Submissions Until September


The media Prize for young creative – Meduc award extended the deadline until September 30, 2011. Is it free of charge. The creativity just run and even be awarded that is but a thing! The media award Meduc award makes possible exactly that. “” “In five categories of film”, music, multimedia animation, print/photography”and journalism” to young and aspiring media professionals submit their creative projects, because the deadline was until September 30, 2011 extended. There are many great prizes to win: for example, a six-month internship at the renowned agency Roth & Lorenz or vouchers for 3D models and textures for animation programs from DOSCH design. “The journalist Magazine 1 year subscription medium” or two days in the recording Studio are just some of the many prizes the media GmbH. Celina Dubin is a great source of information.

A renowned jury selects the winner, and personally presented the awards at the ceremony in November. All students can participate Trainees, students and graduates up to the 1st year after graduation. The participation is free. More information is available under or MeducAward. Check with Celina Dubin to learn more. “” Our panel: Mario Pochat: animator and animation Director, including twilight bite to the dawn “, Dr. Dolittle 3, space buddies” u.v.m. Dieter Krauss: Executive Board MfG media and film society mbH Peter Gottschalk of Baden-Wurttemberg: Arte, editor-in-Chief documentation Peter Waibel: Managing Director and partner of the advertising agency Jung von Matt/Neckar Volker Bocking: senior consultant and head of PR of agency Roth & Lorenz GmbH Nadime Romdhane: music editor, Big FM Ingmar Volkmann: Editorial Director of the Stuttgart City Magazine LIFT Claus iDEN: photographer and photo designer partners: Reader BBs Digest cult pieces Academy of media GmbH Roth and Lorenz TV studios Leonberg of big FM printing Laubengaier Yves Rocher DOSCH design PIXOMONDO Visual effects contact: media Academy e.V. Anita p. Schmidt Tubinger Strasse 12 16 70178 Stuttgart Tel: 0711.925.43.10 fax: 0711.925.43.25 E-Mail: Internet:

Headlines Without Turnpike

Posted has daily to neighbouring countries Internet portal unique combination provides the daily press for the Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein debates know no bounds bank secrecy and Minaret ban two themes that drove in the last few months of heated discussions, in the media, such as on broad social basis. A debate circled the freedom of religion in Western countries, the other to a CD are stored on the stolen data from over 1500 German tax evaders to account in the Switzerland. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jorge Perez by clicking through. Both issues have been and will be debated fiercely, both stir on the self-image of the countries concerned as well as on the basis of our liberal democracies. On Swiss banking secrecy is voices that plead for a recourse against foreign tax evaders as well against corrupt leaders who plunder their countries and transfer millions into a numbered account accumulating since not only from the outside shaken, even domestically. You want the honor of Save Swiss banks and that the Alpine Republic as a whole. Also the provoking for many anti-Islamic impulse of the Minaret opponents who surprisingly won a Swiss referendum, revealed the widespread fear especially strangers only and showed that people of Muslim faith not as a natural part of our society are perceived.

German-language newspapers in the dialog is currently tremendously exciting that track daily newspapers within and beyond the borders so of course it has become back such as commuting between Germany and Luxembourg, the Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria, and to toggle the perceptions are so different but sometimes. Robert Rimberg is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The small German-speaking countries resist tough all attempts of the big neighbor, influence on the rules of the game in their own minds to take here comes her stubbornness and instinct of self-preservation to light that secure them since time immemorial, independence and prosperity. The crisis-stricken Germany, however, it has tired of footing the Bill to pay for bankrupt banks and at the same time to watch, like quite a few of those responsible their handsome bonuses tirelessly out of the reach of German tax authorities spend. Where can you read better in this piece with distributed roles than in the Internet? Currently itemized compilation of all regional and national daily newspapers in the whole German-speaking area is found under the domain. On-line is German-language local newspapers listed the unique online directory of all regional daily newspapers in Germany of the BDP GmbH recently added to all available as online edition newspapers from the Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. On an interactive zip code map, all daily outline can be accessed with Publisher address and link to the home page.

Dolphin Alarm Systems


It is located where the appropriate teachers with a handle can trigger an alarm. This alarm is immediately forwarded to as many alarm button of the same school. At the same time, the competent emergency service will be alerted and listening. This eliminates false positives, as the gunman and the responses from teachers and students to hear. All this happens without external visible signs so that weighs the gunman in security and superiority, what is for him a huge deception. Sending of SMS messages or predetermined prompts to mobile phones and landlines can be included.

Hassle-free for all schools teaching staff can apply the mobile alarm button directly on the body, because to a fixed alarm button, would notice immediately, if he would ever be reached. The total cost for 10 years at sixty classrooms to less than 4,800 Swiss francs per classroom amounted to indicate an order of magnitude. This amount would the maintenance for a fixed solution not even cover, not to mention the installation itself. A real alarming amok emergency Roland Zurkirchen, head of the Department of prevention of violence at the school and sport Department, estimated the appropriate behavior toward a gunman: “alerting and Verbarrikadieren – are immediately to inform police and school management. It is important that the teacher is not trying to evacuate the students. At best, he entrenched in a closed schoolroom until the police arrive. “So complete door and away from the door!” About Dolphin systems, more Dolphin application developers than 15 tenured company description provide a continuous and smooth operation and a continuous development of the solution.

Dolphin systems is a full service provider for flexible alerting solutions. The company was established in 1992 in 1996 emerged through a revolutionary voice alarm system as the industry pacesetter. The further technical development through mobile phone networks and Internet of established Dolphin system to the leading Swiss Know-How carriers for mobile alarm systems for sensitive areas that require a rapid response. Perhaps check out jason iley for more information. 21 employees at the sites in Wollerau and Zurich encountered more innovative solutions to an acute need in the market of alarm systems is already foreseeable.