed in the main. htacces RewriteRule (.*) index.html $ index.php L and peerevedet introduced to address the dynamics. Then, the converted address, got into an additional domain is converted back to static after tripping and mod_rewrite rules prescribed in the file. Htacces additional domain RewriteRule (.*) index.php $ index.html L. The same will be occur to address any other page static site to an additional domain.

Free Web Hosting

What if you have insufficient knowledge about the creation of a site? Now I will hold you for a certain classification. So. Knowledge needed for creating the site with his own hands: Knowledge 1: must be in general terms about what such language layout html. That you need to know how to create a visible and invisible content of any page of your site. You can do without them, using visual editors, but then you have great risk that the entire contents your site will get you no control. Knowledge 2: You need to know what it represents paid hosting and why do you want that kind of paid hosting. And you just need a paid hosting account for one simple reason – Pay Hosting – this is the obligation of the company and you have a website and work with him. Free Web Hosting guarantees nothing. Pop star is the source for more interesting facts.

Pay guarantees the performance of your site. Knowledge 3: need detail about what is domain, and why you need it. And most importantly – how to connect with paid hosting. That you need for people to come to your site or on the links, or directly from the command line. Will not know what a domain, and will not be opportunity to give the site your target audience. Knowledge 4: This is the most important item of knowledge – your knowledge should be subject to goal. Why do you need to go to the Internet audience that you bring to people other than what appears another site in the network, another site on the Internet? Set of such knowledge would be enough to create yourself a simple website. And then everything depends on you.

Significant ESpor

Visitor of the site: Practically everything that offers eSpor can be found on other sites. So what-what, and places where you can encounter in verbal battles in the network is complete. A notorious confusion on the forums creates a special flavor publicity, mass action, a party to this action, which will be stripped of eSpor, offering in return for refined privacy. Who needs it? Units of intellectuals? eSpor: The main service of the site – the actual system ensuring disputes – no repeats forums. The main difference is the inability to prevent the discussion of the problem by other visitors.

But even this is not important – after all, the standard forum nobody prevents open closed branch and enjoy the dialogue. The very fact that a strictly sequential alternation of entries does not allow any opponent to fill up questions, nor evade the answer. In the near future the introduction of unique specific elements of the scenario of disputes: the emergence of fixed record types 'question and answer' and 'question-answer yes-no', designed to further sharpen the debate. Significant difference between the settlement of the index is and the availability of voting systems. It is clear that the vote does not determine the winner in the dispute, but the spirit of competition is increasing. Yes, and an opportunity to assess the mood of the audience. As certainly a valuable element of the dispute can be considered to completeness – the presence of an unambiguous ending with a report summarizing the texts of the parties.

Paid Hosting

After I published an article testing the search engines () with the results that I was given a popular search engine on the search query of the main page catalog Paid Hosting (), I posted this article some free article directories. Article directories – a completely white way to get some backlinks to your website. What are the advantages of this method? First – it's free. For more specific information, check out Margaret Loesser Robinson. You get back link for free – all you need – just write an interesting article, as a rule, 1500-4000 characters long. The text of the articles are usually allowed to place a few links to your site or sites.

The obvious advantage of this promotion will be what is normally a good article directories are ranked in search engines, and they have visitors, who can go to your website. In addition, you get several options, surrounded by relevant text, which is valued search engines is much higher than the purchase link. The most important thing – promotion through article directories can not be considered spam. As a rule, article directories rather strictly moderated, so are not on their pages generate is perepechatany or text, and, in most cases, a unique text, write the author for the submission of a large number of directories. So, after writing, I posted an article in the catalog and immediately began looking for her searchers to determine – how quickly the search engines to index new pages and links. I submitted a query in two ways – 1) phrase – the title of the article and 2) the phrase – the article title enclosed in quotation marks. Quotes signal a search engine that can not be found some words that are included in the phrase and phrase. Search results for several search engines change their ranking obtained in (): Yandeks.Zapros: Testing search engine results – page of my site is not found (990 issued to other pages with these words). Yandeks.Zapros: 'Testing the search engines' results – 7th place. And 1 – 10 sites – links to the article directories.