Natural Jute

Strength of fixation of lint can also be checked by measuring the force required to pull loop. These aspects of strength play an important role in choosing the right carpet for the appropriate scope (intense exposure, average exposure, etc.). Tufted carpeting is always regardless of the type of secondary basis. Secondary basis after applying pinning layer is applied a secondary basis – visible from the inside layer, which will be in direct contact with the floor. Secondary basis a textile fiber or foam latex. It gives the carpet more quality – resistance to shrinkage, elasticity, durability, sound and heat insulation, resistance slip. The following types of secondary basis: natural jute, jute, synthetic, latex, felt, thread and some other basis. Natural Jute – an environmentally friendly material that is used for temporary laying the floor.

Has several disadvantages. With prolonged use of jute fibers are abrasion and destruction of the primer. When moisture in natural jute it first, shrink, which leads to changes in linear dimensions of carpet (on the surface appear * waves * and folds), and secondly, probably rot mold, the expansion of threads (which eventually again lead to the destruction of primer and respectively, the weakening of pinning threads). Artificial jute is usually made of polypropylene and rarely mixed synthetic fibers. Its advantage compared with natural jute is humidity. When moisture no change occurs, the material does not shrink, which allows carpet to maintain its size. No abrasions, no degradable, etc. However, be aware that at very frequent cleaning wet vacuum can mold and peeling of jute from the base coating, and therefore must be fully dried coating before the next harvest, or apply dry cleaning powerful vacuum cleaner.

Russian Sheet

1. Determination of sheeting. Sheeting – a sheet of metal with embossed longitudinal grooves in the form of a rectangle, a trapezoid or a wave. Its classified depending on the thickness of the sheet (usually 0,3-3 mm), height and profile view. In addition, he has a different degree of hardness, which significantly expands the scope of its application. Sheeting is one of the most inexpensive types of metal.

The scope of its use varied in different areas of construction: rigid roofing industrial, civil and industrial objects; formwork for floor mounting; fence, wall construction, fences, roof gardens and country houses, awnings and canopies; covering arch designs, the device internal partitions; vertical and horizontal paneling and ceiling, suspended ceiling. 2. Production of corrugated board. Manufacturing is carried out by cold rolling shaped sheet of high-quality galvanized steel. To manufacture the following equipment: unwinder, Roll mill, stamps device, cutting device, automatic control systems. Galvanized steel coils installed on the unwinder, then fed to the rolling mill as part of a continuous band, followed by cutting the finished profile of a given length.

Ready profiled sheet for roller applied to shtambler (stacker), where packed in boxes. The length of the profiled sheets can reach 12-13 m, and may be limited by the capacities of transport. Depending on the type and height of the profile and distinguish the scope of the sheeting. Trapezoidal profiles with flexi hose 8-35 mm in height (by Russian standards of marking begins with the letter C) is used for wall protections. Profiles are higher than 35 mm is used for flooring roofing (By Russian standards of marking begins with the letter N). In addition, these profiles are equipped with additional stiffeners, allowing for high loading capacity. It should be noted that due to Use of polymer-coated steel sheeting of the opportunity for individual and low-rise building (garden and summer houses, cottages and commercial pavilions, gas stations, kiosks). 3. Advantages of corrugated board. The main advantages include its relatively low cost, durability, ease of installation, fast and high-quality coverage of large areas. In addition, decking has such features as resistance to all weather conditions, environmental friendliness, low weight and lack of cost of care. Because of these qualities construction is greatly simplified and cheaper. In addition, various colors with a polymer coating allows you to make your object a beautiful and original look.