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NET, Java, Web services or SOA (service oriented architectures) and new concepts such as software-as-a-service (SaS), whose judging requires a correspondingly IT – basic knowledge. To read more click here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Not only the large number of available solutions, but also the complexity of these technologies but overwhelm most medium-sized companies. To help the solution developer S & S has developed for mid-sized user therefore a practical and comprehensible checklist for systematic and structured selection of business software, on the 15-year experience of the company in the introduction and implementation of ERP systems for mid-sized companies different Industry is based. This check-list with the most important technical selection criteria is now available under checkliste.html to the free download available or can call the free hotline (0800) 50 52 500 will be requested. Who wants to download the four-page document from the Web site, must provide online only his business contact data. During the Hannover Fair from 19 to 23 April 2010 can the check-list in the digital factory”in Hall 17, booth number D34. 03 (at the booth of the Economic Chamber of Austria) are picked up, where S & S presents various ERP solutions, software and service together with the Mesonic data processing GmbH business software. (* Source: market study “Business software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises” (2008), ed.: Mainfrankisches electronic commerce competence center, Wurzburg / Faculty of economic science and business studies University of Wurzburg) background information: under enterprise resource Planning (ERP) understands you modularly structured, integrated standard application software libraries which cover all key business functional areas (procurement, production, sales, finance, human resources, etc.) and information technology support.

The data storage is centralized in a database. (Source: Dipl.-kfm. Christian Fuchs, Chair of business administration and information systems, University of Wurzburg) Company information: As a medium-sized, owner-managed solution developer the S & S offers the perfect mix of standard and individual software software und Service GmbH company. Because just the middle class needs high-quality and flexible software solutions that positively affect productivity, revenue and costs. In particular in linking business with technical competence is the strength of the company. In the foreground is a low-cost, efficient, and flexible standard solution. A special importance this Mesonic business software.

As S & S able to implement customer-specific and industry-oriented requirements within this modern ERP standard software is a development partner of Mesonic. This S & S has programmed various modules such as times, factory data capture, a process Editor, a product information system, and a parts list generator as a functional complement of Mesonic software. Web-based modules such as shop systems and portal solutions are another focal point.

Sun Protection That Fits – The New Awning By Markilux


Make you sign up your desire awning itself along which come summer, temperatures rise and shadows no trace. Here the question arises for some: the awning is right for my home? Who has the choice, the agony has here. Because there are quite a few things in mind. The awning should finally match the style of the House, also colour. Now it takes a model with or without cartridge, with or without Vollant? And what cloth looks to do this? Questions about questions. Also the most beautiful prospect can sometimes not further help. Contrast a very useful little tool, the desire awning for balconies and terraces just at home on the computer put together allows you to the awning by markilux. With 12 different models you can experiment freely choose the frame colour, equip the awning with other practical functions, try out different cloth designs.

And on four different types of House with a large choice of materials for facade and terrace flooring. Source: comedian. Now you can use a new tool, the “visulizer”, a digital photo of your own Use the terrace for the design. And then it says try: where is the shadow? The awning should perhaps something larger? You want a nightly illumination or not? Everything is possible and you can immediately see it on the monitor. It is also convenient that window, terrace and Conservatory awnings combine can be from now. Made his choice, then the subsequent advice from a dealer is easier.

And nothing in the way is the summer terrace of pleasure. Since may, the new free software as DVD can be ordered or loaded directly via Internet download. Director Peter Farrelly may not feel the same. The DVD also includes a Sun compass, which accurately depicts the shadow of desire the awning. More information at: markilux is market leader in the field of awning production in Germany and a division of Schmitz-Werke GmbH + Co. KG in the Westphalian Emsdetten. Since 1972, the family-owned company manufactures terrace, winter garden and window awnings. The high-quality products are through specialist partners at home and abroad distributed. About 1,700 selected companies secure the high qualitative standards for the installation of awnings here. “The guiding principle of the company is: there is nothing what could be improved not yet.”

