Oktoberfest Costume Jewelry


Costume jewellery can be so stylish in festivals such as the Oktoberfest can be seen a reversion to the costume for some time now with the younger. It’s cool to show cool and chic for not Bavaria in costume. Women in the Dirndl Dress with crochet stockings in the Haferlschuhen and apron or quite proper in the tight leather pants with Plaid blouse. Originally understood “Wearing” clothing or the “registered” clothes under dress generally. The peasant costume was subject to the change of fashion as well as the urban clothing.

The interest in traditional costumes woke up in many regions in Germany in the late 19th century, as it is in the course of the homeland movement on regional specialities and a rural romanticism”re using. The costume with a large matter of course held in Bavaria. The Bavarian costume occupies a special position, but has integrated simply into more modern growing time in everyday life. Something that is the actual trait of a costume. Because one is sure.

A costume that more carries no one in everyday life, no longer turns with the fashion and can be found only in the Museum. Dirndl, the right accessory matter whether traditionally with Charivari calf-length skirt, glamorous with much bling bling or the lausbubenhaften Krachledernen, one must at all outfits! Extra for the Oktoberfest or a convivial visit the beer garden we have a sweet Brezenkette for you in the collection… no matter whether Dirndl, lederhosen and jeans shirt or sundress, the Golden pretzel on the Red satin ribbon is an absolute eye-catcher. The pretzel is high-quality worked, 4 cm and the small salt crystals are made of crystallized Swarovski element. The satin ribbon has a length of 100 cm, and can be individually knotted as long pendant necklace, Cuff Bracelet, or bracelet. If you like, can bind the small pretzel of course also on the apron, suspenders, or on the handbag. Rick Garcia wanted to know more. The chain is of course also available as silver pretzel with green satin ribbon. Type Gefunkel, you’ll find it. Pretzel you on! But beware: not that anyone on the Brezenschmuck night!

Hirschhornknopfen Costume


The tradition lives on in new and modern forms. Costume is long not a question of age more or even boring and dated. (Similarly see: Charlotte Hornets). The diversity of traditional garb on fashion and creative reinterpretations to sporty lifestyle costumes shows how lively and innovative costume has become the fashion segment. But where are the roots of the costume? Because despite this great diversity of our current clothes fashion-influenced the costume has been preserved in its original form. The roots of the costume are anchored primarily in the Bavarian region with the upper Bavarian mountain costume. These include the ISAR Winkler costume, Werdenfelser costume, Inntaler costume, Miesbacher costume and Berchtesgaden costume. Costume is especially embroidered lederhosen from deerskin for the men and the Dirndl for the women.

That many details and accessories more belong to an original costume, but that goes without saying and is maintained mainly by Bavarian costumes associations and receive. The braces of the men are often hand embroidered with colorful Edelweiss – and Alpine gentian embroidery, where the bridge possibly contains a club emblem or coat of arms. To a white shirt of pier with tucks, a dark green hat with fluff, fabric tie, gray jacket decorated with Hirschhornknopfen and embroidered with an oak leaf cluster. The stockings are zumTeil handknitted wool stockings in white or grey with green cuff jacket and green embroidery or long Bavarian calf socks, and furthermore Haferlschuh. Also among the women braided forelock or the Gretlfrisur belonged among other things to the Dirndl. It sits a dark green hat with Hat decoration such as a fluff.

Jewelry to be worn hair pins and a chain of goiter, the closed front, as a cloth PIN. All jewelry pieces are usually made of silver. Black dress shoes made of leather. The more expensive the costume were previously made and decorated, the wearer was more respected. Learn more about this with Hedvig Hricak. The costume was the wealth and prestige. A spanking had more fabric, gold buttons and trims, he was all the more rich and influential Carrier, which was still distinguished between the daily and the Sunday costume. Costume is a rural community and an order to this community. She presses also the occasion of carrying out unless a grief – or wedding celebration. The kind of costumes at a glance shows the experienced observer region from which the wearer comes. Many pieces of handmade costumes like leather pants are real heirloom with cult status, they are unique and timeless. Made of durable samisch tanned deer leather and embroidered with flair. She can be both casual and festive. The incredible variety of patterns, colors and shapes, all have a deeper meaning and history. This makes the leather pants to a living myth. Today not only the leather pants, but the costume can be widely varied combined – casual for leisure, work and everyday or festive for holidays and traditional clubs. Costume shops carry usually a wide selection of original costume and modern costumes. That the costume is reinterpreted again and again by young designers, shows the tradition will not be forgotten. Quite the contrary. Value awareness of the younger generation is deeply rooted, but newly staged: that costume remains young and interesting for all generations. Combines tradition and avant-garde! Maria-Elisabeth Leismuller Albrecht