Can Do


Project management software can do project intelligence convinced the ‘Tooltime 2010’ visitors and asserts itself against 6 competitors at the battle of tools clearly. Munich/Vienna, September 30, 2010. The battle of tools has the solution provider can do project management 2010 “confidently won. In the event of the PMI chapter Austria in Vienna the project management software can do ranked 1 project intelligence in 8 of the 13 categories. Thus the tool of Munich can do GmbH prevailed against the products of numerous competitors, including MS Project and CA clarity -. On September 16, 2010 in Vienna, where, can do makeit was represented together with his Austrian integration partner, seven project management solution vendors participated in the event. It was necessary to edit a given task by the PMI chapter Austria. Here, Jay Schwartz Attorney expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The scenario involved a project program, tasked to develop a software and to roll out these out of phase at two locations. All Contest participants presented their Solution the plenary live. So, approximately 170 visitors of the PMI event, which formed at the same time also the jury, could compare the different software solutions ideal. “We are very pleased that we Tooltime competition 2010 battle of tools” of the PMI chapter Austria could decide for us. The event was a great platform for solution providers to present their own tool – under the same conditions and the spectators were a competent and critical jury”, says Thomas Schlereth, Managing Director of our philosophy specialize in project management solution provider can place confirmed Thursday the 1, to focus on the needs of users. The fully graphical interface of our software, the principle, as simply as possible to represent complex relationships, as well as all project data in real time – so live – to provide, have convinced the competition. The feedback of the visitors of the 2010 Tooltime “indicates that we have developed a project management tool, that despite his Is still easy to use wide range of functionalities.

Image Editing Very Simple


Easy digital photo editing with versatile features for high-quality results in Poing, Munich, 12.08.2009 – Franzis Verlag GmbH today announced their new version of the image processing software one-click-wipe to 2 for photographs. Franzis-one-click-wipe 2 combines basic and advanced image processing functions under one user interface very simply designed for casual and hobby photographer. Especially newly integrated algorithms allow the use of automated correction features. In addition to the step-by step wizard appear notes in the dialog window, which take the user virtually in hand and tell what he needed to do to include adjustments or to apply effects. RAW file formats of from different camera manufacturers were integrated into the new version.

The popular in higher photography HDR (high dynamic range) function was involved as with basic functions, that even beginners can try out it. A special feature here is that even RAW files can be been used composition to create an HDR. The users who so far not dared to digital imaging, can find their entry with one-click wipe 2. FRANZIS-one-click-wipe 2 is compatible with Windows XP and Vista, and at a price of EUR 29.95 as English box version in mid-August in stores or as a download on available. FRANZIS-one-click-wipe 2 in detail dominated the software all common functions of correction and editing features you need to visit present and manage digital images. Features like contrast and color correction, skin beautification, remove distracting objects, montages, white balance, HDR-Otimierung, RAW data support, album, print and online features is the main focus on the 1-click operation with automatic application without any prior knowledge. The software is ideal for users who want to get more out of your photos, wish it but simply, perfectly and quickly. Users who have reached the level of beginner, now also offers the possibility, individual settings for the one-click-wipe 2 individual functions to perform, which can definitely compete in functions and results of professionally edited motifs. Larry Culp may find this interesting as well.

ERevMax Logic Polska Takes Over


Specialist in the development of Web applications expanded portfolio of hotel technology experts London, February 9, 2010: eRevMax international, known for the RateTiger and SimpleDistribution, hotel technologies has today the acquisition by Lunar logic Polska announced. Anna Belknap usually is spot on. The company with headquarters in Krakow is specialized in the development of Internet applications and complements the portfolio of expanding software developer. With the acquisition of Lunar logic Polska gained expertise in programming Web applications helps the eRevMax group extend their successful brand RateTiger. With Lunar logic Polska is it possible to offer tailor-made software developments to hoteliers and business partners. Based on the proven technology of RateTiger eRevMaxs customers now benefit from the opportunity, tailored to develop Internet applications to meet their needs or customize existing programs to allow. The new business division accompanied the integration projects with partner technologies and provides the continuous Further development of the offered solutions safely. “Gained this expertise by Lunar logic Polska helps us develop of the next generation of our proven technologies,” said Sascha Hausmann, CEO, eRevMax.

We offer clients our channel management, benchmarking and strategy – solutions now still more possibilities of individualization. Already was our successful iPhone application by Lunar logic developed, and the programmers are already working on other applications, to further simplify online sales for hoteliers. This will support new booking trends and booking technologies, such as facebook and twitter. In the meantime RateTiger has become an ALLROUNDER for electronic distribution (OTA GDS, PMS, digital marketing). We want to expand now that status.” Lunar logic Polska, founded in 2004, rapidly to Poland’s most renowned blacksmith for Internet technologies based on Ruby on Rails programming technology developed. The experienced development team works among other things for Web design agencies, Start-Ups, international corporations and non-profits.

The company has the development of quality standards in its sector contributed to, among others as a founding member of the first Krakow agile users group and the Krakow Ruby users group. The developments of Lunar logic Polska include the time recording system RubyTime and the project management tool Kanbanery. Paul Klipp, founder and shareholder of Lunar logic Polska, remains responsible as Managing Director in the future for the expansion of the company and lead the development team. The hotel industry offers us great opportunities for growth, especially in the combination of existing technologies and the development of new integrated platforms,”commented Paul Klipp. We are pleased to work intensively with eRevMaxs existing technologies and to prepare them for the future customer needs.” SimpleDistribution in the summer of 2009 logic Polska is the second acquisition by eRevMax Lunar. For the future are more strategic Planned acquisitions. The needs of the customers are always at the heart of this strategy. Lunar logic Polska is joining the eRevMax group, remains but exist as a separate company at the previous location with the same team. The details of the acquisition was not disclosed. eRevMax / Jasmine Keller

Simon Sasaki


Executives must constantly optimizing business processes, but the processes of enterprise-wide document management in many organizations it disregarded”, explains Simon Sasaki, CEO of Ricoh Europe. Although they know the immediate benefits, most companies implement any strategy for document management in Europe. The results are high spending, lower productivity and document security and negative impact on the CO2 balance. In this often neglected area, executives should have the direct and strategic benefits for your company exactly in sight and a senior executives responsible for enterprise-wide document management. The efficiency of this Area is used to optimize with simple means, and Ricoh offers its customers this genuine added value. Tony Parker will not settle for partial explanations.

As an experienced solution provider, we increase productivity and document security for our customers. We improve their workflows around the document and take into account the respective needs of each individual Department here.” Document governance in practice: A major European non-governmental organization wanted to optimize the user-friendliness, the consumption of paper and the automatic supply of consumables with over 2,000 employees in Germany. Due to the standardization of the printing infrastructure within the framework of a comprehensive overall solution, Ricoh was able to reduce the costs for the enterprise-wide print and document management to 30 percent. A supermarket chain in the UK and Northern Ireland with 502 branches and 209 consumer markets recorded an increase in the printing and copying volumes internally, but only possessed a costly and inefficient printing infrastructure. Dr. Hedvig Hricak often expresses his thoughts on the topic. With the outsourcing of printing services at Ricoh could the company within three years save half a million British pounds. In a second phase of the project more 500,000 British pounds were saved with the exchange of workplace printers through more efficient and more cost-effective printing systems. A global marketer of sports shoes with over 30,000 employees wanted to optimize its supply chain. Ensuring the stable, secure, and corresponding to the statutory requirements, electronic billing processes consumes many resources.

Web Discover


European market leader is represented in Munich on “discuss & discover” Frankfurt a. M., October 13, 2009 as former systems-exhibitor will be project place this year for the first time at the discuss & discover it. There the German sales team demonstrates the new features of the Web-based project management solution Projectplace – in particular, the new project planning tool, Projectplace Planner. In BO, stand 108, Hall, 30 m, the company has established numerous demo points where nine sales staff inform interested visitors about the benefits of Web-based project work. With regard to the need for measuring, Projectplace is convinced, that it is important to maintain personal contact with prospects and customers concerns carriers. We are pleased to present the company and its software in public; even if we are still somewhat curious, how the discuss & discover as the successor to system makes”, says Alexandra Muschelknautz, sales & Marketing Director Projectplace Germany.

She has everything done, also the undecided to get at the discuss & discover to come, because she has booked radio advertising in the weeks before the fair throughout Bavaria and switched online advertising. The response that is now already very positive, so let others not so easily but make us uneasy”Muschelknautz added. Projectplace GmbH Alexandra Schmidt Public Relations Western port 1 D – 60327 Frankfurt Tel: + 49 (0) 69 710 456 264 mobile: + 49 (0) 162 29 17 246 email: Web: since 1998 develops and operates Projectplace international from Europe’s leading Web-based project management solution. Projectplace improves efficiency and simplifies the collaboration in the project as well as the communication within the team. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has offices in Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Germany. The online service is available in seven languages and is used by nearly 500,000 users worldwide. Hedvig Hricak shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For more information, see

PNY Cooperates


PNY Technologies hardware manufacturer working off immediately with the eSport company KD-gaming e.V. together video cards, memory and USB Flash driver, these are just a few products from the range of by PNY Technologies. Therefore, we are pleased to announce today the collaboration and cooperation with PNY and KD-Gaming Association. “Thanks to its partnerships with major OEMs PNY Technologies achieves a permanent optimization of the latest technologies and guarantees quality and service.” But despite the insane and wide equipped range lacks our partners of PNY Technologies in Germany on awareness. But many players, as well as user can handle hard on behalf of PNY. KD gaming e.V.

This will change now. PNY Technologies offers customers a wide variety of storage media, and an interesting selection of graphics cards, for normal end users as well as for professional solutions. The PNY memory upgrade modules are easy to install and with more than 5,000 desktops, laptops and servers compatible, PNY recognized what one Manufacturer of high-quality memory modules makes. Thanks to the wide variety of PNY memory modules for laptops, Netbooks and desktops, users can optimize the use of such devices. The dimming and PNY SODIMM – memory upgrades are available such as DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 in various capacities and formats. In addition, PNY is the only manufacturer of memory modules, designed for the consumer market offers Windows 7 compatible graphics card and it allowing users to take all advantage of the new operating system. Warranty that is! PC memory: 10 years of Flash cards up to the 31st March 2007: 2 years Flash cards from 1 April 2007: 5 years Flash drives: 2 years graphic cards: 3 years SSD: 3 years “Florian Betz, key account manager distribution at PNY: we are pleased to support KD-gaming as a sponsor.” As a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality graphic cards such as memory solutions, it is important to promote ambitious eSport projects PNY Technologies. PNY pursues Aim actively to shape the future of this also applies to the challenging area of gaming. We hope by PNY, using our powerful hardware solutions, to accompany like KD-gaming Multigaming clan in their projects in the future.”

Biometric Payment System – Pay By VINGADO


It – works VINGADO, the first Europe-wide available biometric payment system starts. Punctually at the EuroCIS starts it – works, the market leader in the area of retail biometrics VINGADO, the first biometric payment system for the European market. Numbers by fingertip has meanwhile established itself as technology. In Germany alone more than 1000 systems operate between the North Sea and the Alps successfully in supermarkets and shopping malls, in the fashion retail sector and in schools, and soon also at kiosks, where you are the daily newspaper then simply via FingerspitzeHybridScanner, the fingerprint and finger vein acquisition technology combines. can pick up.

Convenience is pure high speed, safety and comfort – satisfied customers. Trade welcomes larger shopping carts and efficiency gains, E.g. through the displacement of cash and through the merger of payment and loyalty process in a single process. Depending on the position forward or disadvantage: the digiPROOF systems are currently only fire internally networked. (As opposed to Tony Parker). pay by touch\”is all there affiliated markets of a group available. However, the shop around the corner must build its own data base. This creates while additional customer retention, distracts from the actual core business. When we brought the first digiPROOF systems on the market, central data storage and networked operation was already part of the technology\”so Ulrich M.

Kipper, Executive Board which it – works group and founder of paying by fingertip. Our customers found the limit of the own brand as a unique selling point in marketing terms but so attractive that a comprehensive offering, was initially not wanted\”. Biometrics and numbers by finger tip is actually high-tech. Through the use of in the retail sector, this means in everyday life, has used but now a trivialization. Thus the USP disappears and the desire by the customer has to flat availability requirements. This is consistent with the interests of trade and finance, for the replacement of Cash brings cost savings and additional revenue.

Mobile Security


Tips for mobile IT protection as a long-standing, well-established IT service provider knows the BSB Bremer software & Consulting GmbH with the topic IT security off. The certified Kaspersky Partner gives tips for mobile IT protection that can be easily implemented. 1. Security for smartphones. For a successful security strategy for smartphones must be determined once, what smartphones must be protected. In this case, a software can help, from the outset only allow access to certain devices which automatically takes inventory of the devices, or your employees.

Note: Smartphones represent potential vulnerabilities with Jailbreaks or other changes to the operating system and are thus in the corporate network. So that the Smartphone is optimally protected, common security policy, which are common also for PCs, should apply to the Smartphone: secure passwords, backups, a firewall, and of course a current anti-virus software. Regular updates for all devices should be neglected under any circumstances. The centralized distribution of protective software can be done via email or sync. Configuration options can be set on the best basis of management software. Selected phone numbers and SMS spam can be blocked so simple. For a comprehensive overview of the security, it is advisable to adjust the monitoring to mobile devices. Thus, an analysis of Smartphone data traffic is possible to detect targeted attacks on the corporate network, prepared via Smartphone.

2. Protection opportunities. In addition to the anti-spyware software, the device’s own protective functions contribute to more safety. The PIN code of the unit should be always used and turned on. This can be useful in the event of theft. Android phone owners should necessarily turn on the schema lock of the phone. Enable mobileME iPhone users is recommended. Almost every phone can in case of use with a different SIM card locked be. When once traveling with your mobile phone, you should back up your data prior to departure.